Chapter 10: Dragon Sin of Wrath


Author: Arya

As James and Lucifer proceeded to the island, Percy and Jason were headed someplace else.

Inside the copter Percy was seated, eyes closed deep in thought, sometimes he would smile, sometimes frown, sometimes even sigh. Jason was seated right in front of him and watched everything happen. He did not think anything just watched Percy, after all the place they were going had a deep connection to him. It was Percy’s home. A place where he spent his childhood.
The black colored AW101 landed on a mountain side in some rural area of a southern country. Percy alighted from the copter with Jason behind him. The atmosphere was solemn and the cool breeze blew slowly. Since, it was slightly evening time, the atmosphere was chilled and one could see the sunset in the front.

Percy stood on the mountain side with his eyes closed and hands behind. James approached beside him and stood in the same manner. After a few seconds he spoke.


“It’s been many years since I last visited this place. Although a lot has changed here, it still has that smell of home in the air.” Jason spoke while talking a whiff of air.

Percy just stood there watching the sunset on the horizon. The sky slowly turned orangish red as the glow of sunset spread along with the clouds and the breeze.

The atmosphere was very serene and peaceful. As the sun went down totally, Percy took a whiff of air and a smile formed on his face. A smile which depicted sorrow and sadness. He turned around and spoke with a heavy voice.

“Lets Go.”

-Whop Whop Whop-

The rotors started spinning, as Percy and James boarded the copter. The copter then speeded towards the island.


Although Percy had an island as his base for the Jackson group. It wasn’t his home. His home was just like anyone else’s, a small house with a backyard in some rural part of a country. Although the background of his family wasn’t small, they lived a peaceful life.

Percy was the child of a happy couple, who despite being busy knew parenting. Percy belonged to the Bayliff family. For everyone in the neighborhood his family was always a happy and lively one, but for the world the family name of Bayliff’s was terror. The family had a deep secret. The Bayliff family was a family with an ancient line of warriors who fought alongside many kingdoms and were known for their bravery and honor. The family would accept requests for any mission that would help the world be a better place. They were also known for their strength and noble thoughts. During the later generations the family was heavily involved in the creation of the current working mercenary system. The noble of Bayliff was spread far and wide in the world. To such an extent that they could even sway the world governments and major powers with their word. This family housed some of the deadliest mercenaries in the world. Although they were mercenaries they always worked for the welfare of the world. The sense of justice and the drive to eradicate evil and darkness from the world was what made this family a noble one. The world also shielded them for their work. Their neighborhood was one of the safest places on the planet as all the people were of the same mercenary group.

Percy as a child was always cheerful and happy like all the other children of his age, but everything changed when there was an attack on their hometown. This sudden attack caught most of the family members unaware. The people fought bravely and defeated the enemies. Although they won, there was a cost, almost all of the mercenaries lost their lives or were on the death bed.
Percy lost his family; his small and cozy house was blown to bits by a grenade. His father was killed by the enemy ambush right in front of his eyes. His mother was shot to death. Percy had to watch the deaths of his loved one. Even after their death he did not resent the enemies. The noble thoughts inculcated in the family led to his confusion. He was indeed shocked at that time, but not because of the death. The main reason was because he was unaware of the reason behind the attack. His father once said to him that there will be enemies coming to kill them, even if they die he should not avenge them. He didn’t give him any reason but as a child Percy carried out his father’s wish and never avenged them.

Everything became normal. He was adopted and further raised by James as his guardian. It seemed that James had been away for some business during the attack and he was unscathed. James took care of Percy and raised him. He taught him his family values and ethics. Taught him how to be a mercenary. Inculcated the noble way of the Bayliff family. As Percy grew older, he started his own mercenary group to polish his skills and let the Bayliff family name be known to all. He took missions, flew all over the world completing them. He did all that his parents did. He tried his best to not sully the names of his family. He killed people and befriended people. He made comrades by fighting on the edge of life and death. James was his brother and neighbor; they were friends right from childhood. James too had lost his parents in that attack.

Percy, James and his mercenary group took mission from the guild system set up by the Luther family. The guild system had just been set up at that time and was still under development unlike the one now. Even though he didn’t want to avenge his family, he still wanted to know the culprits and the reason behind the attack. Somehow it bugged him a lot.
He soon found out. The attack was ordered by the United Federation themselves, as the family had recently destroyed many of their research plants where they were researching some kind of genetic serum. The United Federation feared the status of the family in the world and sought this reason for an attack order. The order was posted on the guild board and the price was huge. Basically, all the top mercenaries gathered for the mission. The information about the Bayliff was leaked by the country which was shielding them. All in one it was a betrayal. The United Federation betrayed them. The nation responsible for supplying them with intel, support and protection betrayed them.

After he knew about it, he went on yet a dangerous mission, but history has always repeated itself as he was again betrayed by one of his teammates. The comrades who he fought side by side. The United Federation came to know about his history and posted a kill order for his head. His teammate betrayed them leading to the death of all his team members. He survived along with Jason. He tracked the traitor all around the world after he recuperated from the attack. He killed his traitor team member and founded the Jackson’s group and from then came the overlord of the current world.

Although he was betrayed, he never thought of revenge. Revenge was something very small for him. He wanted to change the world. He wanted to follow his family’s footsteps. He wanted to clear the dark side of the world. He used his Group to engage in partnership with the United Federation. After that he blinded the Federation by giving them false power. The weapons sold by Jackson group were always in control of the group. Although in a span of a few years he managed to curb the dark side by a margin, an even bigger danger came before he could finish his plan. The moon mission. The fate for survival of mankind. So, he decided that he will try to persuade the United Federation only once and if they agree then it would be fine if not then the plan of curbing the dark side will be executed by the United Federation themselves. As for the Federation he would handle those jerks.

As Percy spent his time doing missions, he understood the real concept of justice. He understood that darkness can never be eradicated. So, he sought to control that darkness to some extent to limit its reach to only the rich and privileged while the less privileged would be kept away from those struggles. Jackson was successful in implementing his plan. He also supported Luther family’s plan for the guild system. It was due to the Jackson group’s support that the guild system could be expanded. He had also helped the Oracle sister’s in founding their organization secretly. In fact the Jackson group was the one who provided Oracle with the CVN-21 class aircraft carrier. He also provided the Oracle with some major intelligence too.
The Jackson’s have been a part of the darkness because of this and yet the world, the United Federation was unaware of the truth.



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