Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Interlude 3 Part 5


Translator: Jay_Samuel, Editor: Krizzeir

Interlude: We Equally Privileged Heroines, Part 5

「…… What the hell?]

Aur, who came to soak in the just prepared hot bath as usual, utters the words reflexively.
He didn’t put much thought about it that time when Belle along with Melia were present, but with five maids all lined up, of course he went all “what the hell”. Even more so when they are all dressed in maid uniforms in the bathroom.

「I was thinking of having Miss Belle undertake her last training. To us, it is the most important task……in other words」

The maid clothes which were made by combining a white apron and a black one-piece with frills attached, were designed by Lilu.
It is made to be extremely practical so as not to get in the way of work, while retaining a degree of cuteness just enough to not ruin the elegance befitting of a royal labyrinth.

Of course, the functions are not limited to be applied only to housework such as washing, cleaning, and cooking.
After all Lilu is a Succubus.

The five maids unveiled themselves all at once after they unfastened the button of their blouses.
Then, the five pairs of the ten beautiful white breasts, droop down before Aur’s eyes.

「It is the service to the Demon Lord」

It was quite a sensational sight.

Melia’s bustling breasts that was tightened by the blouse to its limits.
Lasara’s breasts size sticking out proportionately to her tall stature.
On the other hand, Johanne while she is also petite like Yunis, boasts quite an exceptional size.
Reuel’s pair of hills have a really nice shape that fits just perfectly in hand.
Belle’s fruits which are still growing, was beautiful enough to make you want to just grab them involuntarily.

「Please do with them as you like. Because all of our bodies belongs to the Demon Lord」

Being told such a thing while they are arranged from the larger ones to the smaller ones, it is not something one can endure, if they’re not Aur.


A seductive voice echoed through Aur’s brain as he reached for those captivating fruits involuntarily.

While grabbing a firm hold of Melia and Johanne’s breasts with his left hand, then Reuel and Lasara’s breasts with his right hand, he picks at Belle’s small breasts with his lips. The size, the softness, and the elasticity of the skin are completely different. The maid’s fingertips gently touched Aur’s erection when he seemed to be enjoying the sensations quite greatly.

The tender palms of the hard workers, were rubbing a man’s lump of meat alternately. I guess they probably tend to beans. Even if not to the extent of a white fish, their fingers were smooth in spite of performing kitchen work.

「Demon Lord. The breasts too are fine, but how about here?」

Reuel lifts her long skirt, and expose her hidden parts.
The slender legs wrapped in white tights unambiguously highlighted the boundary with the plump thighs, and the garter belt that further fastened the tights were colored.
And at the center, the place which men covet the most is covered with a piece of white thin cloth.

「Oh. Come」

Aur embraced Reuel’s waist and grabbed her soft butt without hesitation.
There is a somewhat immoral pleasure different from the usual engagement of rolling up the skirt and indulging in the tender flesh beyond the piece of underwear.

「I prefer the breasts to the butt. You can fondle them however you like, my Demon Lord」

Saying in a pompous tone, Lasara seized Aur’s arm and directed his hand to her breast.
That manner of speaking doesn’t bother him in the slightest before the hard pointy sensation coursing through his palm.

「Then, we will take here」
「Melia, will lick it okay」

When Johanne and Melia snuggled to Aur’s chest, they begin to crawl their tongues thoroughly.
Along with the inexpressible pleasure, the huge fruits pressed against his chest each time they made a slight movement distorted their shapes and entertained Aur.

「Then, excuse me」

The remaining one, Belle kneels before Aur, and holds the hard stretching flesh lance meat all the way to the base completely into her small mouth.

「Don’t overdo it okay」

After all Belle is still young, and has a small body.
In spite of saying, Belle smiled with her eyes as she earnestly licks Aur’s thing.
While sucking up and tightening the tip with her back throat, her hand strokes the pole with exquisite force adjustment, and caresses the bag tenderly.
To master such a technique like that of a skilled prostitute from just practicing on a dildo, he was filled with awe.

