Side Chapter 1: Let’s insult those who wish to be the King – Part 1


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「You, beast!」

The moment he entered the room he heard the scream of the queen as she charged at him with a dagger in her hand.

Continuously stabbing him in the chest and abdomen, she was breathing heavily when Aur called out to her.

「Are you satisfied?」

He did not even appear to be wounded and there wasn’t a single trace of blood from where she stabbed him.

「You monster…..」

The queen realizing that it was futile to continue stabbing him, dropped her dagger and hung her head down giving up. Although it was regrettable for her, what Aur showed her just then wasn’t his usual show of immortality but a basic magic trick. If she knew anything about magic, she would realize that this was a basic illusion spell.

There were two people behind the queen, it was the two princess’s and they were similarly throwing gazes of hatred at Aur. The former queen Olivia was now 32 years old. Her daughters Patricia and Priscilla are 16 and 12 respectively. Neither of the women were inferior to each other in terms of their beauty, they were both very attractive girls.

The three of them had the same exact blonde colored hair and blue eyes. It was like looking at the same woman in different stages of her life. Priscilla still had an innocent face and resembled a tightly sealed flower bud. Her hands and feet were thin and the swelling of her chest was also quite meagre. Instead, there was this peculiar charm to her, she was like a little child that was fascinated by everything around her.

In contrast to that, Patricia was like a lovely flower that was ready to bloom. Her body had a roundness to its shape, both her breasts and her hips were moderately curved but it was clearly being pushed up by her clothes. She was protecting Priscilla behind her back, even though her face was evidently cramped due to fear, her well-featured eyebrows were lifted up as she courageously stared at Aur with a glare.

If Priscilla is a bud and Patricia is a blooming flower, then Olivia can be compared to a bouquet of ripe flowers. Her voluptuous figure was tightly bound up by her clothes and there were not many mature females that could match her allure and beauty. This is to say that she already gave birth to two children, yet her body did not droop anywhere and she continued to maintain her exquisite body proportions.

「First off, there is something I want to say.」

Seeing the three beautiful women in front of him, he could not help but to instinctively gulp down.

「I am sorry. Even though what I have done was necessary, I still killed your father and for that I apologize.」

The Demon King deeply lowered his head and apologized.

「……Rather than apologizing, I would rather you return our father to us!」

「That cannot be done. Because what I did was a necessity.」

Patricia was shouting out sorrowfully and Aur answered her back decisively.

「This country was rotting. No, even now it is still continuing to rot. However, it has not died yet. In order to let the country live, it was necessary to kill the King.」

Aur continued.

「The former King was your husband and your father. Therefore, I came to apologize. What I needed to kill was the King and not your father.」

Hearing his words, the young Priscilla burst into tears.

「Are you implying that Carus was unfit as the King?」

「Do you think he was competent?」

Asking her the question in return, Olivia kept silent. It was obvious that the Demon King did not have intentions to improve this country. But the fact that her late husband was not a wise ruler was something that she knew better than anyone.

「Allow me to ask you instead. Was Carus a good husband?」

「……Of course.」

Intently maintaining her overpowering glare towards Aur, Olivia answers him firmly.


Aur lets out a happy voice and impudently grabs on to Olivia’s breast.

When she tries to brush him off, she finally realized that she could not move her own body, let alone speak. Needlessly to say, she was already under Aur’s spell.

However, the fact of the matter was not portrayed clearly to her daughters that were behind her.


Seeing her mother getting her breasts touched so openly, Patricia let out an uneasy voice.


「Even if it is possible for you tell lies with your mouth, it is not the same with your body is it?」

Olivia’s dress was not enough to be called vulgar and yet it was still elegant enough even though it showed her ample cleavage line. Aur placed his finger on her dress and pulled it down in one go.

*Burun* a bouncing sound resounds as her two abundant and ripe breasts shake and reveal itself. This might just be even larger than Lilu’s, Aur was clearly admiring them. Olivia’s mounds were shaped roundly like a splendid temple bell and even taking into consideration her age and size, her luscious hills hardly drooped.

Using both of his hands to grab on to them, Aur massaged her tits in accordance to his desires as he continued to speak.

