Maou no Hajimekata Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 4

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「There is one thing missing in this Dungeon.」

「One thing…?」


Froro’s reflected her question back, but Aur remained silent.


「No… not just one. Two, three, four… Um. Rather, it’s faster to count what you have.」

「Is it really that bad!?」

Froro inadvertently screamed at Aur, who just continued to walk while he counted on his fingers. He has already taught her that the word 「Dungeon」 referred to the entirety of the Wall World, and that the Wall World is not actually the entire world, as she previously thought.

「Well, missing might actually be too strong of a word to use here, since the entire idea behind Dungeons is that anyone can put whatever they want inside them. It’s just that in comparison to my ideal Dungeon, this one is severely lacking in almost every aspect.」


Aur just continued with his monologue while Froro tilted her head.

「Oh, could this be related to that thing you ordered Sarnak to do?」

「Yes, among other things…. Now, give me some of your magical power.」

Aur hugged and kissed Froro, transferring a part of her magical power into himself. It was the only way of obtaining it, since there was almost no magic particles in the air and magical power was not regenerated during meals. In this place, his magical power was slowly dwindling down even when he was not using magic at all. On the other hand, taking the power From Froro was enough to restore his magic to some degree for a time. Even Aur himself had no idea if it was some kinda Skill of hers or some other mysterious mechanism. All that he needed to know is that in order to remain in the optimal condition he had to replenish his magical power regularly like this.

「Nnn… Aur…♡」

Froro’s tongue licked all of the silvery saliva traces on his lips. In contrast to her modest and serious appearance, now she was looking at Aur with a mellow, lustrous look.

「Do you… want to do it again?」

Asking that question, Froro too Aur’s hand and pressed it against her chest, just as he expected. Just when Aur was about to fully indulge himself in that pleasant softness…

「What in the fuck are you even doing…?」

Sarnak broke between the two of them with a sullen expression, a bug net in one hand and a bulging sack in the other.

「Thank you for your hard work. You were pretty fast.」

「Yeah, I was working my ass of while you were busy squeezing tits!」

Sarnak yelled at Aur, who only responded by raising his eyebrows, which made Sarnak slam the net angerly against the ground.

「And? How did it go?」

「Perfectly. I got just the right amount.」

Aur received the bag from Sarnak with a smile.

「Froro, I’m sorry, but we will have to continue this later. For now, I want you to give this to Nagia.」

「Yes, I understand.」

Switching back to her normal personality Froro answered with a smile, held the bag with both her hands and hurriedly left the room.

「Are you sure you want to mingle with demons? If you want a woman to lay with, they I could hook you up with quite a large selection of them.」

Sarnak inquired when they were left alone in the room.

「Hmm… I don’t have anything in particular against the demons. Also, isn’t it quite common for humans to engage in sexual relationships with demons?」

Thinking back on it, Aur felt relieved that sex in here was just like the one he was used to, because if Froro was to be any indication, he had every right to worry that people in this Dungeon honestly believed that babies were made by kissing.

「It was like that a long time ago. Well, that girl looks more like a human than a demon so I guess doing it with her would be all right…but what if she wasn’t human at all? I mean, how could you lust after someone who is more like a snake, bird, a cat or any other animal for that matter?」

「Hmm… so it was like that, huh?」

Sarnak frowned in an ugly way. For him, demons were more like beasts than actual people. Butb maybe Aur’s point of view was somewhat flawed due to Froro being so pure despite being turned into a slave, and in reality, maybe more people shared Sarnak’s point of view than he initially thought.

「If that is what you think, then what about Nagia? Would you really be able to have sex with her? Someone who’s lower half is that of a monstrous snake? Or maybe you’ve been laying with so many monsters that your eyes have become blind to their hideousness?」

「I would have no problems with that.」

Lamia’s are half-snakes, half-humans, so their reproductive organs are located exactly at the boundary between their two halves, so there would be no problems with sex as long as the top half remained human, unless the anatomy of the demons from the Tail Tribe was drastically different to that of the demons Aur was aquainted with. That was the reasoning behind Aur’s reply, however…

「Are you shitting me right now?」

「Sure, her personality could definitely use some work, but she gets more than a passing grade as far as looks alone are concerned.」

For him, Nagia’s character was the part of her that he had the most trouble dealing with. She made him a promise that she will 「Do anything for him」, so technically if he wanted, he could always order her to have sex with him, but he didn’t chose to do that because he wanted to avoid the possibility of having his neck wrung by her while he was sleeping.

「Passing grade for the looks? Did you even see how she looks from waist down?!」

「And like that, you’ve lost me. What are you even getting at?」

Aur was genuinely confused now, and it reflected in his voice.

「When I said she gets more than a passing grade for the looks, I meant her lower half as well. It is beautiful just as much as her human half.」

Most of the people probably wouldn’t be able to understand that, but the body of a snake was not as ugly as everybody made them out to be. But Aur, who was called the Demon Lord and was familiar with all kinds of demons understood, perhaps better than anyone else in this world, that just like humans, demons had many facets and sides to them, including the beautiful and ugly ones.