「Please relish my mouth too」

When he thought that arms were crawling around his neck, Reuel’s face approached and her tongue broke into and entered his mouth.

Her plump lips closed Aur’s lips tightly as if sealing an escape route, soft tongue flesh intertwines while exchanging saliva.
It was quite Reuel-like, a thorough and tender kiss.

She was raised as an assassin from the time she was born, and grew to be able to handle all kinds of poison, and she was also an excellent cook at the same time.
Aur bought her life entirely, which was just a device with which to kill people as told. The compensation was the life of the master who sent her. Although now, the country itself no longer exist……

For an empty woman who smiles without feeling anything and killing people, Aur taught her the joy of entertaining people.
Reuel is now the chief maid of the Demon Lord, who holds supremacy in the dishes she prepares which are always deliciously eaten.

Such a girl is now gently embracing her Lord ‘s neck and loving his tongue wholeheartedly.


A single sweet voice was mixed in the midst of all that.

「Oh my… Demon Lord you are too mischievous」

The reason is that Aur’s finger pushed through her underwear and penetrated into her.
Once more reverberating watery sound increases, moist drips from Aur’s chin and fingertips.

「Nn, fu, u……」

While losing leeway from her tone of voice, is it because of her pride as the head maid that the movement of her tongue did not falter.

「Hnn……! 」

However, it was no longer possible as she reached climax.
While tightening Aur’s fingers tightly, Reuel cummed and drooled over Aur’s body, and then asks for the kiss again.

「It’s my turn next, Demon Lord」

As Aur responded to it, in the blink of an eye Lasara snatched Aur’s face away from Reuel and turned it to herself.

However, what was given was a pecking kind of kiss contrary to her assertive attitude.
Just placing the tip of the lips only many times over, it was more of an invitation rather than conservative.
It’s like trolling a large army with a few employ men.

When he thought she has such a high maintenance, while applying strength Aur squeezed her breast tightly and dig his nails in.

「Hnnn……! 」

However, it is not a scream that leaks from Lasara’s nasal cavity but a flirtatious voice.
It was a delighted voice while enduring the pain.

It is difficult to properly express her ability who was a deputy leader of the dragon Knights.
There is no doubt that her hasty disposition is hidden due to her usual arrogance, but having said that, if asked whether or not she is an able person, she is missing in crucial points.
There were times I doubted whether that was also included in her act, but it seems not to be so.

When she was first caught and turned to a maid, she frequently tried to start a rebellion, but none of them had the drive to seriously make it succeed. she was rather helpful because it brought into the open potential rebels who approved, served as the curse to prevent the rebellion and then buried the hole.

Because there were occasions when she was pleased each time I torment her, so usually when I try to come in contact with her like that, she immediately becomes docile.

「You’re still a pervert as always. How the deputy leader of the glorious Ravana Knights have fallen」
「Aaahnn! I did not give in to the likes of Lord Aur’s penis! Ahh, please put more force into the nails, enough to leave marks」

Lasara clings tightly to Aur while uttering those words which contained contradictions in a breath.
Then, as you wish, Aur bit the other breast while putting more strength in his fingers.

It is not something simple like play-biting. The teeth are pierced to the plump nipple, and the breast is gripped enough to blot blood around the fingertips much less traces.

「Hnn, I’m……! 」

Thinking that at this point as expected she is raising her voice from the pain, or so he thought.

「Cumm……! 」

Lasara trembled her body and reached climax.

「It was lovely, your majesty」
「Oh, alright……」

Seeing Lasara look at the wounds on her breast ecstatically, even Aur couldn’t do anything but nod.

「Lord Aur, Melia too」
「Can I please receive your affection too?」

It was Melia and Johanne who clung to him as if replacing her.

「Alright. Come」

As he nodded and gave them permission, the two girls huddled together and kissed Aur on the lips.

Thinking about it, what a strange arrangement, so Aur thinks.
Both of them looked like young women, but on the inside they are completely different.

