Maou no Hajimekata Volume 3 Chapter 7 Part 5

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The destination of their transfer was a small room about 2 meters wide on each side.

「Are you okay, Aur?!」


Froro asked while clinging onto him, but to be honest, it was not okay at all. He was dizzy from the loss of magic power, and his body, which was forced to move more than he was used to with enhancement magic was hurting as if it was being torn apart. On top of that, his chest must have at least a few broken bones in the place that Bran struck. But as long as he was still able to move, there was no problems for him, so he just kept quiet about all of his injuries.

「The most important part is that you’re safe and sound.」

His worst-case scenario assumed that Froro has been killed shortly after being captured, but much to his relief it looks like she wasn’t harmed at all. Moreover, she received a haircut, her ragged clothes have been changed into a fine, luxurious attire, and overall she looked much healthier than she was before Bran captured her.

「Thank you, Au… hmmmpff….!」

Before she could thank him, he forcefully kissed her.

「Ehehe… Aur…」

That alone was enough to flip Froro’s switch instantly.

「I’ll do you with everything I have.」

「Everything you… have?」

Confused. Froro asks Aur, who hugs her and declares so with a whisper.

「Yes, as hard as I can.」

「… I understand. Hmm … Ah … Ah!」

As soon as she gave her approval, her chest was grabbed, causing her to scream in joy.

「Aur… your thing… I want it in my mouth…!」

「No. Be patient for now.」


With his fingers crawling between Froro’s legs, she easily climaxed with her tongue sticking out.

「I though you said… to be patient…」

「I did, but there’s no reason for you to forcefully hold yourself back.」


Taking a hold of Froro and pushing her against the wall, he shifts her underwear to the side and inserts himself into her without any prior warning.

「Aur… somehow… you’re different… than usual…!」

Froro said that, being a little scared of how forceful he has become.

「Different? How so?」

「More violent… and forceful…」

That was probably the case. I’m doing this for a reason, after all. He was aware that he was a little hasty, but he couldn’t help it. He had to regain the magic power he had lost.

「That is … probably it…」

However, Aur wandered whether that was the only reason.If you asked him, he also felt more excited than usual. Probably because he was just after the battle. After suffering serious injuries and almost being killed, his male primal instincts were at their highest now, so his sexual desire was similar to a destructive impulse, like boiling oil.

「Are you scared?」

「No. That side of you is actually kinda nice as well… ♡」

Froro threw more oil to the fire.

「Hyaaaahn!!! ♡」

She screamed loudly as Aur slammed himself into her with exceptional force.

「Ah! ♡ Au, r … ♡ No… ♡」

Froro twists herself in his arms to better accommodate the manhood sticking from between his robes, but to Aur, she just seemed to encourage him to invade her further.


Taking hold of her plump fruits from behind with both hands, his palms were instantly sucked into the soft skin, distorting in accordance with the way his fingers were moving. That, along with how rhythmically his hips were moving was enough forFroro’s body to lose power and make her feel like she was about to collapse on the spot.

「Haaahn… ♡ This position is… embarrassing … Ah! ♡」

Putting his arm under Froro’s thicc thigh, he pushed it up from below and held it firmly in place. It was a position that seemed to be good for the purpose of baby-making, but its biggest appeal lied in the ability to clearly see the penis going in and out of the vagina and the love juices which were spilling out of it, making the whole spectacle extremely lewd.

「Ahhh ♡ Yaaaahn, Aaaahhhhnnnnn!!! ♡」

After climaxing so many times Froro’s body no longer has any strength left in it, leaving Aur to do whatever he wanted with her. His fingers were all over her thigs and breasts, vividly distorting their soft, supple flesh.

「Au, r! ♡ *kiss* ♡ I want to do it! I want to do it !!♡ I want to have! ♡ Your baby in me! ♡ I want to make a baby!!!♡!」

Although her holes were used like toys, Froro begged for something like that. Aur should have told her that the mechanism of fertilization does not work like that, but it seems that Froro’s mind has completely shut down due to all the pleasure she was receiving.

While they were still connected with their genitals, Aur flipped her around.

「Ahn, muhh! ♡ *kiss* ♡ nnngh ♡ Au, r! ♡ Good! ♡ So good! ♡ fuaaahn ♡ N, nnghn!! ♡」

When their faces came closer to each other, they put their lips on top of each other and entwined their tongues. In response, Aur picked up Froro’s thighs and steadily knocked on her uterus with the tip of his dick.

