Maou no Hajimekata Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 5

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「Nn… *kiss*…. Fu….hhnn, haaa… Ah, *kiss*, fuaaah….」

Kneeling in front of Aur, Froro kept wrapping her tongue around his penis in a tantalizing manner.

「Nnnnhh…♡ Fufu, look how it’s twitching. Does it feel that good, Aur?」

「Yeah… not bad at all.」

When Aur replied while trying to suppress his own moans, Froro smiled, pleased with herself, and she continued to pleasure him by licking his dick carefully from the tip to the base of the shaft, rubbing her cheeks against it from time to time.

To be honest, she really wasn’t half bad at all at this, considering the fact that up until recently she was a virgin, and she just learned about oral sex today. Ever since she started, her assault o him has been continuously relentless. All Aur did was explaining the basics to her and giving her a few tips, and she used them to greatly improve her dick-sucking skills on her own in an astonishingly short amount of time. If Nagia were to check her status right now, he could practically see one of her Skills being {Fellatio Lv.3} or something along those lines. He himself couldn’t believe that he was thinking about such silly things at a time like this.

「Nfuu….♡ Aur, touch me, please! ♡」

Froro grabbed Aur’s hand and practically shoved it at her breasts, attacking Aur’s palm with a heavy weight and disproportionate softness. It was really amazing how such a soft object could keep its shape without any issues despite being so heavy at the same time.

When he applied just the little bit of force into his hand it changed shape accordingly, and the tips of her nipples hardened with the lightest of touches as if they wanted him not to forget about them as well.

「Aaah…♡ Aaaahnnnn….♡」

When he finally pinched them, Froro’s erotic scream resonated like a bell across the entire room.

「Mou… ♡ Payback time!♡」

And she gobbled his cock up with her mouth, swallowing it all the way to her throat, even though he didn’t teach her anything about that.

「Uuuh… khhhh….!!!」

Aur groaned from the overwhelming amount of pleasure. Froro masterfully held his member in her mouth, and as she was doing so, she worked his shaft with her fingertips. Then, the pleasure that was driven to his tip rolls off of it with her tongue, tightens on her lips and is then sucked up by her with a myriad of obscene sounds.

「Nnn♡ Nnn♡ Nnn♡ Nfuh… *kiss*♡」

Even though he is a man who has survived many deadly battles and lived long enough to be called a Demon Lord despite being human, he felt like his soul was about to be sucked out through his dick. So he desperately tried to endure the sensation that boiled his waist with a mixture of hotness and numbness.

「*Suck* ♡ *Kiss*, *kiss* ♡ *sucksucksuck…*♡」

However, as if she sensed that he was trying to hold himself back, Froro accelerated the movements of her mouth and hands, focusing heavily on Aur’s painfully swollen tip.

「Gu, uuuh…. Gonna cum…!」

Unable to bear it any longer, Aur grabbed Froro’s head and pressed it against his crotch as much as he could.

「Nnnnnnnnnnn ♡ Nnnn…. ♡」

Instead of being angry at him for doing it so suddenly, Froro smiled and swallowed everything that Aur has spurred into her, completing her oral service to him.

He continued to release himself inside her mouth, making sure that she won’t spill even a single drop of his precious seed. Normally it’s a thing that shouldn’t be done to a girl who just gave her first head, but Froro was more than eager to do it, going so far that her cheeks started puff from the sheer amount of sperm that was being pumped into her.

「Nnn… ♡ Aha… ♡」

Swallowing everything without a word of complaint, she gathered whatever began to spill from the corners of her mouth and licked her fingers clean, and then she gently sucked on the tip of Aur’s meat spear again as if she wanted to extract every last bit of essence out of him.

「So delicious… ♡」

And then she causally started sucking on Aur’s penis again.

Crouched Froro’s crotch is so wet that the love juices dripping from her pussy started forming a small pool on the floor, and all that simply from pleasuring Aur orally. You’d think that she’d ask him to finally stick it in her as a reward, but she didn’t do that, continuing to happily smear her saliva all over his meat rod instead, as if nothing else aside from his genitals mattered to her anymore. Right now, her lewdness wouldn’t lose to that of a succubus in any way.


Unable to stop himself any longer, Aur ordered Froro to stand up and stick her butt towards him so that he could finally stick it in. But at that time, one of the wooden boards in the corner of the room made a loud rattling noise.

「Aur, this is…」

「Yeah. Looks like we have ourselves an intruder.」

Aur grated his teeth in frustration at this unexpected development. Just when they were getting to the good part.

「… It’s just as you said! It is in the lower layer!」

Froro said, letting go of Aur’s hand and opening her left eye and closing the right one. Again, she displayed a tremendous speed when it came to personality switching. Calming himself down took Aur a solid few more seconds.

「It’s making its way down the aisle… ah, it got caught in the trap you’ve made, Aur!」

Just like Aur was saying earlier, there are many things that this Dungeon doesn’t have. And the first and most important thing of all, were traps. Without them, every Dungeon is nothing but a simple cave.

