Maou no Hajimekata Side Story Chapter 3: Let’s Prepare for the Final Battle Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


「 Have you finished your preparations, everyone? 」

To Aur’s question, Lilu, Yunis and Spina nodded obediently.

「 This is probably going to be the last battle, so let us enjoy it to the fullest. 」

Answering his quiet declaration, the girls gathered around him.

They were now in an enormous hall which was made by connecting several rooms. All of Aur’s mistresses were gathered there.

Aside from the three mentioned above, these were all women whom he had included into the ranks of his underlings: Mary, Ellen and Mio, Nadja, Sharl, Wikia and the members of Faro’s group of adventurers. Positioned behind there was a group of shrewd gnome merchants. Further behind them was Olivia, the former queen of Figlia, together with her two beautiful daughters, Patricia and Priscilla, whom he had disgraced and humiliated in front of their own subjects, and behind them stood the depressed looking girls from the village which was made into a sacrifice. Other than them there were also harpies who enjoyed eating above all else, succubi similar to Lilu and other members of the demon kind and the beautiful ladies from the White Alv forest ruled by Celes, rumored to not only being exquisitely beautiful, but also hard working.

The total number of people gathered exceeded one hundred. Since it has been some time since he was present in front of such a big group of followers, Aur decided to meet them not through a substitute of himself, but in person.

「 Well then, allow me to go first. Aur, you like breasts, right? 」

「 I won’t lose when it comes to size! 」

Lilu and Olivia freed their rich breasts from the shackles of their clothing, exposing them for Aur to see. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It was perfectly normal for the owners of such magnificent busts to fight among themselves for the affection of their beloved master.

「 It matters not to me whether they are big or not, but… 」

Surrounded on both sides by the ripe fruits of his mistresses, Aur took one of them into each of his hands. Lilu’s breasts were in the shape of a tear with stiff, rock-hard, nipples protruding from them. Despite their enormous volume, they weren’t sagging at all, standing stiff and proud, bending slightly upwards as if they wanted to defy gravity itself. Their tips were the color of cherry blossoms, looking tastily stiff, as if they were inviting Aur to take a bite of them.

Meanwhile Olivia’s breasts had a splendid bell shape which could made you question whether or not did she already gave birth to two children. In terms of sheer size, her breasts could easily rival Lilu’s. She truly was a worthy opponent for a succubus. On the contrary, her nipples were somewhat bigger brownish in color, but it only served as an amplifier to her charm. When he sucked on them, fresh, sweet milk started to overflow.

For the two of them, not only the size, but also the taste and softness were truly a first grade.

「 Truly, they are both splendid. 」

「 Ahh~~ There is no greater pleasure for me than to receive such a praise from you, Lord Aur. 」

「 Ehehe~~ .Go ahead and taste them to your heart’s content~~.」

Rejoiced after hearing praises from their master, the two slowly approached his lower body and began to press their chests against him.

「 How about this treasure right here, Sire? 」

「 I’m also ready to service you in exchange for some monetary compensation, oh mighty Demon Lord. 」

「 Me too. 」

Faro approached Aur and removed his trousers with light, nonchalant movements while the gnome woman tried to stick to the thing that sprouted from them. Mary used that chance to thrust herself on his manhood, swallowing it with her whole throat.

Right now, there were three girls servicing him between his legs.

「 The two of you can join her, I do not mind it. 」

The gnome girl came closer to him and tossed her clothes aside, allowing him to see her physique and facial features, so vastly different from normal human’s, up close. Now she was clad only in thin silky robes which showed her body clearly, but were keeping her most important part out of view.

「 Ahhh, it became so big. 」

Grinning happily, Faro licked Aur’s thing lively. Carefully observing his reactions she extended her throat and traced it all over his weak spots.

「 Nnn, nmuuuu… 」

Like a cat in heat, Mary also pleasured Aur with her tongue. There was no technique in her movements, those were the simple caresses of a small child. It’s quite possible that she does not even understand the meaning behind what she is doing right now. However, her desire to make Aur happy was genuine, and seeing her trying to do that brought Aur more satisfaction than any physical pleasure.