「You are telling me that you have such a splendid body and yet, Carus barely pays any attention to you? Just how many years has it been since you were last embraced?」

Although Olivia was currently in a state where she could not speak, she was at a loss for words after hearing Aur speak anyhow. Indeed, it has been quite a long time since Carus had taken her to bed and made love to her, this was something that occurred when she was still 20 years of age. Reaching the prime of her womanhood, she was not even capable of protecting her own virtue from a man and her own body was already beyond her control.

「Meanwhile, the person in question constantly enjoys being surrounded by his harem of women in the inner palace. Neglecting such a beautiful wife like you…… Even then, are you still going to say that he was a good husband?」

Even so, this was something that was to be expected. The most important thing to Carus who was a King was that a heir is produced to continue his line. Olivia gave birth to two daughters consecutively and she was determined to be a woman that would only continue to give birth to girls, therefore, after giving birth to Priscilla she was never called into the bedroom again.

「Indeed a King may need to consider such things. However, in regards to whether he was competent as a King is something that only historians and the populace of the country has a right to decide. In saying this, how was he truly as a husband and as a father? Did Carus really provide any careful consideration towards you girls? Did he love you and pay attention to your needs?」

Hitting it right on the nail, Patricia could only look down. Carus longed after his heir and after finally achieving his goal, his daughters were given little attention if any. Figuria being a small country that is enclosed by the large country of Grandiera and the Religious country of Rafanis, it was very important that a heir existed.

However, wasn’t this something completely different from the love of a father? Having Aur clearly divide what it meant to be a King and a father, Patricia thought about it for the first time.

「How do you feel, Olivia? Being groped by a man after such a long period of time?」

Due to Aur’s skillful finger rubbing techniques, Olivia’s cheeks flushed and her body was gradually aching for the embrace of a man.

「Why don’t you speak frankly. About what you think of your Carus, as a King, as a husband and as a father….」


Patricia takes the dagger on the floor and swings down towards Aur’s arm. Because of how slender and thin her arms was, she was not able to sever past Aur’s bone and it merely dug into his arms, but this was no longer any sort of illusion and it was Aur’s true body that got damaged.

In his own mind, Aur was quite impressed at the strength of her mind to resist him, but without even faltering his expression, he grabbed the sword and took it away from Patricia. Along with the fact that the wound in his arm healed, he lost focus of Olivia and her body became free.

However, even though she managed to regain her freedom, all she could do was closely embrace Patricia to protect her, from what (seemed to her) as a very angry Aur.

「Please………. Please forgive her.」

Just by previously experiencing the fact that she lost total control of her bodily functions to the level that she was unable to even speak a single word, Olivia’s mind had a seed of fear implanted deep within her. Even though she was trembling, she was still able to firmly embrace Patricia as she begged Aur to forgive her.

「Fine then. Depending on your attitude towards me, I may be able to let your two daughters live. ………However, you need to show the appropriate amount of sincerity.」

Even if he said so himself, the words he just spoke was so cliché that he breathed out a sigh. Yet, the mother and daughter pair could only continue to tremble their bodies. They understood the meaning of his words. The only one who could not understand his intention was Priscilla who could only remain teary-eyed as she blankly stared at the scene in front of her.

「……I understand…. Aur…..sama…. Then, please come to my bedroom….」

「That is not necessary.」

Aur grips on to Olivia’s arm bringing her to one of the vacant rooms with a bed in the back and threw her down towards it.

「You girls stay there and watch. 『You are forbidden to move and to talk.』」

Looking at her two daughters behind him, he imbues his words with magical power and commands them. These two princesses were pampered and raised within the Royal Palace, they did not even know how to use magic and most certainly never had it cast on them before, but now they were not even able to glance away from their mother nor were they able to speak a word of complaint.

「Noo…… Nooo!」

「Well then, is that your true feelings?」

About to be violated in front of her own daughters her face was cramped with horror, Olivia continued to violently resist but Aur holds down her body and lifts up her skirt.

「…..What is this….?」

Crawling his fingers into her secret garden that was concealed by her undergarments, Aur purposefully raised an amazed sounding voice. If she was wet from the caress she received from him just moments ago, Aur was planning on commenting on this fact to corner her. However, even beyond Aur’s expectations, her underwear was already sopping wet flowing like a flood, completely soaking her underwear staining it.