Just as it’s name should imply, a Dungeon is supposed to be a treacherous and deadly place that should confuse everyone who dares to enter it and make advancing through it as difficult as possible. But here, no one seemed to care about it, as was evident by the fact that Sarnak’s base didn’t have any kind of defensive mechanisms whatsoever, allowing Aur to just march in there like he owned the place. He suspected that Skills might be one of the factors contributing to such a state of affairs.

「How many intruders are there? What kind of people they are and which traps were they caught into?」

Originally Aur would simply use his magic to monitor the entire Dungeon, but right now that was out of the question due to how scarce the magical power was in here. Therefore, Aur resulted to the second-best option they had on hand: using Froro’s eye of the Ruler to do so.

It would seem that most of the slaves who were loyal to Sarnak eventually decided to follow Froro. To add to that, Sarnak himself became Aur’s servant. Although in actuality it is somewhat different, the general chain of command was as follows: Floro → Oulu → Sarnak.

Aur does not know what the other party is aiming for, but it’s hard to believe that they’ll be just some random residents of the Bottom who stumbled there by sheer accident. Therefore, as a precaution, Aur placed slaves loyal to Froro across the various places of the Bottom so that they could act as their 「Eyes」. The other party probably didn’t know how exactly they managed to do it, but right now they were probably aware of the situation with Froro, so that would mean that they were also aware that Sarnak turned from a master to a subordinate.

Courteau’s master was an individual named Radico, who bore the nickname of an {Iron Arm}. Going by the name alone, he should be no match for Sarnak, whose {Steel Shield} was capable of stopping every physical attack. So, in anticipation of them making a move, Aur set up traps that anticipated that their enemy would try to attack in a group.

A trap, by definition, isn’t something meant for stopping invasions or defeating the enemies in a single blow. It is something meant for stopping the potential intruders from advancing and withering down their strength.

Once they fall into a trap, they will be wary of them and try not to repeat the mistake of stumbling into another one. The suspicion will stall their feet and wear their spirits down like a curse. Even the smallest of scratches, if piled up, will eventually turn into a great wound that might affect the target’s physical strength.

「The enemy is… just one person. He seemed to have fallen into a pitfall trap.」

「Just one?」

But all of that doesn’t make much sense if there is only one enemy. In that case, the more efficient, and less costly option is to defeat such an enemy personally.

「Well, if he was nice enough to get himself caught in the trap, then we should go and collect him.」

Even though it was called a pitfall, it was the non-lethal variety, meant for making it impossible for the enemy to do anything once they have gotten themselves caught.

「Yes, we could do that… but whoever it is, he just jumped out of the hole.」

「Say what?!」

They are located at the Bottom after all, and for someone like Aur, who can freely control walls and floors this means that he can dig as many holes as he wants, and he can make them quite deep at that, because he doesn’t have to worry about being confined by the limits of space. In addition to that, he made it so that the hole would be quite wide in order to prevent anyone who falls into it from simply climbing out.

「A, and now he’s running with great momentum… and he got into another trap again. He’s been hung up.」

The fact that the invader got hung meant that he stumbled right into the wire trap. It is a trap where you put the wire on the ground and camouflage it so that it will be hard to spot, and when it’s activated the wire loops itself around the target’s leg, suspending them in midair. It is a trap that is the most effective in the areas such as forests, where there would be no problems with concealing the wire, but in a Dungeon that doesn’t have such a convenient terrain, spotting and avoiding such a trap would be relatively easy.

「Oh, it tore off the string and got away… and the immediately fell into another pitfall right away?!」

That particular pitfall was designed to activate shortly after the wire trap, so that if somebody managed to avoid getting hanged, he would fall into another hole almost instantly. It was a so-called two-stage trap, and it appears that it has worked splendidly, since the enemy wasn’t agile or cautious enough to avoid falling into it.

「It climbed out of it again! And he has resumed his charge! Whoever that is, he’s running dead ahead at tremendous speed again… oh, and now he’s gone from my range!」

Aur thought that it was to be expected, since the other pit was exactly the same as the first one, but he still furrowed his brows. Normally, an enemy who was getting himself into one trap after another was an easy target because he would lose composure fast, but if their mysterious intruder was Radico himself, then he has shown incredible skill and strength of will if he was still able to continue forward without an interruption.

In order for them to find out how effective their traps would be here, most of them were made to be non-lethal. Now, as a result, the crackling sound could be heard from outside of the room. Looks like Radico was getting closer.

「Ah, looks like Sarnak went ahead to battle him. Eh?! N-No way! No physical attack should be effective against the {Steel Shield}!」

Froro opened her eyes in disbelief, but Aur was not surprised at all. Something like that was exactly what he was expecting to see. If their enemy knew about Sarnak’s Skill and still chose to charge dead ahead, then of course he must have had some means of dealing with it.