Melia is a former saint with an artificial soul made by Melizand.
In order to escape from Aur’s questioning, she died and was revived, but her previous knowledge and memories were completely lost, and she was as if she were a baby.
Recently, she has grown to an extent where she is able to have a conversation and communicate at last, but there might have been a problem in the growth of her body, which had already matured. Beyond the years she has spent, Melia is very young.
On top of that, the body the immortal Melizand restored her to does not age, and till now she is still in her teenage appearance as when they met ten years ago.

Johanne is the exact opposite.
She is a hero called 「Flame hair」who for some strange reason lived in the lower realm.
A hero of her caliber would have exhausted quite a bit of power to keep her manifestation, but fortunately Johanne had a blood connection with distant ancestors of Yunis.
Therefore, she has a high aptitude with the homunculus artificial life derived from Yunis’ blood, and it was possible to make the exhaustion of the manifestation power almost zero by dwelling in it.
Therefore, she is a hero of more than a few hundred years ago on the inside, but her body is less than a year since it was born.

In a word, both their insides, their appearances, and the real age of their bodies are greatly deviating.

But, as far as harmony is concerned, it wasn’t bad


Aur grabs hold of the large fruits that were hanging down in accordance to gravity from the chests of the girls who are in a leaning posture in both hands without hesitation.

「Lord Aur, fondle Melia’s breasts more」

As for Melia, she seemed to be asking instinctively based on the ecstasy while she squints her eyes.
She may be young on the inside, but her body is that of a mature woman.
Because of Melia’s childishness, her desire to feel is conveyed straightforwardly.

「Lord Aur…… do my breasts please you?」

On the other hand, it took all Johanne had to somehow ask that while feeling embarrassed.
The life span of an artificial life is not that long. No matter how elaborate the ingenuity the limit is one month.
Maybe that’s the reason, the maiden who kept her virginity for hundreds of years, no matter how many times the act was repeated she hasn’t gotten accustomed to it.

Melia’s everlastingly soft and springy breasts and Johanne’s abundantly elastic juicy breasts.
Each of them has a different feel, but both of the magnificent soft meats are fondled thoroughly, while alternating between two lips.

Then before long, they both stuck out their tongue unintentionally, and Aur entangled them with his saliva in response.
While doing so, he slowly rubs the nipples of their hard and pointed breasts with his fingers, and raised the sexual feelings of the two people.

Because Melia is greedy, and because Johanne’s body was made thus, they are far more sensitive than the ordinary person.
Just from being stimulated like that they reached climax and drooled on Aur completely exhausted.

「Sorry for keeping you waiting」

As he called out to the remaining one, Belle looked at the Aur as if she was confused.

「What’s the matter. Are you not coming」
「Umm, I……」

With hesitation, Belle turns towards Aur’s erection.
She might be feeling resistance towards kissing with the same mouth which was sucking it up moments ago.

「Don’t worry yourself about trivial things」

As Aur forcibly pulled Belle’s arm, he embraced her and then stole her lips.
He pried open her lips from her surprisingly stiffened body, then rapes her mouth with his tongue.
Bell initially entrusted herself to him to do as her likes, but before long, she stretched her tongue out timidly in response, tilting her face and glueing her lips closely together, putting her arms around Aur’s neck and enthrallingly exchanged kisses.

Belle is an extraordinary oddity even among the many oddballs of the Demon Lord’s maids.
I mean she came to this labyrinth for the sole purpose of becoming the Demon Lord’s wife.
There are countless assassins who came aiming for his life, but for those that have come for that purpose is only Belle.

And not with the intentions of gaining status or power, but falling in love with Aur at first sight, there likely exist no other person anywhere else.
It is the same Aur who has ensnared numerous women until now, but It is his first time being on the receiving side.

——although that being said.

「Hnn, fu, Uuu……! 」

Belle’s body was shaking while tightly clinging to Aur.
She climaxed from just kissing.
She loves Aur so much that apparently she cums lightly from just being touched, or from her name being called.
Because originally their experiences were too far apart, it cannot even be called being enticed.

