Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Chapter 9 Part 4


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Chapter 9: Let’s Have a Taste of the Ice Queen’s Power, Part 4

Aside from Aur, there was one more person who was well versed in the strategic and analytical aspects of chess. It was Wikia.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she watched the match’s successful conclusion through a projection screen in another room in the depths of the Dungeon.

「Great work out there, Sofia.」


Wikia praised Sofia, who caused that earlier tremor. The timing was too perfect to call it a coincidence, but Zana’s undoing was still her own mistake.

Thinking that now Aur will be able to do whatever he wants with that frigid b*tch filled Wikia’s chest with a complicated version of happiness and satisfaction.

Now that she lost the game while being under the influence of the Curse of the Pledge, her situation was no different from being Aur’s subordinate. Wikia never even dreamed that she’d be able to help him achieve a feat like that.

But even so, Aur told her not to act directly and just observe, and leave the rest up to Sofia, and that got Wikia thinking.

What was Aur’s real objective in defeating Zana in that game of chess?

Way back in the day, when they were still enemies, she despised Aur so much that she wanted to kill him, but that feeling of hatred faded away over time. He was simply too kind to her, and that made her change her mind about him.

It might look like it was a stupid thing to do, but if someone were to ask her now if she was happy or miserable as his subordinate, she’d have to say that she was happy without hesitation.

Even with Zana now, it is highly unlikely that he’s just going to be cruel towards her, but some form of clear dominance has to be established if they are to be sure that she’ll no longer be a threat to them.

What is it that you’re planning to do, Aur?

Try as hard as she might, she just couldn’t wrap her head around it.

「Say that again.」

Aur could not believe what he was hearing, and he felt as if his brain was going through a forceful shutdown.

「I mean, I understand what you’re trying to say, but my brain doesn’t want to accept it, so please say it one more time, using words that are simple and easy to understand.」

「But I’ve already told you how it is. It cannot be made any simpler.」

He put both his hands on his temple in an attempt to stop a headache of a century that was about to occur inside his head.

「So let me get this straight: Using your ability, you just parroted the words that you memorized like some kind of script, and you were speaking with us without even knowing our language or the words of Yamato and with no understanding of what we were saying whatsoever?」

「That’s right.」

So she wasn’t even confident of what she was saying, it was just blind belief that her words were powerful.



Unable to cope with this situation any longer Aur took a sip of herbal tea to calm his mind, which was in a state of utter chaos.

Right now, he wasn’t even sure if the curse that he placed upon her would work properly. It is because in order for it to work, the person in question must express the desire to pledge his or her loyalty with honest words coming straight from their soul. To illustrate it with an example, there was no point in using the Curse of the Pledge on someone who was sleeping, because there would be no honest intention of the person who was cursed behind it.

The real question, however, was what would happen if someone possessed a free will and a strong conviction, but did not understand a word of what was being said to him. It was a first time occurrence even for Aur, so he lacked the referential data needed for the correct judgement of the situation.

In this case even Lilu’s ability to detect lies could not be fully counted on, and there was a possibility that Zana’s true intentions and the extent of her abilities were still hidden from them.

Before long, Aur noticed that he was going back and forth in circles. Thinking about if’s and possibilities was just a waste of time that could be used on more productive things.

「Let me ask you: is your intention of getting our cooperation true?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

Even if she did not know what he was asking, she sensed the intention of his question and nodded her head.

If it was like that, then he might as well take advantage of it.

「I understand. Come with…. Or no, wait here.」

「All right.」

He left the room and headed towards his bedroom, and of course Zana followed after him, as expected.

「Do not enter. Wait outside.」

「As you wish.」

She spoke like that, but she entered Aur’s bedroom right after him.

「Raise a sonorous warcry, and dance around while slapping your butt as hard as you can.」

「Like that?」

She danced around a little, but not in the manner he requested.

Looks like the dumb b*tch really couldn’t understand the word he was saying.

If she did not understood the meaning of the words, then there was no point for her to even open her mouth at all. She only acted on pure instinct in response to his intentions.
It was a strange feeling, to be honest. It felt just like he was commanding a golem that didn’t recognized the voice command given to him.

「Sigh… might as well go all the way now.」

He took off his robe, grabbed Zana by the arms and pushed her onto the bed.

「It’s going to be my first time, so please be gentle.」

She said something like that, but her eyes were widely opened and her face was distorted in disgust.

Her words and expressions were not matching either, but that made Aur somewhat relieved. It simply meant that he could treat her like a glorified c*ck-sleeve.

「I’m going to move now.」

Even if she didn’t understand, the meaning behind his actions was clear. Seeing that, Zana relaxed her stiff arms and stopped resisting.

He could have left things as they are, but he wanted to communicate with her either way. And in order to do that, he had to use the same method as he did with Yutsu before.

He flipped her clothes upwards, spread her legs as far as he could, and stabbed her tight entrance. Surprisingly, she wasn’t lying when she said that it was her first time.

(N-Noo, it huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts!)

At the moment of their connection, Zana shouted in her mind.

(I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for what I did! Please, be more tender with me!)

(Ahhhh, so good, this feels so good!)

Countless voice began to overlap with one another. It was unlikely that they were made by one person, but rather by a few people at the same time.

(Damn it, I told you to be more tender, you brute beast! Do you not understand the word I’m saying?!)

Unlike that time with Yutsu, looks like there was a need to connect their souls together. This was slightly problematic, but nothing that he couldn’t handle.

(Pull out! Pull that vile and vulgar thing out of me right this instant!)

「Not until I make sure that the connection is firmly established.」

The connecting of the soul went both ways, and once it was done, it was impossible to lie or have secrets before the other person, because the thoughts were directly transmitted between the parties involved. Their connection was established well enough for Zana to realize that Aur had no intentions of stopping right now.

(Why? Just why are you doing something like that to me?! It doesn’t feel good at…)


The voices in Zana’s head were interrupted by her real voice.

(What was that… just now?)

That wasn’t something she was instructed to say, but rather something that naturally escaped her mouth.

「You don’t know?」

Aur asked Zana, who was filled with confusion.

「This is a voice that woman makes when she feels good.」

(You’ve got to be joking! There’s no way that something like that would…!)


Slowly her real voice began to muffle the ones inside her mind.

(Why am I… feeling good from…. Something like this?!)

「Do not worry. I will do my best to show you.」

Aur said that as he ripped the rest of her clothes off of her.


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