「Come, Froro.」


Aur grabbed Froro’s shoulders and pulled her closer to himself. In the next moment, the door that he had set up was blown away, flying right across the spot where Froro stood just seconds ago, and hitting the wall on the other side of the room.

When the dust had settled, Aur looked at the invader, muttering unhappily when he saw the door he took great pains to make being obliterated with a single blow. As long as he’ll be able to collect the scattered pieces of wood, repairs shouldn’t be much of a problem, but we’re digressing here. The current development was unlike everything that Aur imagined.

The door to the room were blown away by a swing from a giant hammer. But the person who was wielding it could not be called a giant in the slightest. To begin with, the enemy in front of them wasn’t even a man.

「I see now.」

Aur proclaimed. The brave warrior of the Fang Tribe, the one who wielded the greathammer with one hand and had various traces of trap damage, like arrows stuck in the body, or burned skin… was actually a girl.

She was such a petite girl that the greathammer that she swung around looked comically disproportionate in her hand. She had fluffy orange hair, and a pair of ears and a tail of the very same color. It was a girl that would have been a prefect description of the word 「adorable」, if it wasn’t for the blood staining the large wound spanning the entirety of her body, and blood (presumably Sarnak’s) dripping from her hammer.

「You the one who made all those strange gizmos?!」

Radico yelled at Froro, swinging her hammer around as if it weighted nothing.

「Uhm, no…」

「It was me.」

Aur pointed at himself.

「Alrighty then! Don’t move yer ass for even an inch, ya hear me?!」

Without waiting for an answer, Radico rushed towards Aur with her hammer held high. But even though she arrived here in astonishingly short amount of time, her actual speed was nothing special, now that Aur managed to get a closer look at her. In comparison to Yunis’s speed she was so slow that he wanted to yawn.

But her destructive power was nothing to scoff at. If that hammer of hers scratches him even a little, there will be nothing left of him but a wet stain on the floor.

「Come out.」

Therefore, he did just as he was told and did not move an inch, but he instead reached for the bag at his waist and opened it. Immediately, countless bee-like creatures flew from inside the bag, filling the room. Those were the Scorpion Bees collected by Sarnak. All of them converged around Radico by using the Rabbit’s “useless” {Rush} Skill, digging their stingers into her body faster than an arrow released from the bow.

「It hurts! What is this?! What is this?!」

She swung her hammer at Aur, but he dodged it by lightly tilting his head to the side. Due to the momentum she let it slip out of her hand, and it slammed into the wall beside the broken pieces of the door.

「Body… won’t… move…」

Lying on the ground, a weak voice escaped Radico’s throat.

「You feel that? That’s the effect of the Scorpion Bee’s Skill, {Paralyzing Needle}. Although I didn’t think I’d be forced to use it so quickly.」

Aur commands the Scorpion Bees with quick movements of his hands, making them all fly inside the bag again.

Froro described the Rabbit’s {Rush} Skill as useless, most probably because it could only be used to approach the enemy at high speed. But since they had too many of the {Rush} Skill Crystals from when they were hunting the Horned Rabbits for bread they dropped, Aur thought that they might as well put them to good use.

When he asked Nagia onto which monster they could dump that many Crystals to, Scorpion Bees naturally came into her mind, and then he ordered Sarnak to capture them. Since he had his {Steel Shield}, he didn’t have to worry about suffering from the {Paralysis Needle’s} negative effects. That way, with only a little manipulation by magic, you could have yourself a perfectly reusable projectile that is difficult to avoid and can paralyze your opponent on hit. And since they are insects with next to no intelligence, manipulating them was easier than breaking a newborn baby’s neck.

「I never would have thought about making monsters learn Skills.」

「I, on the other hand, see nothing wrong with it. I’m surprised that no one has tried that before.」

Aur twisted his head at Froro, who had the same exact reaction as Sarnak and Nagia. Since humans are creatures with high intelligence and learning abilities, it is enough for them to learn the normal way, without the need to use Skill Crystals. But if you could teach low-intelligence organisms complex moves and techniques, that would give you a great advantage. If only Spina was here, then maybe they could have created some truly invincible slimes.

Thinking such random thoughts, Aur picks up Radico’s body from the ground.

「What… are you planning… to do to me…?」

Prompted by her question, Aur started thinking about that. Her physical capabilities proved to be much more than he originally expected. Even if they were to tie her up, it was very unlikely that she would simply remain restrained, especially since he doesn’t know how long the paralysis effect is going to keep up.

「Let’s see…」

Furthermore, the news of Radico’s defeat will soon spread like wildfire, there was no doubt about that. What would be the most efficient way of forcing her to spill the beans on the information he wanted to know before her reinforcements arrive? Aur already had several options in mind, but the most useful one at the current moment was…

「Are we going to make her feel good?」

Froro asks, with her eyes all sparkly for some reason.

「… We might as well.」

And that was the plan for now.

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