Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Prologue


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Prologue: Let’s Start a New Adventure

「Ah… 」

Threading on the white sand, an adorable voice leaked out of the man’s mouth.

Beyond the sandy beach there was a vast plain, and beautiful mountain ranges further beside them.

There were plants and animals that he had never seen before, and even the air seemed to have a different taste.

And in the distance, he saw a familiar figure whose sight made him feel at ease.

「A~u~r~. 」

Her haughty and prideful yet cheerful manner of speech was also pleasant for his ears. She came down onto the beach
from the ship’s deck and stood beside Aur.

「What happened? Did you get seasick? 」

「As if that would happen. It is unthinkable for a demon such as me to get seasick. On the magical ship that I made at that! 」

The demoness spoke proudly about the ship. It was a masterpiece that she designed, and she thought about it as her own child.

「The voyage was long, so I wouldn’t blame you if that actually happened. After all, the ship’s cabin can’t beat a dungeon when it comes to being comfortable to live in. 」

「And you’re still just dungeon this, dungeon that… think about something else for a change, you dungeon-loving idiot!!! 」

Lilu’s shouts resonated on the new continent that sprawled before them.

* * *

「A new continent? 」

It happened around a year ago.

「Well, let’s just call it that for convenience sake, but it is true that there is a huge landmass on the other side of the sea to the east of us. 」

Five people were looking at the map spread out on the table before them: Aur, Lilu, Yunis, Spina and Melizand.
I guess they could be called the core members of the Demon Lord’s group who were crucial for the proper functioning of his country.

「Ah, I think I saw it from the sky. 」

Said Yunis who became Aur’s queen while she hugged her newborn baby to her chest.

「And it’s pretty far. 」

Lilu muttered to herself as she measured the distance to this so-called new world on the map with her fingers.

「So this land is completely unknown to us. 」

Spina, a half-slime and Aur’s first disciple had a stern expression on her face.

「I already dominated this entire continent and the situation seems to be slowly stabilizing, so should I really take such a risk? 」

The former saint, Melizand managed to read the intentions behind Aur’s question.

「It wouldn’t be an act of aggression. Quite the opposite, actually. 」

「Opposite, you say? 」

Aur nodded to Spina’s question.

「We have no information about this New Land, we only know that there is a land there. In case that there are people who will one day try to invade us, we need to gather as much information as we can. 」

「It’s a reconnaissance for defensive purposes. 」

Yunis said with a happy face.

「So my guess is that we won’t be taking both labyrinths there? 」

「Of course. There’s also the distance problem. 」

Aur currently had two dungeons at his disposal: The Ground Dungeon and The Sky Dungeon. The Sky Dungeon currently served as his base of operations, as it was a mobile fortress that was unrivaled by anything on this continent. However, it had one major drawback.

Since it was a mobile fortress floating in the sky, it stood out like a sore thumb, wherever they go. If they took that, then gathering information about the New Land without attracting attention would be impossible, and they couldn’t allow themselves to just leave this new continent be.

「It would be best to send a small group of people in a vehicle that could travel fast and relatively undetected.
Lilu, could you make a boat like that? 」

「No problem, just leave that to me. 」

Creating weapons and armaments was Lilu’s specialty. Not only guns and cannons, but also all kinds of vehicles.

「All right, everything’s fine and dandy for now, but… who exactly will go? 」

Yunis raised an important question. Gathering information about an unknown land was an important, and potentially dangerous, task. And the number of people who could do it was severely limited. Yunis would be an obvious candidate, but now she was fully devoted to raising her son. The affectionate queen wouldn’t have it in her to just leave him behind in the care of a maid.

「We need someone with good judgement who’ll be able to remain undetected, possesses extreme versatility and the ability to battle to the death should the need arise, and wouldn’t mind dying if worse came to pass. 」

「And do we really have anyone who fits the bill to a T? 」

Lilu started counting on her fingers.

Ellen, Ceres and the Alves were versatile and had good battle skills, but their judgement left a lot to be desired.
Nadja, Wikia and Sharl are former adventurers who possessed an immense amount of experience, but something was telling Lilu that the prospect of death won’t be particularly appealing to them.

Logan will return to the Demon World even if he dies, but his appearance is too noticeable.

Mio’s beasts were great for battle, but wouldn’t be of much help in information gathering.

Their army had a lot of talented people in its ranks, but even then finding someone appropriate for the job was extremely difficult.

「Oh, we have someone who is a perfect fit for this mission. 」

Aur stood from the table and pointed at himself with his thumb.

「We have me. 」

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