Maou no Hajimekata Volume 3 Epilogue

Maou no Hajimekata Volume 3 Chapter 7 Part 6

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「Lady Bran?!」

Yueloi couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Bran walking side by side with Froro and Aur. There was only one thing such a development could be pointing to.


When he saw that Yueloi was all tied up, he couldn’t help it but to release a voice of admiration.

「I take it you won then?」

「Of course.」

Sarnak replied with a short but proud answer. According to Aur’s estimates, the chances of him actually beating Yueloi were about 30%. But even if he lost to her, it wouldn’t change much, because his plan only required him to buy enough time for Aur to face Bran. After all, if there was ever something his defensive abilities could be used for, it certainly was buying time. Of course, there was nothing wrong with his victory either. Moreover, Aur’s opinion about him raise by a little bit.

「Are you unharmed, Lord Aur?!」

Nagia immediately rushed to his side when she noticed that his robe was all burned and destroyed.

「Nothing to worry about. All of my wounds will be healed when I replenish my magical power and rest for a little bit.」

Because both his robe and his body are equipped with the auto-healing function.

「So that means you’ll have to replenish it again, right, Lord Aur?!」

「Mating?! Are we going to mate again?!」

Folio and Radico both grabbed Aur’s arms, looking extremely happy.

「Folio! You goddamn traitor! Are you really going to backstab me too?!」

「No, not at all. I just couldn’t win, and that’s the result of it. So sorry, Lady Yueloi.」

Folio replied lightly to Yueloi, who looked like she was about to set everything around her on fire with the power of her rage alone.

「Why you little…!!! And you have the audacity to talk back to me like that?!」

「Bran, can you do something to persuade her?」

「Understood, princess.」

With that, Bran proceeded to drag the screaming Yueloi away.

「Go easy on her, alright?」

Looking at the situation, Folio laughed. Looks like getting her used to the current situation is going to take some time and effort.

「Nagia, I want to return all the borrowed Skills to their rightful owners, so can you please extract them out of me?」

「Wouldn’t it be better if you kept 『Iron Arm』 for yourself? Radi has her 『Silver Arm』 after all.」

Folio suggested, looking at Nagia who was in the middle of extracting the Skill Crystals out of Aur’s chest.

「No, there’s no need for that, since I am clearly not compatible with that Skill. Also…」

Aur stared at the extracted Crystals. Each of them had a different color and shape, so if you are familiar with them, you could predict what kind of Skills they were just by looking at them.

「Having a low-level Skills is not necessarily so bad.」

「You think so?」

「I’m not really sure.」 He replied to Folio, who tilted her head.

「Well if you say so, Lord Aur… Radi, catch.」


Folio took the 『Iron Arm』 Crystal and threw it towards Radico, who immediately caught it with her mouth and swallowed it.

「You know, it would be great if we managed to get our hands on 「A Skill to evolve Skills」.」

Folio sighed deeply. After all, the rumor that Bran possessed it turned out to be nothing more than that, just a baseless rumor. In the same way, Radico’s 『Silver Arm』 did not strengthen her 『Iron Arm』, butwas treated as an entirely separate Skill.

「If you ever happen upon something like that, be sure to inform me right away, alright, Lord Aur?」

「I’ll be sure to remember about that.」

Aur nodded without asking her for her reasons. Having such an ability on their side would certainly be useful, but something was telling him that Folio didn’t want it for such simple reasons. He could see it clearly in her eyes.

「All right then. It looks like Lady Bran already secured a room for herself, so I will not do the same for everyone else. Lady Folio, Lady Radico, Lord Sarnak, may I ask you to help me with that?」

「Huh? Why would I do something like that?」

「Because we could really use some strong male hands. Also, you’d just be intruding, so…」

「Hey, what was that supposed to mean?! Hey, Don’t push me like that…!!!」

「I’ll help as well! It will be fun!」

Everyone left the room, leaving Froro alone with Aur. She sat next to him and laughed.

「How are your injuries, Aur?」

「My magic power has been fully replenished already. The rest is just some small wound that will disappear after a bit of rest.」

Despite his answer, Aur frowned when she reminded him of that. After all, with how little magical power was in the air here, using even the simplest spell to stop the pain would be a waste of precious resources. Thinking about it, it was a first time in many years, or maybe even decades when he was forced to save up energy like that.

「I’m glad you came to help me.」

「Just like you did for me when I first got here.」

「That was… because you were in a state where you couldn’t even get up on your own.」

She leaned her head against his shoulder.

「Hey, Aur. Mind if I ask you something?」

Aur did not answer, but Froro took his silence for a 「yes」.

「Why do you help me?」

「Isn’t it natural for a husband to help his wife?」

「You’re just copying what I said, aren’t you?」

Aur was surprised that she was aware of it.

「Before I offered myself to you, I mean. You decided to help me before I proposed that to you, right?」

「……I see.」

It seems that he needs to reevaluate his opinion of Froro. She seems to be smarter than he expected.

「Did you offer yourself to me while knowing it?」

「I thought it might be the case, and so decided to give it a shot.」

It required a great courage and determination of her, especially if she made a mistake or miscalculated her chances. Aur thinks she might really make a good ruler one day.

「Tell me. Why did you help me?」

「I don’t really mind …  but why do you want to hear that now?」

It was a pure question. If Aur had a hidden purpose, she needed to know if it would get in her way. She needed to have an answer.

「There is no particular reason.」

Was there rally, or was he just trying to play dumb, Froro thought with an incomprehensible expression.

「But I want to know who the person I love is. I don’t know anything about you, Aur.」

However, he just frowned at her words.

「Hey, what’s with that face?! And after I made an embarrassing confession like that!」

「No, its nothing……」

She might think its strange, or awkward, but that does not matter now.

「… Because you are aiming to become the Demon Lord.」

「What do you mean?」

Froro tilted her head at Aur’s words.

「Isn’t it because you fell in love with me at first sight, or you felt sorry foe me, or because I resembled your lover from your previous world?」

「Was there ever such a reason?」

「Then why?」

While wondering where did such funny ideas came from, Aur continued.

「Back in my original world, I am called the Demon Lord as well. That’s why.」

「For such a reason?」

Froro blinked a few times. The connection of being called the Demon Lord. It’s true that Froro first helped Aur because she thought they were in similar situations. But she never expected him to be helping her out of such a sweet, pure-hearted reason.

「No, please wait a second!」

Froro looked as if she suddenly realized something.

「Aur, you are called the Demon Lord?!」

「Yes, I suppose I am.」

Froro’s eyes widened a little, but she just nodded in agreement.

He does not discriminate any race, since he had sex with both Froro and Nagia, a feat truly worthy of the title of the one who controls all demons. Even though he is just a human, he seems to be more suitable for that role than anyone else will ever be, Froro thought to herself.


「That, I do not know.」

Froro asked him, but he just shook his head.

「Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it’s just too unnatural. I think I might just find the key to if I go back to my original world. That is why I decided to help you.」

Demon Lord.

Two words that came from a world with a completely different language system.

The words referring to that title in the language of this world were the only ones that had exactly the same meaning as the words from his old world.

To be continued in Volume 3 Part 2



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