「 Then we shall also… 」

Gnome woman slipped out of her robes and positioned her sturdy body between Aur’s legs and made her tongue crawl all over him. Pleasured from the sides by two pairs of enormous breasts and from the front by three tongues, Aur was literally drowning in irresistible desire, and as such, he reached his climax.

As a result, Mary’s childish face was stained by Aur’s cloudy life essence. Faro eagerly licked his semen off her face and moved on to sucking out the remaining seed from the back of the urethra of his still erect member.

「 I will be the first one to receive your seed inside of me. 」

Lilu announced to Aur and the others as she straddled him, devouring his penis with her fleshy walls that greedily sucked every last drop of semen out of him.

「 Then I shall take care of this spot. 」

Olivia moved behind Aur’s back and pressed her twin hills against them. Faro and the gnome girl filled the spots emptied by Lilu and Olivia and shoved their breasts into Aur’s palms.

「 Aaah, Aur, more, touch me more! 」

「 Lord Aur, please… enjoy yourself even more! 」

As soon as he touched their breasts, Faro and the gnome girl raised their voices in delight. As for Mary, she continued to pleasure the parts of Aur’s crotch that were not swallowed by Lilu’s erotic honey pot.

「 Nhaaa…. Aur….! 」

Saliva was trickling down from the corner of Lilu mouth as she looked down at Aur with enchanted expression as she wrapped her slender legs around his waist in a leg lock that made his penis reach all the way to the entrance of her womb.

「 There’s no need to be scared. I will do everything for you… Ain… 」

When Aur’s eyes snapped open due to this unexpected whisper, he saw that Lilu was smiling with a mischievous expression

「 …Just like her? 」

「 No, not at all. 」

Those were Raz’s words. The words that the woman who would later become his mentor whispered into his ear on the day when they first met.

「 You might have not noticed it, but at that time Raz was also a virgin. Even though she tried to act like the experienced older sister type. 」

Discovering that after seventy years really shocked Aur. To him, his teacher was the perfect woman who could do anything.

「 I see, so that’s how it was. Good to know, good to know indeed. I shall give you a reward for telling me that. 」

Aur forcefully ejaculated inside Lilu, putting a lot of his magical power into it.

「 Eh?! W-wai… uuooh, a,aaaaaaaaaaahhh! 」

Lilu screamed with a high-pitched voice, feeling the magical energy flooding inside her after such a long time.

「 There, I’ll give you a lot of your beloved semen! 」

As long as he had a source of magical energy, his life force was practically inexhaustible. Moreover, he mastered the art of ejaculating without feeling sexual pleasure. So if he wanted to, he could have just keep cumming like that forever.

「 W-Wait… this is… too much…. I’ll go crazy…!!!!!! 」

For Lilu, a succubus, Aur’s sperm was akin to a powerful aphrodisiac. It continued to spill out of him, and her trembling, hungry body swallowed all of it, no matter the amount.

「 A,aaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! AaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 」

Aur does not stop the momentum of his ejaculation, even when Lilu’s stomach gets so swollen with his sperm as if there was a child inside of it. The pleasure assaulted Lilu like a wave, causing her to orgasm so violently that her eyes turned inside out and she fainted. Only then did Aur stop his ejaculation.

When he finally pulled his slippery member out of her, all of his remaining sperm began to spill out of Lilu’s vagina, accompanied by a lewd, sloppy sound. Leaving her in the care of others, Aur looked around for a new girl to play with. However…

It was to be expected, but after witnessing Lilu going through such a sexual devastation, both Faro and the gnome girl tried not to look him directly in the eyes. Only Mary was fidgeting expectantly, but Aur was still hesitant about having sex with her. If he did that, the girl might have ended split in half.

「 Lord Aur, if it pleases you, then please fill my insides with your seed next. 」

Swaying her enormous breasts, Olivia stood before Aur, bend over, and opened her secret place up for him with her fingers.

「 I wish to be impregnated by you again. So please, fill me up with lots and lots of your semen, my Lord. 」

Even after witnessing the scene that could make one vomit, she still wanted to do it. Seeing her determination, the hearts of all the girls present at the scene were filled with the newfound respect for the former queen.





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