Maou no Hajimekata Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 6

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「Magical power has various properties associated with it, and this is the simplest way to use it.」

An amber light illuminates the tip of Aur’s index finger, which is stretched out.

「Magical power is shapeless like air, but it has shape and hardness when compressed. If you arrange its shape and increase the amount of it then, you will be able to mold it into whatever you want, be it a sword or a shield.」

When he patted the piece of cloth with that fingertip, a piece of it broke off and fell onto the floor.

「So this, is magic…」

「No, not exactly. That is a simple magic manipulation, not magic itself.」

「What’s the difference then?」

The teacher pondered the question of his newest disciple. It was a conventional, sensory classification rather than a theory.

「Look at Nagia’s {Sword} Skill. It might not be obvious, but there has to be some of the actual swordsmanship behind it. If you don’t use a sword than you cannot call it swordsmanship, the same way it cannot be called as such if you just wave your weapon around like a simple wooden stick. It is not the Skill itself that holds the sword and aims it at the opponent’s weak spots in order to defeat them as quickly and effortlessly as possible, but the ability of the actual swordsman or swordswoman who wields it.」

「Um, I feel like I understand, but at the same time…」

Froro did not understood much of it because she didn’t possess any kinda skill with wielding swords herself, but nevertheless she kept on nodding at what Aur was saying.

「For example, Let’s say that you break your concentration, then the magical power you have accumulated would also lose its shape, making it difficult to use it in actual battle. Magic is when you make up for it with a spell that would allow it to keep its shape even after you lose focus.」

「In other words, it’s something that does not require the constant involvement of your will.」

Aur nodded with satisfaction. That point of view was actually very wise of her.

「Exactly. But that way you always have the risk of running out of you r magical power reserves, so you always have to keep that in mind.」


Since Froro has so much magical power, it would be in her best interest to learn how to control it. However, since Aur didn’t want to rely on the power of Skill Crystals, he had to teach her from the very basics by making her his disciple.

「We don’t have much time, so let us move to the practical procedure.」

Saying that, Aur turned towards the third person in the room, Radico. She has been stripped naked off her clothes, and her hands and legs sunk into the wall, preventing her from escaping.

Sarnak once said that nothing could destroy the walls of this Dungeon. If that was truly the case then the technique used to do so must have been pretty powerful, but to Aur the walls in here were one more thing: a pretty good restraint.

「By the way, you also did that using magic, right?」

「Yes, but I did that by using a more advanced magic, the kind that you wouldn’t be able to master at your current level.」

「If you say that doing something like manipulating the {Mother’s Wall} is just 「more advanced」 then I don’t want to know what you deem as impossible.」

Ignoring Froro’s remark, Aur raised his hand.

「This time, we will be performing a simple magical operation. Even though I said it’s simple it doesn’t mean that the whole procedure won’t be a complex one, but if it’s a strengthening operation performed at an unmoving patient, then you should have no problems with completing it.

Strengthening operations sound easy, but are actually quite difficult. For example, if you were to thoughtlessly increase the strength of the muscles in your arm, they would break your bones in no time. If you were careless like that, even if you managed to hit your enemy, you would only end up hurting yourself in the process. If you want to be using strengthening magic for fighting purposes, what you need to learn is to how to synch the strengthening with the movements of your body.

However, there was something that even the beginner could do and not fail at it right of the bat: strengthening the senses of the opponent who has been additionally stuck in place.

「This is how you do it.」

Aur takes Froro’s hand and uses it to manipulate her magical energy, and then proceeds to heighten Radico’s senses.

「Oh, this is what you used on me the other day!」

「Hou, you are quite observant, aren’t you?」

Amplyfing the senses was like tracing the complicated patterns carved onto a stone surface with your fingers. Aur was thoroughly impressed with Froro’s memory and intuition.

「Nn… Nnnnnn…..」

Radico started moaning with eyes held shut and ragged breath, and then she fainted.

「As for the strength itself, it should be raised by about this much… that’s right. Right now, her senses should be twenty to thirty times sharper than they normally are. Just be careful, because the sensitivity is not directly proportional to the amount of magical power used, so you have to be careful not to increase it too much.」

「Roger that!」

Froro nodded seriously and continued to apply the technique by herself, allowing Aur to turn his attention to Radico.

「Open your eyes.」

Radico’s eyes snapped open when Aur gave her the order. But there was no focus in them, and she looked confused.

「Where… am I?」

「Don’t worry. You’re in a safe place.」

Aur whispered to her in a gentle voice, and she responded to him with a dreamy look. In fact, right now she felt as if she was dreaming.  With a combination of simple stimuli and magic, Radico’s thoughts were now in a state of deep hypnosis. She was awake, but unconscious at the same time.

Thinking about it now, didn’t he use this kind of trick when he met Yunis for the first time? Aur suddenly remembered a long time ago and shook his head lightly to focus his attention on the task that was right in front of him.

「I want to talk with you a little.」

「Talk… to me?」

Aur nods to Radico, who spoke in a lethargic tone.

「But … Folio says I can’t talk to strangers …」

「My name is Aur. Ain Soph Aur. What about you?」

「I’m … Radico. Iron … no, {Silver-armed} Radico.」

Silver? Aur shook his head and continued for the time being.

