Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 1


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Chapter 9: Let’s Have a Taste of the Ice Queen’s Power, Part 1

「Take off your clothes.」

Despite being summoned and receiving a straightforward order, Ellen, Celes and Mio looked at one another and then at Aur, quite confused.

It was daytime, sometime after lunch, and he had told them to gather in his bedroom. And when it came to sex, he was always dead serious.

But calling them at this time of the day was certainly unusual.

Not that they had something against it really. All three of them began to undress just as they were told.

「Wait, there’s no need for you to take off the bottom, just the top is fine.」

He said such a thing just as Celes was about to take off her underwear. Everyone exchanged surprised glances again. Was it just them, or were Aur’s fetishes starting to get really specific?

「You all seem surprised, so allow me to explain.」

Noticing the expressions of his mistresses, Aur offered an explanation while preparing an amber-colored ointment.

「What I want to do now, is to bestow the 『Keys』 to you.」

I stretched between his fingers and seemed to be somewhat elastic; it looked more like a kind of paint than an ointment.

「Does this have some kind of spell cast on it? How peculiar…」

Aur didn’t reply to that question, because all of his attention was focused on the exposed breasts of the girls before him. Each pair differed in color, shape and size, but when lined up together, they created the most beautiful view in the entire world.

「Don’t try to think about it too hard. Just accept it.」

He gazed at them for just a short moment, but that short moment was enough to put a smile on the girl’s faces.

「You don’t have to worry about us, Lord Aur. You can do anything with us, anytime you want.」

「Tell me something I don’t know.」

Aur took a copious amount of the amber paint and carefully spread it all over Celes’ chest.


The moment it touched her skin, she let out a muffled voice.

「This paint serves as a transmitter for magical power. It might hurt a little bit, but please try to bear with it.」

「Oh, no no, it doesn’t hurt at all!」

He raised a brow at Celes’ unexpected statement. But it was true that what she felt was not pain…


….. But a slight pleasure. Every time his fingers slid across the skin of her breasts, she felt the sweet and numbing impulses running throughout her body. They grew in intensity as the markings on her skin became more complicated, and it grew increasingly harder for her to hold her voice down from leaking out.

「Fuu… aaahhhnnn!」

But when her skin began to shine and her eyes turned crystal-red for a brief moment all the strength left her body and she was unable to resist this feeling any more.

「Next is Ellen.」

After Celes collapsed on the bed, Aur turned his attention towards Ellen.

「Do not worry, Master. I’m not going to put up such a shameful display as the princess of the White clan.」

And she confidently turned her chest towards him. But as she was soon to discover, her words will only prove to be half-correct.

「Ahhhhh! This is bad! This just feels too good!」

She was shouting such things ecstatically, but other than that, she really took better than Celes.

「P-please do me too…」

Lastly, Mio offered her bountiful chest to him. She tried to do her best not to show that she was slightly worried, but it was clearly visible in her eyes.

Despite that, she did fairly well in putting up with the overwhelming pleasure that was assaulting her breasts.

「Lord Aur, Lord Aur, LordAurLordAurLordAurrrr….!」

But her appearance as she was screaming out his name so frantically was adorable as well.

「Now, this should do it. Now all you have to do is wait for it to dry, and it won’t even be visible.」

Aur breathed a satisfied sigh as he finished painting the patterns on those three.

「Well, just waiting idly for it to dry is not fun at all.」


Celes agreed with Ellen who sent them a very suggestive gaze.

「Oh no, Lord Aur! Look how big and swollen you are! Are you all right? Does it not hurt?!」

Mio touched Aur’s thing through his pants with a worried expression.」

「Please cut it out. If you move too much while the patterns are still wet, you’re going to ruin them.」

To give you all an example, even if they were doing it in a position like the doggy-style, it requires them to be on all fours, in which case the shape of their breasts would be altered and the painted patterns would blur. Therefore they had to do it with the positions that required no skin-to-skin contact, and we all know that would be difficult.

「So we really can’t move around at all?」

「But it should be okay if it’s just with one hand, right?」

With that said, Ellen and Celes extended their hands to Aur’s waist.

「Just my mouth should also be a-okay, right?」

While the hands of the two Alv clan leaders closed around him like rings, Mio swallowed his half-erect thing into her mouth and began to suck it passionately.

「Hmm, when you put it like that, then I guess it should be fine.」

His defenses were easily toppled to the ground, because the trio in front of him attacked him with a perfect combination. Their delicate fingers crawled all over his shaft and balls with utmost care and attention, and Mio tormented the weak spots on his head with her soft lips and warm, slimy tongue.

「Ugh…. Mio, has your technique improved recently?」

「Thash behaushe…. I’ve been practishing a lot…」

She answers without stopping her oral caresses. When she blowed him just the other day, it was frustrating because her technique simply sucked. But now she was so skilled that he couldn’t stop himself from moaning. What did she do to make so much progress in such a short time?

