Side Chapter 1: Let’s insult those who wish to be the King – Part 2


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「Now then Patty, come over here. Let’s receive Aur-sama’s love together.」

Even though she was saying “noo, noo” Patricia’s feet was approaching the bed one step at a time. Obviously her mother had lost her senses and even though she was being called with the usual gentle voice she normally heard from her mother, she was still struck with fear.

Seeing how scared this girl was as she approached him, Aur was thinking of another method. It would be simple to make her addicted to sex by using magic or even hypnotism like he did on her mother, but that would be too simple and boring.

「Come here dear, You need to accept Aur-sama’s stout penis and offer your special spot to him. It might hurt a little at first, but it will soon feel incredibly good.」

Olivia embraced Patricia closely from behind and spread out her daughter’s legs for Aur. A simple and lovely undergarment appeared in front of Aur, Patricia’s face cramps up.

Seeing her appearance, Aur thought of an idea. If its Olivia’s daughter, she may be able to do it.

「Do you not wish to be embraced by me?」

「Is…. Isn’t it obvious?!」

Realizing that she could speak, Patricia yells out her answer with conviction.

「In that case, let’s have a bet shall we?」

Using his magic Aur obtained a candle and snaps his finger. Puff, the candlestick lights up with fire and he places it on the night table.

「This candle will burn out in approximately 30 Minutes. I won’t use anything but my finger, furthermore I will not touch your intimate place. With these conditions and by the time the candle goes out, if I can make you willingly say “violate me” then it will be my victory. If you can endure it, it will be your victory.」

「…..Fine. I will take you up on that offer.」

Patricia answers decisively. Even though it may just be his fingers, she loathed this man to the core of her being and didn’t want him touching her. However, if she didn’t take him up on his deal, it was likely that she would have been raped then and there. This man believes in the skill of his fingers, but no matter what kind of pleasure she experiences, she was convinced that she was never going to utter those words.

「However, I have my own conditions. When I win, you will liberate my younger sister Priscilla and my mother. Moreover, you need to solve whatever suspicious magic spell you cast on them. Is that fine with you?」

「Very well. Olivia, you go over there.」

He nods in a composed manner and agrees to her terms. Olivia reluctantly moves and gets off the bed.

「I will make a prophecy. You will willingly take my thing inside of you.」

「That will not happen…… You seem to be very confident with yourself aren’t you? Do you have some sort of trick planned?」

Immediately denying his words, Patricia kept her cool and asked him a question in return. The fire has already been lit on the candle. If she continued to drag on the conversation, she realized that it will reduce the time Aur had to torment her.

「There isn’t really anything I would call a trick or secret. Even though I may look like this, I have piled up experience way above my expected age. You could call it an old-man’s wisdom.」

「More like you are a perverted grandpa.」

Patricia says this and perhaps Aur found it discomforting to be treated like an old grandpa so his face frowned slightly.

「So in truth, how old are you?」

「Well, I haven’t really been keeping exact count….. But, you could say that I am well above 80 years of age.」


Patricia became speechless. Even though she sarcastically said that he was a perverted grandpa, she thought he would be around 30 years of age or at a maximum 40. This went beyond just looking young.

「What’s with that. Are you saying that you are immortal?」

「Well, you could say that. In saying that, it does not mean that I will live on infinitely. There is a limit to how much you can rejuvenate yourself to look youthful. The more time that passes, the required magical energy to support the spell will increase exponentially.」

「How many years can you live up to?」

Patricia questioned him in the hopes that it would not be very long. If Aur’s reign was going to end within around 10 years, then there would still be hope for the future of this country.

「A magician that is first class will be able to extend his life for several decades. Even for someone like me, I can only extend my life a couple of hundred years at best. I will not reach the age of 1000.」

And hearing the answer, Patricia became depressed and she patted her own cheeks to liven herself up. Perhaps it was because the candle was lit next to her since a while ago, but she felt strangely hot somehow.

「Now then, shall we begin?」

Having talked to each other for quite the long period, the candle was already at half it’s length. With this victory for her has been secured. Patricia was convinced at her own victory. Now she only needed to hold herself back from even speaking. Even though the condition for her defeat was a specific set of words, she also did not want to let him hear her pant.