「See? Now we’re not strangers anymore.」

Hmm… then I guess talking to you is okay now…」

Radico was convinced far too easily. Even without the hypnosis, she must be tha type of person who doesn’t think about things too much.

「Who told you to come here?」

「That… I can’t say.」

Aur frowned slightly in response. So she must have some defensive mechanisms placed upon her in case she ever got caught. Moreover, the order of concealing the chain of command might have been issued by someone other than Yueloi of the Middle layer and those under him.

「Who told you that you cannot speak about that?」

But if they wanted to hide only certain information, then they should have done a better job at it. If she was not given the order to 「not speak to anyone at all」 she will eventually spill everything Aur wanted to know as long as he will ask her the right questions.


「Is Folio your master?」

Radico nodded.

「I see. I would like to thank your master for sending you here. I wonder what kind of gift would be good enough?」

Aur asked in a slightly carefree tone. Under normal circumstances she would never answer a question like that no matter what, but as long as she was under hypnosis, she was unable of any kind of rational thought.

She cannot speak the name of her master directly, so all he has to do is ask about it indirectly.

「No… Folio is not my master…」

Aur nodded, already suspecting that to be the case.

「Then is it Yueloi?」


So there is someone else pulling the strings from the shadows after all. Maybe someone given Courteau false information beforehand to prepare for this attack? In that case, even if they managed to successfully track down Yueloi, there’s no telling if that will ultimately amount to anything.

「Radico. From no on, I will make you feel good.」

Aur glanced at Froro and then whispered into Radico’s ear.

「Feeling good will be good for your body. Don’t you think so?」

「Yeah… feeling good is… good for me…」

「And if someone makes you feel good, you can’t help it but to grow to like  it and that someone more and more, right?」

「Like… feeling good….」

A natural and simple logic. One after another, Aur keeps implantic hypnotic suggestions into Radico’s head.

「Yes, like this.」

「Hnn …」

When Aur stroked Radico’s chest, she reacted by bending her back sharply. Her bulges were pretty small, just as you’d expect from her petite body. That being said, despite being so small, she was probably a mature woman already. Her sensitivity probably wouldn’t have been half bad, even without the help of Froro’s magic.

「It feels nice to be touched by someone you like. And the more you’ll grow to like me, the better you’re going to feel.」

「Nnnn… fuaaah….」

He gently squeezed the sharp tips of his fingers.If he wants to obtain every information possible from her, he would have to break the hypnosis, but once he does that, there’s no way she will answer his questions honestly. Therefore, he needs to lay down the groundwork to counter that now.

「Do you prefer when I play with your chest like that, or perhaps here?」

「Ah …! There…!」

When Aur touched Radico’s secret part with his fingertips, there was a big reaction. Aur squeezed his fingers in, taking great care not to damage her mucous membrane. Her pussy, which was already moist and wet, grabbed and sucked Aur’s finger in without any resistance.

「Ah … Hnn …! Kuh, hnnn …!」

A sweet voice leaking with innocence escapes from Radico’s lips.She didn’t seem to have any experience, but she probably played with it herself already. It was a much better reaction than from her chest.

「Do you feel my fingers? Concentrate. Thick fingers enter your vagina up to the second joint … Slowly tracing the vaginal walls. I’m gently pressing them with my fingertips and bend them a little, making you feel a strong pleasure. And soon, I’m going to press the button that evokes the greatest pleasure a woman can feel …」

「Ah …! Hnnn …!」

Every time Aur’s finger stroked Radico’s secret place shallowly, love juice overflowed from it and soiled Aur’s hand.

「Does it feel good? Say it out loud. Then you will feel even better.」

「Good …  so good…! It feels good!」

As soon as Radiko shouted, Aur’s finger was squeezed by her vaginal opening.

「The more comfortable you are, the more you will come to like me. The more you like me, the more comfortable you will be. And the pleasure will take you to new heights you never knew before.」

「Ah … so good …! More … more …!」

Radico was steadily going up the stairs of pleasure, listening to Aur’s suggestion obediently. She asks for further caresses while shaking her hips and dripping love juice like a flood.

「That’s right. Just forget about anything else and focus on feeling good. And once pleasure will paint everything white, you will forget everything, but you’ll still remember. You will be able to recall everything as if you’ve never forgotten it in the first place.」

With that last suggestion, Aur increased the speed of the movements of his finger.

「Now, the pleasure is only going to get stronger! You’re going to feel like you’re flying through the air! Imagine that! Feel it!」

「Ahhh! Fuaaaah! Flying!!!! Im’m flyinggggg!!!!」

Her knees were shaking and her tongue was sticking out, as the spasms of an incoming orgasm were shaking Radico’s body to its very core.

「Do it! Say that you’re cumming! Do that, and I will make you feel like you never felt before!」

「Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m gonna comeeeeee! Ahhhh! AAAAaaaaaahhhhh!」

Radico’s pussy frantically tightened around Aur’s finger.

「Cu… cumming!!!!」

At that moment, an ominous sound could be heard.

「…. What…?」

Aur’s eyes were almost sealed shut by the sensation of intense pain coming from his right hand.

Because his finger was completely crushed by the {Iron Arm} Radico’s vagina clenching itself around it.

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