Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Interlude Part 1


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Interlude:Let’s Receive the Hospitality of the Loved Ones, Part 1

「Finally, I was able to put her to sleep.」

「Thank you for your work Mari. It must’ve been tough.」

Yunis chatted with Mari when she quietly returned to the bedroom.

「Oh, were you all waiting for me, Lord Aur?」

「Yes, and I’ve got to admit, listening to your lullaby for Sofia got me in a rather pleasant mood.」

The four people, still with their clothes on, smiled at Mari.

「So you heard that, huh? Can’t you make this room soundproof or something?」

「Technically I could, but it would cost too much effort from me to do. And besides, it would be a problem if Sofia woke up and started crying and we wouldn’t be able to hear her, don’t you agree?」

Since Sofia is just a baby, it was a given that she was going to wake up in the middle of the night, so Lilu and Spina left their clones with her to avoid any unnecessary complications. And since that matter has been dealt with, they could indulge themselves in sexy time without any worries. Mari breathed a sigh of relief, and began to rub herself against Aur.

「So I guess I’ll have to keep my voice down not to wake her up, huh? We wouldn’t want her to grow up to become a pervert because of us.」
Now everyone was gathered on this simple bed, and the mood was just right, thanks to the aromatic incense burning in the corner of the room. And judging by how hot and bothered Mari has become, it must’ve had some aphrodisiac mixed into it.

「Yes, today is the day that’s going to be commemoration of our arrival at this new continent and establishing our base. I’m going to handle all four of you at the same time.」

Hearing Aur declare that so boldly, his wives gasped frantically.

Originally it went like that: Spina was giving her magical energy to Aur, and then he stored it inside Lilu’s womb by cumming inside her.

Back on their continent, replenishing magical power was not a problem due to all the dragon veins in the earth, but here, in this new, strange land it was necessary for Aur to have as much backup magical power as possible. And since Lilu was a succubus, a cum dumpster, by nature, she fit that role perfectly. But now he also had Yunis, Spina and Mari to store his semen inside them.

「Are you sure you can do it, Lord Aur?」

He did ended up cumming inside Mari quite a lot today, so she inquired anxiously.

「It might be a little hard since there’s four of you, but it is a welcome challenge for me.」

Aur hugged them all in his arms.

「I think three times per person would be my limit.」

He whispered so into Mari’s ear.

「A welcomed challenge, you say? That’s fine by me, bring it on. After all, it is a wife’s duty to encourage her husband at any and all times.」

With a mischievous smile, Lilu poked Aur’s member with her finger to make it rise and bulge. It might’ve seem like a casual gesture, but it was in fact infused with magic that made it stiff as a rock in the blink of an eye.

「That reminds me, we did something similar when Mari and Spina just moved into the Dungeon way back then.」

「You have a surprisingly good memory when it comes to such things, you know?」

To recreate that scene, Aur lays flat on the bed while Yunis and Spina approach him from left and right, Mari slipped in between his legs and Lilu sat on top of him and began to lick his thing as if it was the tastiest lollipop in the world.

But the sensations, hooo boy, the sensations were much stronger than before.

Because now the girls knew exactly what Aur’s weak points were. Yunis and Spina wrapped their tongues around his shaft from both sides while Lilu trapped his tip inside her mouth where she proceeded to torture his tip’s opening by inserting her tongue into it. And to top it all off, Mari was sucking on his balls while exercising extreme caution not to harm him.

After a short while Lilu released Aur’s tip from her mouth and exposed it for everyone else to please, so instead of a wet and warm mouth four tongues were wrapping themselves around him, giving him goosebumps and sending chills towards his belly.

「Gu, kuh…!」

Groaning at their superb cooperation, Aur somehow managed to hold back the urge to ejaculate.

「If you’ll try to forcibly endure it then I’ll just do this~~.」

Along with the laughter that could chill one to the marrow in their bones, his member was enveloped by something unbelievably soft. Aur’s vision was blocked by Lilu’s back so he couldn’t see, but he clearly felt what was being done to him. His penis was being crushed between four pairs of breasts from every direction. It was something that the girls never tried before.

I think it goes without saying, but every one of them was superb, especially Lilu’s. It was like hers were made (they probably were) specifically to pleasure the men by sticking to their sexual organs with the entirety of their volume. Aur felt like exploding simply by the fact that they were touching him.

For a human, Spina could definitely give Lilu a run for her money. She was a half-slime, so her breasts could adjust themselves to please him in the best way possible by changing their shape and elasticity.

And then there was Yunis and the feeling of her pure softness. Even though not much time has passed since she gave birth to her son and started to breastfeed him, her breasts lost nothing from it and remained in perfect condition, perhaps due to her still being at a young age.

Comparing Mari to the other girls seemed a little unfair, because hers were still growing and had a lot of potential. But there was undoubtedly some allure in her trying her best not to lose to the others, to the point where she even used her hardened, perky nipples on his meat rod.

And then they pleasured his thing with their tongues as well. Aur firmly grabbed Lilu’s plumb but springy butt and teased her tail, rubbing it furiously with his hand as if he was jerking it off.


Lilu raised an ecstatic and cheerful moan that sounded like a chime of a small bell. She begged him to do it more, to be rougher with her.

Finally he was unable to endure it any longer and his sperm gushed out of his penis like a fountain.

「Aww, what a waste!」

「Ehehehe, you let out so much, Aur.」

「I’ll clean it up with my mouth, Master.」

「Ah, you’re taking him all the way to your throat, amazing, Sofii, I mean, Elder Sister. Then I’ll too…」

Seeing how they were all fighting for the privilege of licking his thing, Aur couldn’t help it but to get hard again rather than wither.



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