Maou no Hajimekata Volume 3 Chapter 6 Part 3

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「Are you ready?」

「Ready? READY?! Ready for what?!! You’ve come this far already and now you’re going to have second guesses?!」

Folio launched a full-on verbal assault towards Aur. Her body was still paralyzed, but her mouth seemed to have recovered just fine.

「No, that is not the case here.」

「So what, you’re just gonna leave me high and dry like that to torture me?! Is that it?!」

Folio’s tone of voice was, by all intents and purposes, genuine, but just to be on the safe side Aur added a few curse contracts onto her before he lifted her from the ground.

Except for the wings on her back, she doesn’t look much different from a human, but it’s just a matter of appearance. Despite having a medium height, Folio’s body was lighter than Radico’s.

「Uhm, so about this paralysis… can’t you do something about it?」

「I’m sorry, but I want to save as much magic energy as possible.」

The poison from the Scorpion Bee’s 「Paralyzing Needle」 Skill is an unknown poison to Aur. As far as he knows, it might not be poisonous at all. Although the effect could be eliminated by stacking multiple healing spells, it was terribly inefficient. In any case, it should disappear naturally after a certain amount of time.


With Folio’s body resting on his lap, he rolls up her skirt and stretches his fingers to touch her secret place. Just like he expected, it was already soaked, and the underwear she was wearing was almost useless in its attempts to stop it.

「Please… stick it in me soon…!」

「There’s no need to rush. There is a certain order to these things that has to be kept at all times.」

Aur shifts her underwear so that it won’t get in the way and slowly inserts his fingers inside, but even when she was wet, her vagina refused to simply let him in. Unlike with Radico, it looks like her hymen has been torn completely, so it should only hurt her because she was not used to it.

「Uuuu… come on… do it already!」

Then again, it might be because her body was paralyzed and she couldn’t move. Anyway, the point is that Folio was more and more insistent in rushing Aur to fuck her already.

「I thought I told you to wait.」

「I don’t want to! My pussy feels so empty and lonely!」

When he put his fingers in and rubbed her vaginal walls with light scratching motions, Folio’s wings fluttered. It seems that the paralysis is gradually starting to wear off.

「If I just jam it in you now, it’s only going to hurt.」

In fact, the inside of Folio is extremely narrow, and Aur is having difficulties with putting just his index finger in. If it is like that, then it’s quite possible that his penis is not even going to fit inside her.

「B, But …!」

Aur uses his free arm to hold down the dissatisfied, fluttering wings in a pseudo hug.


At that moment, Folio’s vagina tightened around Aur’s fingers more than ever.

「… Hm, interesting.」

「N-No….♡ Not…♡ not there….!

♡ Don’t, don’t stroke them…!♡ Haaaahnnn!♡」

He continued the stroking of the wings on her back. Each time, Folio quivered and contracted her vaginal walls. Apparently, like with Radico’s tail, the erogenous zones of the Wing Tribe are concentrated in their wings.

「Nooo…♡  Not there….♡ Not there I said!!!!!♡」

Aur pats her wings and loosens her vagina with his fingertips. Folio trembles with her entire body, and when he reaches she climax without even being able to scream, she can only cum continuously with panting breaths

「hmm… this much should be enough.」

「Ahyiiiiiii… ♡ Sho ghoood….I can’t…. ♡」

By the time Aur reached his conclusion, Folio was already exhausted both physically and mentally. And yet…

「What are you talking about?」

Lifting Folio’s body again, Aur pushes his tip against her excited secret garden

「The real thing starts now.」


And so, he pushed himself inside her all at once.

「Ahiiiii!!!♡ Fuguuuuuu!!!!♡ Hyaaaahnn!!! ♡ Hiiiii ♡ Hiiguuun!!!♡」

Folio was screaming, but from her expression it was clear that what she felt was not pain, but immense pleasure.

Right now, the only thing she is able to move freely right now is her face.

「Hiiiii….♡ Iiiiinnnnn!!!♡ Ah! ♡ Fuh!!!!♡ Aaaah!!!!♡」

She cannot move the rest of her body, so Aur has to do all the work by lifting her up and dropping her at his rod over and over again as if she was nothing more than a sex toy, a living lump of meat made for no other purpose than to devour the male genitals and give them pleasure.

「Higuuu♡ ha, hyaaahnnn!っ♡ Nnngh!♡ Iiii!♡ So good!♡」

But apparently, Folio was pleased with that.

「More!♡ More!♡ Ah!♡  It’s throbbing in me!♡ I! ♡ This! ♡ Being treated like this! ♡ It feels good!♡ I’m getting addicted to it! ♡」

Every time Aur lifted her thighs and lowered them onto his hips, their bodies, which were soaked with love juice made a sticky noise. Folio couldn’t do anything about it or hide form it, and she had no choice but to listen to them getting louder and louder as Aur was raping her as he liked.

「Should I do this then?」

Aur grabbed Folio’s chest while asking with a nasty voice. The breast, which slightly overflows from the palm of his hand, has a beautiful hemispherical shape, and when it is rubbed, the soft elasticity firmly pushes the fingers back.

The nipple at the tip was of a modest size, but now it seemed to be sharply pointed with excitement and claiming its existence to the maximum extent.

「Ahhh ♡ No ♡ Not my boobs ♡ My nipples! ♡ No, don’t suck on them! ♡」

As requested, Aur grabbed Folio’s nipples with his lips, stretched his arms over her back while pressing down on her hips, and rubbed her wings.