「Ah, Lord Aur, does it feel good?」

「Yeah, don’t stop… keep going.」

When Aur stretched his hands towards Ellen and Celes’ butts, they reacted with mischievous smiles. The size of their breasts might have been the same, but their buttocks were another story entirely. Celes had slim and elastic hips, while Ellen’s were soft yet springy, like freshly made pudding.

「Ghhh, I’m cumming soon!」

Mio sucked him off with such force that he had to declare that he would not hold out for much longer.

「Yes Master, do it. Come, please!」

Mio attacked the opening of his glans with her tongue, and Ellen and Celes picked up the pace with the movements of their hands.

Before long, a murky white liquid shot out from Aur’s member and Mio eagerly drank all of it. But the amount was so big that some of it spills out of her mouth and stains her wheat-colored hair and face, making her a mess.

「I’m sorry Mio. Are you all right?」

He offered his apologies to Mio who was touching the semen on her face with her sticky fingers.

「Hehe, now I also have a pattern on my face~~.」

Mio grinned and laughed happily.

* * *

「Ohhh, this is amazing!」

Ellen exclaimed in a loud voice.」

「Exactly. Now this is what I would call a superb view.」

Celes’ eyes were also widely opened in surprise.


Mio had no words to describe it, so she just continued to stare in bewilderment.

What spreads before their eyes is the bright red Crimson Lotus Waterfall, a waterfall made purely of lava.

「The crest at your feet serves as a portal that connects various places together.」

Aur pointed to the red, green, and yellow magic circles engraved on the floor.

「Red is an entrance to the volcano, green is from the forest, and yellow one connects to the Demon Lord’s Palace.」

Recently Aur decided to call it Demon Lord’s Palace. It was the main labyrinth of the demonic kingdom, acting as its royal palace.

And what was up until now known as the New Continent Dungeon is now called 「Sofia」 or 「Sofia’s Dungeon」.

「You wouldn’t be able to use those unless you possess the 『Key』 to those magic circles. That was what that paint was for earlier. But now that it’s all dried up you should be okay.」

「And what would happen if someone who does not possess a key tried to pass through?」

「For such people there is only one destination.」

And he looked at the waterfall of lava.

「Sounds painful.」

「It does, but now you don’t have to worry about anything.」

Anyone who would end up falling inside would be burned to death and not a trace of him would remain. It was a cruel way to die fit for any who would try to intrude into the safety of their home.

「And with that said, we can resume our trip through Sofia.」

Aur noticed that the three of them were glancing at the green magic circle.

「Could we see the Forest Dungeon now? If it’s all right with you?」

「Curious about those animals that you’ve yet to see, are you?」


Only now did Aur realized that Alvs would rather see something like the Forest Dungeon than anything else.

「All right, let’s go.」

And they travelled to the next destination in their trip.

At the Forest Dungeon, Ellen and Celes were marveled by the appearance of beasts like Cerberus, a three-headed demonic dog who watched over the forest with its gleaming six eyes or the Chimera, a winged beast with a poisonous tail that was also able to manipulate magic. Even if they looked over the entire continent of Lafanis, it was highly unlikely that they would find beasts such as those two.

「There are even beasts such as those in this Dungeon.」

Sakuya told that to Mio as she was guiding them around.

In his mind, Aur wandered whether or not Mio would be able to get along with Sakuya. After all, since she could be called an ultimate Pyromancer who was able to command flame at will, she was one of the few enemies whom Mio would have trouble fighting.

「The two of my servants are also fearsome beasts, you know?」

「Oh? That puppy and fish I’ve heard so much about?」

「They are also unparalleled warriors, but they had the misfortune of being cursed by God. But maybe that was for the better. If they weren’t, I might’ve never met them.」

As she hid her face behind a fan, Sakuya smiled and laughed confidently. So the curse placed on Hoderi and Hoseli was not her doing, but some other God’s.

Sakuya furrowed her eyebrows as if she was trying to remember something that happened long ago. She wanted to say something more, but Aur stood between them to prevent any further quarreling.

「Hey daddy!」

As they were walking around, Sofia appeared before them.

「Are those pretty girls your friends?」

「You mean those three? Friends, huh? Yeah, I… I guess you could say that.」

Aur decide to omit the fact that they were actually his mistresses.

「And who are those people in white?」

「People in white? You mean Celes?」

She was indeed clad i white, but she was the only on dressed like that here. So why would Sofia use the plural form?

「No, those people over there.」

Aur tilted his head and looked behind him. And what he saw there…

「Did you have a fight with them, daddy?」

… Was the sight people clad in robes made of white fur, and Mio’s body falling onto the ground before his very eyes.

And she was not moving.



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