「Now then, since you have basically made her cum, my Demon Lord」

As Reuel says and takes off her underwear, she sticks out her hips towards Aur with her hands on the edge of the bathtub.

「Please go ahead and use whichever you like」

The other maids also emulated her and rolled up their long skirt.

The contrast between tights and black skirts and white buttocks surrounded by garter belts is dazzling.
The scene of those five pink-colored private flesh all lined up, throbbing, twitching and drooling like they want it so badly was a sensational spectacle so much that it couldn’t be any better.

To the lavish invitations, Aur grabbed Reuel’s waist and penetrates her in one go.


She who is the best among veterans, the feeling of her vagina is so comfortable if it is sucking him in.
Even if buried to the root, it swallows comfortably and accepts it softly.
Reuel’s part that has completely memorized Aur’s shape, as soon as it reached all the way to the back, the meat spearhead became as if it was caught and tighten the tip.
It was such a feeling as if the waist was about to melt into a liquid.
While shaking off the inescapable allurement and pulled out his waist, Aur grabbed Johanne’s butt next.

「Aah……! 」

She raised her voice high, and her thing was wet enough for the moist to trickle down.
The vaginal opening of her body that is rebuilt every month is still narrow and tight and still haven’t gotten used to it.
However, the large amount of love juices becomes a lubricant, and smoothly swallowed it all the way to the back.
It was an indescribable pleasure pushing up the slippery vagina several times.
While feeling the reluctance, he pulls it out of Johanne and then puts it into Lasara next.

「Aaaaahh!! 」

She possesses a tall and trained body, so he can pound her aggressively without mercy.
When he penetrated her shut-tight vagina with his flesh lance as if wrenching it open, she applied pressure so it wouldn’t escape.
He pulled it out using brute force, and then when he immediately thrust it back in the former dragon knight, as she squeaked loudly.
While making a “Pan Pan” sound, he violently flings his waist and forcibly f**ks her.
Even if he knew that it was consensual, it greatly satisfied a man’s lust for conquest.
And lastly he thrusts forward and detached him from her, Aur then pulled Melia’s waist.


As soon as he inserted into her vagina, as if saying it was so happy and unable to resist, it tightened on Aur with full power.
She seemed like a dog from the way she shakes her ass comfortably, and her cries is like that of a cat in heat.
While moving her hips eagerly to suit Aur’s movements, Melia just simply indulges in pleasure innocently.
If thrusting shallowly, she asks more, and if thrusting deeply, she cries loudly and sweetly.
He lightly tapped her chasing butt to let go, and Aur approached the last one, Belle.

「Ah,ah, ahhh……! 」

Her vagina at any rate is small and tight.
On top of that, Belle reached climax as soon as half was inserted, and Aur’s thing was tightened strongly.
When he tried to slowly bury his waist so as not to damage the body and give stimulus as much as possible, just from it going all the way to the back she cums, and even as he pulled it away halfway she further reaches climax.
Her body which makes the vaginal walls wriggle as if squeezing out essence each time, is like a P***y dedicated to Aur.

Aur alternately keeps f**king and savoring these women with completely different tastes.
Finally unable to endure the pleasures anymore, Aur released his lust inside Belle.

「Aaaaahhaahhaaaaahhh! 」

Following the sensation of her depths being covered and filled with white liquid, Belle screamed loudly while bending her body.

「Ah, you got creampied. How nice—, Belle」
「Don’t be anxious」

To Melia who puts her finger in her mouth enviously, without any signs of fatigue whatsoever he plunged in his penis.

「I’ll release inside all of you, until you’re all overflowing」

The maids all raised flirtatious voices in unison at their Lord’s declaration.

After basically done engaging in the love affair.

「……So, what’s this all about?」

While entrusting his head to Melia’s abundant breasts, Aur asked.