「Yeah … ♡ Wings! ♡ Do them more!!! ♡ No!!! ♡ This feeling, it’s too much!!! ♡ Ah!! ♡ That!! ♡ If you do this! ♡ I’m going to fall!! ♡ I’m going to fall!! ♡ 」

Her sweet voice, which was far from her laid-back behavior when she was calm, only added to Aur’s excitement.

「Ah!♡  Inside! ♡ Big, swelling penis’s semen is trying to get out!♡ To impregnate me! ♡」

And Folio knew what that meant.

「Oh … but wouldn’t you rather have me stop than doing that?」

「No ♡ Inside! ♡  Don’t ejaculate in my pussy! No! ♡  We can’t make a baby here!♡」

Hearing Folio’s indecisiveness, Aur grabbed her waist and whispered to her.

「If you don’t want me to do that … say that. Tell me, and I’ll stop.」

「Nooo! ♡ Don’t do it!♡ You can’t do it inside me!!!♡ I was, a virgin just a moment ago!♡ I’m gonna cum!♡ I will cum while getting creampied!!!♡ My body will remember, the taste of your semen!!!♡ Because your cum will defeat my womb!!! Noooo!!!!♡」

Aur fully understands her frantic answer.

「Say that however many times you want, it’s all useless, because you can’t even move your own body!」

「Ah ♡ It’s no use!!! ♡ The taste of semen ♡ I’m memorizing it!!! ♡ I’m paralyzed and I can’t move!!!! ♡ Forcibly!!! ♡♡♡ A creampie!!!! ♡♡♡ I’m being taught how a creampie feels like!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡」

All this time, she never once told him to stop.

「Cumming! I’ll fill you up!」

「Cumming!♡ Cumming! ♡ Cumming! ♡ Falling!♡ I’m falling!!!!♡ aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡」

Folio reached a deep, hard climax while clinging onto Aur with both her hands and feet as a large amount of his cloudy liquid suddenly filled her insides.

*          *          *

「Having its way with three freshly deflowered virgins one after the other, and even going so far as doing a vaginal cumshot on a woman who was paralyzed and couldn’t move a muscle… what a bad cock this is.」

Folio stretched out her tongue and licked it up, lightly poking the stiff cock with her finger.

「It was a wonderful experience … Lord Aur, my promised person, please do not ever forget it.」

Next to her, Nagia stretched out her long tongue.

「Me too! I want to do it again as well! I really like having sex with Aury!」

Radico approached him from the other side and stuck her short tongue out.

After Folio and Nagia declared that the are going to 「Clean him up」 they started licking his meaty rod. Seeing them, Radico went all 「I wan in on it as well!」 and then it all developed into this peculiar situation.

「I don’t mind, but…」

It was hard to say that the tongue service of the three girls who just lost their virginities was a good one, but nevertheless they gathered around him and started serving him to the best of their abilities, so there was no reason for him not to get excited by this erotic they ran their tongues across his genitals, which were all wilted after filling Folio up to the brim, and were now getting back up as he accepted their caresses.

「Why are you all so supportive of what I am trying to do?」

Folio wasn’t interested in learning more about magic, and even though there were some tricks involved in it, he basically raped her into submission. For Radico, it was because the hypnotic spell worked well with her simple personality, but maybe the way he treated her had something to do with it as well. And then there’s Nagia.It took some time for him to fully understand her, but once he did show that he believed in her, all it took to cement their partnership was their affectionate love making.

「Hmm… well, first and foremost, I didn’t serve Lady Yueloi because I liked her on anything.」

「I understand that.」

The slavery system in this world doesn’t seem to be very binding, but it rather creates an atmosphere that one cannot resist it. The only reason slaves obey their master sis because, so to speak, 「even if they were to leave them, they have no guarantee that they will be able to find a better master for themselves」.

Even if they were to free themselves from slavery by some means, they would have no other choice but become slaves of other humans. Such a resignation only makes them serve their masters out of necessity, meaning that there is no loyalty between slaves and their masters at all.

「But you, Aur… no, Lord Aur, you were different form her. You treated the hostage Radico politely, and you even embraced demons such as us… and, well… having sex with you just felt so good…」

Counting every one of those things with her fingers, Folio’s voice grew more timid in the latter half.

「W-Well anyway! My point is that I think you’re going to be a much better master than Yueloi! T-That’s it, r-really.」

Saying it kinda shyly, Folio grabbed a hold of Aur’s glans.

「People here do not treat demons kindly, right?」

「Yes. Because to them, it’s something unheard of. Besides, all of the demons are slaves here. And since it is a crime to hurt the slaves that belong to someone else, there is almost no interaction between the slaves themselves.」

Nagia answered dexterously while licking Aur’s shaft with the tip off her tongue.

「So that is why all of you were virgins even though you’re beauties of the highest class, huh?」

Aur muttered to himself, but suddenly the three girls all fell silent.

「What’s wrong?」

「Are you a pervert, Aury?」

Radico asked him a rather frank question.

「Where did that even come from?」




The three women looked au him with doubtful eyes.

「Demons are far from being the same as humans, and yet…」

「Tails or wings are not exactly a normal kind of fetish either.」

「And doing it with someone as slippery as me? Even I would at least have my reservations about it.」

Aur had to seriously think about it for a moment.

「I am not a pervert.」

He quickly came up with the best possible answer and gave it to her.

「Back in the world I came from, such things are regarded as perfectly normal.」


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