Maou no Hajimekata Volume 2 Side Story 1 Part 2


Translator: Cyrus, Editor: Krizzeir

Side Story: Let’s Train the Priestess and Her Granddaughter, Part 2

「Gah! What?! What is this?!」

Thena had explored the best way to give pleasure to Aur using her foresight, but she couldn’t see beyond that. Semen kept getting onto her face and hair in spurts, staining her in white.

「What…… exactly is this?」

She tried washing it off with the bathwater, but its warmth made it even stickier.
While she was doing it, she felt her small body being hoisted up.

「What are you……」
「I can’t hold it in. I’m putting it in.」

Sitting on the curb, Aur grabbed Thena from behind and sat her on his knees as if she was a puppet.

It was standing straight up.


She was fully penetrated in an instant, and stiffened as her entire body was in shock.


Opening and shutting her mouth, Thena was trying to speak.

It wasn’t pain that robbed her of her control.

It was numbing pleasure.

「Why… are… you……」
「You don’t remember?」

Aur said while drawing Yutsu closer with one hand.

「This is not the first time…… Haven’t I said this too? I have done this many times at the exact same time with your rejuvenated body. My existence has been etched in yours.」

Thena couldn’t afford to listen to her words.
She was overcome with all the pleasure she had felt with Aur.


「A long time ago, your body had already suited mine perfectly. You no longer have to suffer the pain of being a virgin. Nor will you have to be satisfied with other men…… mm……」

Yutsu covered his lips with her mouth.


Thena saw her granddaughter kissing the man, and couldn’t bear it any longer.

「Please, move……! Stick it in, and violate me……!」

Saying that made it even more unbearable for her, and she desperately begged for more. However, Aur showed no sign of moving.

「Lord Aur, won’t you please take care of me?」

Yutsu whispered in spite of that.

「I wish to fill my belly with your seeds, Lord Aur……」


Aur raised his voice, and grabbed Yutsu’s breasts.

「Ah. Of course, you may do as you please with my boobs.」

Yutsu wagged her tail and responded with a sweet voice.

「O Darling……!」

Finally, Thena clinged onto Aur’s chest and raised her voice.

「Please, do it to me……! Please embrace me, Darling……!」

Tears streamed down Thena’s eyes as she begged Aur shamelessly.

「Very well.」

He raised Thena’s chin with his fingers.
She closed her eyes to receive his kiss.

She parted her lips and teeth to reveal her tongue while fanning out her four tails.

「Uh, Darling……?」

With her lips still parted in an invitation to trample upon her, Thena asked timidly.


「I was sucking on your thing just now…… Is that okay……?」

「Say no more.」

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t mind at all, but he wasn’t so narrow-minded to allow it to get in the way.

「Lie on top of each other.」

Following his instructions, Thena lay down on the pavement, spreading her tails as a mattress. Yutsu went on top of her and embraced her, showing her butt to Aur.

「Your shapeshifting is indeed convenient.」

With her tails acting as a mattress, they wouldn’t get wet from the bathwater.

「O Darling……」

「Lord Aur……」

Aur stroked one of her tails and observed them. Thena’s remaining three tails and Yutsu’s tail invited Aur to penetrate their private parts.

「How convenient indeed.」

He was impressed and amazed. First, he stuck his penis into Yutsu.


He gently eased his way into her. It was so warm that it felt like they were melting into each other.


On the other hand, there was a completely different sensation in Thena’s vagina. It was hard and stiff, and pushed its way up, rubbing countless hairs against the walls of her vagina each time he humped her. The pleasure was beyond description.

Aur marveled at how they could be so different as he switched back and forth while enjoying it.

「O Darling……」

Thena unconsciously wrapped her tail around Aur’s waist to stop him from escaping.

「Aah, that is so unfair, Grandmother…… Then, I shall do this.」

Yutsu gripped Aur’s penis using her tail.
There was a pop and some white smoke, which dissipated to reveal Aur with two penises.

「……You can do that too?」
「Ehehe. That is something that Grandmother’s Tengu is unable to do. Such tricks are more suited to raccoons.」

The tail was gone, and Yutsu shook her butt in its place in pride.
I wonder what practical use it can serve, Aur thought. At the very least, it was a great help in this situation.



Yutsu and Thena stuck his penises into themselves and cried in unison.

「Kh……! Is this an illusion?!」
「Illusory magic is a Tengu’s specialty, after all.」

One of them was a fake that Yutsu made, yet both felt equally real to Aur. The old mage could tell that the sensation was a mimicry due to illusory magic, but it was one that he didn’t need to undo.

「This is…… so… horrible……!」

Even Aur himself screamed in pain as he was overwhelmed by double the pleasure.

「O, Darling……!」

It felt as if Thena’s remaining three tails stood up in unison as she cried painfully. She embraced Aur with her upper body and kissed him.

「I’m coming……!」

Unable to bear it any longer, Aur pushed them in further and faster. They shut their vaginas at their same time, hooking onto Aur’s penises.

He embraced them both with each hand, and thrust his penises even deeper, unleashing his wild desires.



Accepting the proof that they belonged to him, the women embraced each other while trembling with joy.


Allowing his joy to linger while he caught his breath, Aur withdrew himself from Thena’s vagina. The fake that Yutsu had made had somehow returned as her tail, but he could see that his sperms had indeed been inserted into her vagina as the fluid was flowing out of it. Somehow, it managed to divide his sperms.


Aur stood up as Yutsu called out to Thena.

This time without hesitation, Thena did the same.

Aur petted their animal ears as they licked his penis clean of cum, semen, and some blood. He sighed in satisfaction.




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