「I heard. Belle-san is aspiring to be your wife and not a maid isn’t that right」

As if coming between Melia, Johanne hugs Aur and rubs her whipped body against him.

「At this point It’s no big if the number of concubines increases by one or two right?」

While washing Aur’s left arm using her cleavage, Lasara asks.

「She has kept the desire for ten years. Could you please consider it?」

While saying this, Reuel sandwiched Aur’s right hand in between her plump thighs.

「Lord Aur……」

With clouded eyes, Belle stared at Oulu.

「No can do. Even if I think about it, I already decided on ten years later. Are you able to make the king personally reverse his agreement」

It was punishment to have come to Aur’s labyrinth with falsified origin.
When Mari came as girl sacrifice, because she was too young, Aur told them not to bother preparing sacrifice during the next ten-year sacrifice. Belle posed as a member of that village just so he could meet Aur.

「Are you saying you’re going to give me a privilege?」

Aur made suspicious expression at Reuel’s words.

「Yeah, and while at it you’ll give us the right to make us your wives」
「You guys will only gain benefits with that isn’t it」

Aur said in awe towards Lasara who was puffing her chest.
If it was an ordinary person, he may be glad if it comes to having five beautiful women, but he already has enough wives in both hands.

「Even if I say including……each of every of our entirety too?」

But following Johanne’s words, Aur gazed in astonishment.
Whatever the circumstances, they are only hired as maids.
They are neither Aur’s subordinates nor the slaves. They couldn’t be asked to do anything they didn’t wanted.

It would still be good if they were just ordinary maids, but the ones in front of him right now all possess some kind of special abilities.
Especially, Johanne who is a heroic spirit offering to devote her everything was a a very attractive offer.

「No……even still, it’s no good」

That said, even if it were a concubine, if it comes to becoming a wife, it is not a subject that Aur alone can just decide upon lightly.
It will be troublesome if it becomes a feud between wives. Much less in this circumstance, it is likely to be taken as being seduced into making a decision.

「Eh—, why not」
「I’m also begging you too, Aur」
「Please, Lord Master」

However, the ones who intervened in objection were the familiar voices of the concerned parties whom’s sake he was showing consideration.

「You guys…… Why are you here?」

The ones lined up imploring him are the three Lilu, Yunis, and Spina who are is legal wife.
Why are they here, and why are they assisting Belle?
Aur suspected the implications of illusions or transformation magic, but the spell of “Dispel” ended in futile.

「we were asked by Rua. Well, I also think it’s fine if it’s these kids」
She always cooks delicious meals after all right! 」
「……Reuel is my cooking master after all, so it can’t be helped」
「But, you see……」

To Aur who was still hesitating, Reuel with a sweet smile said.

「If it’s still not enough, should I call some more numbers of people over me」

In those words, Aur already realizes that her groundwork was laid out perfectly.
As expected of the head maid, what an astonishing skillful finesse.

「Alright, alright. Do as you please」

It is Lilu’s work to make adjustments so that there is no dissatisfaction in that area.
It was decided that Yunis will be the official empress.
If the misanthropic Spina too endorses it, then it is decided.

「…… So, you guys what’s with that outfit?」

After sighing heavily,Aur asked what has been bothering him for some time ago.
The three of Lilu’s group were dressed in maid clothes for some reason.

「What? you say, well that is……Right?」

Lilu who unfastened the button on her chest.
You can peep at her very very deep cleavage through the gaps of the opened outfit.

「We too, those……privileges?」

Yunis, who lifted up her skirt embarrassingly.
Her plump and healthy thighs becomes exposed.

「Please be kind and let me join in the fun」

Spina took off her panties from under her skirt without delay.
Because you can’t see it, you can’t help but imagine what’s underneath it.

「Of course, we too」

Reuel embraced Aur’s arm tightly.

「Please bestow your affection upon me——my Lord Husband」

There is no way to possibly resist those Belle’s words which whispers sweetly in his ear.

Aur savored the 「Privilege」the girls brought about until he was completely satisfied.



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