Just like some sort of knife, Aur’s finger tears up Patricia’s clothes. Without even causing a scratch on her body, Patricia was completely naked before long.


「I’ve only used my finger.」

Aur puts up his index finger and shows it to Patricia. And then he uses his finger in that state and presses it against her modest breasts and her tapered nipples.


The finger that easily cut up her clothes… Thinking that it may hurt her, she concentrated at the place that was touched and an unexpected sensation tingled all throughout her body as Patricia raised a high pitched voice.

「What, was that….?」

Never feeling anything like it, Patricia was both frightened and puzzled.

「It would seem that you are already quite aroused. You are so tense like this.」

Aur slowly pinched her nipples.


With just that Patricia’s body arched backwards. Before she knew it, her whole body was burning hot and she was breathing roughly.

「What did, you do….?」

「Nothing. It’s just that the sensitivity of your body is good. As expected of Olivia’s daughter.」

「Don’t badmouth my Mothe…….Hyaaaah!!」

Her eyebrows were lifted and she was about to answer back, but being played around with by the pleasure Aur sent to her body, she was unable to even reply in anger.

「I’m not saying it in a bad way. I am praising you. For a virgin to become this disordered is very rare. As expected of someone who possesses the blood of royalty.」

「Fuaaah, N-Noo you can’t do both….of them Ahhh」

Poking both of her breasts with his fingers, he caressed her lovingly and she was starting to lose her sense of reason.

「How is it? Have you begun desiring for my thing?」

「W-Who would ever……Fuahhhh!」

Even though she tries to answer back courageously, Patricia’s gaze was nailed down to penis he thrust out. It was dark red and covered with Olivia’s love juices, the twitching and throbbing of his cock was the most indecent thing about it.

Even though it looked grotesque, she felt like it also looked very powerful and stout, Patricia instinctively swallows down her saliva.

Her crotch was already sopping wet and her body was ready to take him in. However, she was suppressing herself from saying the words, with her willpower of iron.

「Why don’t you try saying it? Even if you say it now, it won’t be considered your defeat, nor will I violate you. This is just practice. When you want to admit your defeat later, but you didn’t say it, wouldn’t that be troubling? “Please violate me”, just try saying those words.」


Her thoughts were getting disordered by the pleasure, Patricia was reflexively acting as if she was listening to his orders.

However, the moment she said the word “Vio” she realized that she couldn’t say the next set of words and was in shock.

「….! ……Uhn!」

No matter how much she wanted to say the words, they just wouldn’t come out. Patricia became desperate as she tried to speak the words. However, no matter how much she tried she couldn’t say the words.

「Fumu….. It seems that you are quite the strong willed girl.」

Glancing at the candle, Aur muttered out these words. The candle barely had much time left. If things went on as they did, it would end up being Patricia’s victory. ……..Noticing that fact, she was shocked.

I will win? Just like this? Even though my body is craving it so much?

Her whole body was flushing hot, she wanted to be violated right now. She was about to go mad just from the pleasure. Aur abruptly withdraws his hands and stops caressing her body. When he did this, her cravings became even more amplified. Almost like her body felt an itch that needed to be scratched, her crotch ached, she couldn’t hold back any longer.


Even though she desired it so much, the words “Violate” would not leave her mouth. She wanted to be violated. She wanted to be poked by his member and ravished. Because she couldn’t speak, this only served to fuel her desires even more.

「Is it time? It would seem that the bet has ended in your win.」

The candle’s fire stopped burning and disappeared. However, she no longer cared about such things. Her flames of passion burned brightly, Patricia could no longer think about anything other than getting violated by Aur. Nevertheless, her voice would not come out. She finally embraced Aur herself and offered her sacred garden to him.


A voice of great delight passes through her throat. Feeling like she was finally able to scratch her itch, she felt extremely wonderful. Though the proof of her virginity flows between her crotch, rather than saying it was painful, the amount of pleasure she felt was much stronger.

「You’ve won your wager, so there is no need for you to get violated you know?」

「It’s so good, that kind of thing doesn’t matter anymore….. I don’t care!」

Patricia places her arms around Aur’s neck and earnestly started to move her waist. Whenever he thrust into her, her mind would go numb and this sweet electrifying sensation would jolt throughout her body like lightning. She had never tasted such pleasure since she was born and she deeply and innocently coveted more of it.