「No matter how I think about it, isn’t this way to wet….? Well, whatever. If you are already this wet, there is no need for me to continue with foreplay.」

Whilst continuing to suppress the body of Olivia who was still shaking her neck saying “Noo, Noo”, he stripped off her underwear and after taking out his thing, he plunged it into her in a dash.


Olivia raised a high pitched voice. Her tone of voice was definitely mixed with her feeling pleasure and after being even more amazed, Aur’s movements became even stronger. At first he instilled fear into her heart, but then he gradually provided her with pleasure making her submit herself to him. Although this was the same method he used against Sharl, the fact that she would feel so much pleasure from the get go was outside of his expectations.

「How does it feel to taste another man after such a long time? It would seem that your body is rejoicing?」

「Noo, you can’tt…..」

She was refusing him meekly, but it was already obvious from her expression that she was melting from the pleasure. Even her vagina was strangling Aur’s cock with diligence in order to not let go it. He was amazed at how lewd she was but Aur decided to use it to his benefit.

「If you become my thing…. I can provide you with this pleasure as much as you desire. You are beautiful. Only a fool would not embrace such a beautiful woman like you.」

Aur immediately rephrased the last part of his words towards her. That’s because he thought that she may really request his presence every single day.

「U, uu….. Noo, I can’t…… that kind of….. thing…. I can’t be unfaithful to my husband….」

Even though her body was writhing in the agony of desiring more, Olivia answered like so. For her to feel this much pleasure and still be able to say such a thing was truly commendable, however, the fact that she was hesitating so much in the face of the supposed man who was her husband’s enemy was evidence that she was gradually falling.

「What an unusual thing you say. Isn’t it Carus the one who first betrayed you?」

While grinding his hips against Olivia, Aur asked her a question. Like he struck some sort of bell, Olivia raised a high voice, she was also squeezing her vagina as she grinded herself against Aur. She may well have an obscene body that could rival Lilu and this fact was seemingly transmitted to Aur via his instincts.

If he dealt with her poorly, she may well become the most troublesome woman in his group. While a feeling of pleasure crawled up his spine, Aur started to refocus his attention.

「Even though you have such a wonderful body, Carus completely neglected you and embraced the other women instead, isn’t he the one who has betrayed you?」

「H-However, that was all done in his obligation as the King….」

Olivia easily runs into the predetermined escape path created for her by Aur.

「As for me, I do not mind it no matter how many girls you give birth to.」

Aur spoke in his most gentle tone to finish it all off.


「You have already confirmed yourself that this body of mine does not die, right? In other words, I have no need to produce a heir. You only have to dedicate your beautiful body to me, I do not discriminate whether you give birth to a male or a female child. I will also make sure to teach your two daughters, the pleasures of being my woman. I will also allow them to give birth and as the princess of this country, I will allow the prince to continue Carus’s bloodline. Simply put, you will not be unfaithful to your husband. In fact, you will be praised for the fact that you have been able to continue the blood line of the Royal family for the next generation.」

His devilish words which were not recognized by Olivia up until this point suddenly entered the inner recesses of her mind and enlivened her core.

Aur’s words were being whispered into her; corrupting her mind like an extraordinary poison.

「I don’t have any intention of keeping Carus’s child that the concubines in his harem gave birth to in my Royal Palace. The only one that will continue the blood line are your children.」

It was a wonderfully, sweet poison. She was born with a beauty that everyone envied, at the age of 14 she was already set up as the King’s lawful wife. Continuing to behave modestly and elegantly, she was always aware of keeping the values of a woman intact.

However, she lost everything the moment that she was not able to give birth to a boy on her second pregnancy. Being pushed to live in the inner palace, she was supposed to be a brilliant 20-year-old woman but she was forced to live a tedious life day by day. Being made fun of for the fact that she was unable to bear a heir, she was not even considered a woman by her own husband and she was forced to live a colorless life. Her pride was beat up and shattered into pieces.

Even so, she had never hated her own beloved daughters. Her hatred was only turned towards the man that did this to her and the male dominated society. “If he liked males so much, why didn’t he just have sex with another male”, this was something she thought about more than once. Her life as a woman had been denied up to this point, but it was now being fully accepted by Aur.

「Yes…. Aur-sama. Please use me as you wish, please let me conceive a lot of Aur-sama’s children.」

Shedding her tears, Olivia gulped down the poison presented to her.



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