「Nooo, Aur!!! ♡ I… I feel so strange! ♡ I, I am becoming… a perverted girl … ♡ hyahannn!!! ♡」

「Just let it go and become like that! Be honest with yourself!」

While pressing Froro’s back against the wall, he grabbed the generous breasts with both hands and pressed them together.

「Ah! ♡ Amazing! ♡ Aur! ♡ Nice! ♡ So goohddd!!! ♡」

While thrusting roughly, he grabbed her breasts with enough force to leave finger marks on them.Her love juice drips from the slit that has been pierced by his meat pole, spilling in even bigger quantities when he started to nibble on her nipples with his teeth.

「Ahhh!! ♡」

Froro was being assaulted by the stimulation that bordered on the line between pleasure and pain. Aur mercilessly attacked her breasts in a position that made it impossible for her to hide them from him even if she wanted.

「Ah ♡ My boobs ♡ Feeling so good!!! ♡」

When the tips was strongly pinched with his fingers and twisted up, Froro tightened her pussy while raising a voice of joy.

「Cumming… soon!」

「Yes! Yes, please ♡! Come inside me ♡!」

The usually quiet, neat and clean girl has completely transformed into a cum-hungry slut. While pulling on her nipples, Aur also reaches his climax, pushing himself as far as possible.

「Hyiiii♡ ah, ah, ah,ah, it’s coming……♡ Aur’s hot stuff♡ it’s pouring, flowing right into meeeee!!!♡」

Froro stretched out her legs as Aur’s milky-whiteness splashed against her uterus with great force. Aur does not stop his movements, slapping his hips against her abdomen over and over again.

「Haaa♡ uuuu♡ coming♡ still ♡ comiiing♡ so much♡ ahhhh♡ Aurrrrrr!!!♡」

Froro hugged Aur with both hands and feet as if to stop his further movements, and put her lips on top of his.However, all she managed to achieve with that action was inviting Aur’s cock deeper into herself.

「~~~~~~~~~~ ♡♡♡♡♡」

Their lips were enclosed, their skin was on top of one another and his semen was spilling inside of her, burning Froro’s mind with an intense feeling of pleasure. Her whole body cramped, and her field of vision blanked. And when everything before her eyes was finally dyed pure white, she lost consciousness.

*          *          *

「Huh… Aur?」

「You’re up already? Good.」

When Froro woke up, Aur was carrying her on his back.


「I’m glad you’ve regained consciousness so fast. It’s only been a few minutes since you fainted.」

Aur seemed to be working on something, because he was crouching down and she could hear the rattling sound of metal rubbing against metal.

「What are you doing?」

「I have run out of all of my magical power. Now, I am no expert when it comes to this, but I should still remember a thing or two about how to do this…」

Aur was holding two short metal rods. Froro remembered that she has seen something like that, before, and quite recently at that. Those were earpicks.

「What are you doing with those earpicks?」

「I’m using them because I didn’t have any better tools on hand, but contrary to what I was worrying about, they are not half bad. At this rate, I should be able to… there, opened it.」

With a clicking sound, the wall in front of Aur moved. Except it wasn’t a wall, but a door. Aur has inserted the two earpicks into the lock on the door. He opened the door with something that she never would have thought would serve as a replacement for the keys. Now she wanted to know what exactly did he do to open them in such a way.

「Uh, Aur, I can walk on my own just fine.」

「I see.」

Before they went through the door, Froro got off of Aur’s back. He was impressed that she could stand on her own two feet without showing any signs of fluttering.

「You really are tough. You must have been doing your best in that short time we were separated.」

「Eh? Ah, y-yes, you’re right. But… it was really, comfortable…♡」

「Yeah, I’m sure it was.」

Perhaps she remembered what happened before she fainted, when her switch was turned on. Holding her chest tightly, he lightly patted her head, glad that she has come to her senses.

「The output of you magic power was hundred or two hundred times of its usual amount. If you were continued to be violated with such sensitivity in that state…」

Aur opened the door and pointed to what was beyond it.

「… Then naturally you would have ended up like that.」

Bran was there, lying on the floor.


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