「As expected you really are Olivia’s daughter aren’t you? Perhaps it was unnecessary to even use the aphrodisiac.」

Taking a glance at the candle, Aur mutters. However, his words no longer reached Patricia’s ears.

「Ahh, Ahhhhhh, noo I can’t take it anymoreeeeee~~~~!」

Patricia reaches her climax and moving in rhythm with how she arches her back, Aur thrusts deeply into her as he lets out his semen inside of her. The person in question said herself that “None of it mattered” so obviously, the deal he made with her moments ago was totally nullified.

Now then, what shall I do with the last girl? Aur glances at her, but her mother had already tampered with her secret garden, and Priscilla’s expression was already completely melted.

「Aur-sama, all the preparations have been completed.」

Olivia smiles bewitchingly at him and Aur became even more amazed at her. What an inconceivably lewd mother and daughter combo.

「Aur-samaa, moree, more deeper, please show me your affection….. please allow me to give birth to your imperial children……!」

「Aur, sama…! Mee too, please pour your sperm into me! I want to give birth to a child….. that is the same age as Mother’s babyyy ohhh!」

「Aur-samaa, Rishii too, please allow me to give birth to plenty of babies…… I also want to give birth together with Mother and Big Sisterrr!」

The three girls looked just like each other, they were vying for his affections and shaking their white ass, wishing for Aur’s semen.

「Yeah. I will make sure you conceive my child. I will make you give birth to daughters and I will also make those daughters conceive. And then, I will make sure Carus’s bloodline fills this earth throughout all eternity.」

「Ahh…. Wonderful.」

Olivia breathes deeply and mutters as if she was entranced. As a reward, Aur pulls out his cock from Patricia and pierces Olivia with it.

「Ahhh, Aur-sama, you’re so wonderful…. Please show me the joys of being a woman… Ahhn, please teach me moree……」

Shaking her ass and breasts seductively, Olivia was panting.

「Ahn, Aur-sama, you can’t pull it outt……. If you want to leave father’s bloodline here, you need to make me pregnant……. If it’s with mother, his blood line won’t be passed down right?」

Patricia turns to look over her should with a pout on her face entangling her body with Aur’s.

「Aur-sama, Rishi also…… Because I am four years younger than Elder Sister, I can conceive four more babies than her. Therefore, please let it out more inside of mee.」

Priscilla crawls her small body next to him and she starts to lick Olivia’s vagina that was leaking Aur’s semen out of it.

「You needn’t worry, I will make you all pregnant without fail. Come, line up your asses.」

Reacting to his words, they raised flirtatious voices and the two daughters lined up next to Olivia and thrust out their hips. Aur sequentially pours his semen into the three beauties and proceeded to have them service him altogether and paste his cloudy liquid and defile their pretty faces.

Seeing the rapt expression of ecstasy in each of the women, Aur breathes out. After 10 months and 10 days, these women will probably give birth to an energetic baby. If they gave birth to his children, it will no longer be possible for those who want to make use of their name to rise against Aur.

If a child with both Carus and Aur’s blood was to be born, Aur’s position as the king would become solidified. When that time arrives, all forms of revolt that were budding can be plucked from the roots.

It was quite troublesome for him to rule over men. It was much easier to deal with the demons within his dungeon. Just as he was thinking about how warm and bright the royal palace was and how dark and cold the underground dungeon was, something warm wrapped around his cock.

「My lord, if you don’t pour more of it inside of me, I won’t be able to bear your baby.」

When he looked down, Olivia was holding his thing in her mouth again.

「No, a magician’s prediction is very accurate. A baby is most definitely, inside of your belly….」

「It’s not fair if you only pay attention to Mother. I also want to be make love with Aur-sama more.」

Interrupting Aur’s sentence, Patricia clings to him.

「Yaah, Rishi also wants moree~!」

Priscilla complains as she pulls on Aur’s arm with a jerk.

Within the Royal Palace, he could not access the magic energy in his dungeon core. Yunis and Lilu were also in the Dungeon. Mana is what makes up the insides of Aur’s body. It won’t do if he exhausts his supply. In other words, from here on out, he needed to use his own physical stamina.

These girls, were perhaps succubus’s appearing in a human’s form…..

The Royal women who were lined up on his bed made the Demon King shiver.



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