As for Nagia herself: her scales were not to thick and not too thin, and her slender tail has always shone brightly. She was a beautiful woman whose upper body… no, whose whole body was, in essence without any flaw whatsoever.

「Seriously, is you head all…. no, are you even sane?」

Sarnak stared at Aur as if he was some kinda madman.

For Sarnak, the very idea of humans perceiving demons as sexual objects seemed to be preposterous, but Aur have never seen the race of his sexual partners as a problem. He also wasn’t particularily obsessed with the matter of his partners being virgins or not, but honestly, if no man has touched the woman he was sleeping before, then so much the better.

「I might very well be insane, but what about that?」

「… Okay, that’s it, I give up. There’s just no winning with you, is there?」

Aur declared with a straight face, and Sarnak just shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands into the air.

Unbenownst to them, Nagia, who was hiding in the shadow of the isle, dropped the bag she was carrying to the ground.

(S, S-S-S-Seriously?!!!!!!!!!)

Her pale skin has flushed deep crimson, not only her cheeks, but also the tip of her ears and the nape of her neck.

(Ehhhhh?! H-He’s joking! He has to be joking, right?! T-There’s just no way that someone like him would consider my lower body to be beautiful!)

As a matter of fact, there was practically no difference in what humans and demons considered to be beautiful and ugly. Because it was a part of her own body Nagia didn’t dislike her snake half, but at the same time she was aware that most people didn’t find snakes comfortable and were even afraid of them. It was just how it was, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. That is why while she was confident in the womanly charms of her upper half, she never actually tried to seduce men by using her snake lower half.

(To think that someone like Aur… would want to engage in sexual activities with me!)

If he wanted to do it with her then she probably wouldn’t say no to him, but for now, things were moving a little too quickly for her comfort!!!

(Moreover, I never dreamt that he would be so enamoured about all of my charms!)

「What’s wrong, Nagia?」

Froro, who just so happened to be passing by her at that moment, asked, seeing as Nagia was holding her cheeks with her hands, fidgeting in place.

Her voice was what brought Nagia back to reality. It would be great if such a thing were to happen, but let’s be honest here, that would be way too convenient. Who in their right mind would want to have sex with a snake woman?

In the first place, it has already been established since time immemorial that humans hate everything that is different than themselves. There should be no reason for any of them to want to have sex with a demon.

「Lady Froro… uhm… please tell me… was your talking that you want to make babies with Lord Aur… just a joke?」

「??? No? We already did that quite a lot.」

Froro answered without an ounce of shame.

(And yet he’s targeting me as well?!)

Her words made Nagia go all red again.


Suddenly, Nagia heard a low voice right beside her ear.

「What exactly are you doing here?」

「L, L-L-L-L-L-Lord A, A-A-A-A-A-Aur?!」

Aur’s gaze was piercing her through as he slammed his hand onto the wall to prevent her from hightailing it out of there. He totally hunted her down now.

(S-Such a passionate, burning gaze!)

(Why are you sneaking around like that?)

Truth to be told, Aur was glaring at Nagia in disdain, but in her current state she failed to notice that and took it for something enthusiastic.

「Are the preparations ready?」


After receiving the bag from Nagia and checking its contents, Aur nodded with satisfaction.

「U-Uhm, Lord… Aur…?」


Irritated, he asked Nagia.

「I… I heard your conversation with Lord Sarnak, but… do you really want to embrace someone like me?」

(What am I even talking about?!)

He is a human, and yet not only does he not dislike her snake-half, but he also directs his gaze at her chest in a way that left no room for misunderstandings. Maybe there is a chance for her with him after all!

「… You have nothing to worry about.」

But Aur’s gaze was not fixated on her chest alone. He was looking straight into her eyes.

「I’m not going to do that with you just yet.」

Unlike Froro, Nagia has almost no magical power herself, so if he were to lay down with her, it would be for the pleasure alone. It was not a lie that he was interested in her, but he is not that kind of man who would just indulge himself in senseless pleasure in a situation where many of his wives and mistresses were waiting for his return to his home Dungeon, especially if he had any suspicion that such an act might end badly for him.


However, for Nagia…

(So he cherishes me that much!!!!)

…. It looked like that. He is not afraid and disgusted with her, but he doesn’t want to lay his hands on her just yet. She could only see it as his own way of showing concern for her.

「I’ll be looking forward to that day.」


Nagia gasped, but soon smiled and looked at Aur with moist eyes while clutching her hand to her chest.

(He’ll be holding himself out for my sake…)

If you were a high-level magician like Aur, then you’d be able to tell whether someone is a virgin or not with just a single touch. So for him it was probably obvious that in spite of how she dressed and behaved herself, Nagia was still inexperienced when it came to sex.

(Even if you are plotting something, I think I can deal with it for the time being.)

For him to be saying something like that, he was truly someone extraordinary. Even if she cannot be of use to him right now, in this Dungeon, he still chose to extend his hand to her in an invitation.

(I also want this day to come as soon as possible… ♡)

(Don’t worry, it will. You won’t get away from e that easily.)

They passed each other without exchanging any more words, but for the briefest of moments they smiled at each other in a gentle manner.

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