Chapter 11: Assemble Seven Sins


Author: Arya

In a remote corner of the country, a copter landed, Percy and Jason exited from it. Percy had a slight smile on his face whereas Jason was sad. The place they landed was barren. In front of them was the ruins of a town. Beside the ruins was a makeshift tombstone which contained the names of the people.

Percy and James went ahead towards the tombstone, both of them kneeled and paid respects to the deceased. No one said anything. This place was the location where their home was and the tombstone contained the name of their parents. In other words, the grave of their parents.

Time passed slowly, both of them stayed in the same position for an hour, after that they left. Jason boarded the copter and Percy turned to look at his home for a final time and boarded. The copter roared its engines and took off towards its destination.


The Island of the Jackson Group.

This island was a mysterious island situated somewhere in the pacific ocean. It was the base of operations for the Jackson’s Group after the moon mission plan. The island had its own transport facility.

On a road 2 Humvees were moving, their destination was a mansion. The mansion where Percy lived.

As the Humvees proceeded, Lucifer seated on the front seat saw what Mr. James called the base of the entire operation- the mansion. It was surrounded with big walls around 50-meter-high and had a solid iron gate which opened with a loud clunk as the Humvees reached it. Inside the walls was a mansion built in a form of fortress. According to a rough estimate it was big enough to hold an entire army. There was a helipad in front of the mansion and an AW101 was already seated on the helipad. As the Humvees approached the mansion gates it stopped.

Five people exited from the Humvees: James- Lion Sin of Pride, Lucifer- Goat Sin of Lust, Diane- Fox Sin of Greed, Kevin- Bear Sin of Sloth and Sophie- Serpent Sin of Envy.

Meanwhile on the entrance stood two people: Jason- Boar Sin of Gluttony and Percy- Dragon Sin of Wrath.

Finally the time had arrived when this legendary mercenary group was formed.

The two people Percy and Jason stood with their back facing towards the group. As they heard the commotion behind them, they both simultaneously turned and looked at the five people. James, who was one of the five, walked towards Percy and stood beside him. A faint smile and determination was visible in his eyes as he walked with a confident and strong tone. Percy smiled as he saw James, from the moment he saw James posture he knew that his old Uncle James was back.

After that one incident with Percy, James had always been a silent one. He rarely emitted such confident aura.
Percy took a deep breath and said in a loud voice.

“Welcome everyone. I hope you enjoyed your trip.”

Lucifer’s face twitched a little while Diane wrinkled her eyebrows. Kevin seemed happy as he nodded and Sophie was neutral as always.

“For those who are wondering who I am, let me be frank and introduce myself. My name is Percy and I am the founder of the Jackson group. It might sound like a surprise but yes you heard it right. I am the founder of one of the most powerful groups in the world.”

Kevin and Lucifer took a deep breath as they heard Percy’s introduction. The atmosphere turned silent and heavy.

“Well, it’s secondary, the main point is the reason why you all were brought here. Some are aware while some aren’t, well I welcome you inside. This mansion will be your home from today onwards. Everything will be available to you. Aria will guide you to your rooms and will give you your further instructions. Take some rest and be prepared especially mentally, for it would be the last peaceful rest of your life. You all are dismissed. Aria, guide them will you!” Percy finished his not so long introduction.

As Percy finished his introduction, he turned back and moved into the mansion along with James and Jason.

As they moved into the mansion the rest were greeted by a voice.

“Hello everyone I am Aria, Mr. Percy’s assistant. I am your guide and am responsible for you until the debriefing. As you turn to your right you will see a stand, on it are four wrist watches. Please wear them as they enable you to contact me and vice versa.”

At first the four people were surprised but soon calmed down as they knew things would be cleared during the debriefing. They took those watches, wore them and followed Aria’s instructions to their rooms and settled down.

Meanwhile in the mansion inside the study room, Percy sat with James and Jason and they were having a discussion.

“You see Jason, I need you to train the team to be like a mercenary group. Uncle James will help you as you are going to be the vice-captain, Jason, you should bond with them too. As for me I have much work left and will follow the team after the official mission starts. Well I have scheduled the debriefing in two days, until then let them get to know each other. You should rest too uncle James and Jason.”

“If you want me to train them then you must remember I am strict with my methods. Also I will be needing details for what we are planning to assemble a new team. I would train them accordingly. Is it a spy mission or an extermination one?”

Jason asked Percy with a frown on his face.

“You would get to know the details along with the other members, two days from now. Just be patient.” Percy said, seemingly enjoying the moment of Jason being troubled.


“Can’t help it then.” Jason said shrugging his shoulders.

Nodding their heads both James and Jason, moved out of the room.

James took a deep breath to relax himself, “Aria, how much long would it take for the upgrade chamber?”

“Sir, it will be ready till the estimated deadline.”

Since everything is going according to the plan, I guess it’s time to actually warn those old fossils.

Percy thought as he spoke afterwards.

“Alright Aria, get me the latest Osprey, I think the time to meet those ass holes face to face has arrived. Warm up the weapons I might need them too. Those selfish bastards might die if they don’t accept my proposal.” said Percy.

The aura radiating from Percy was full of bloodlust. It would have weighed on anyone’s mind if someone had been present. This amount of bloodlust could only be achieved if someone killed a lot of people.

“Sir, would you like to go with the Tactical weapons or the Plasma ones ?” Asked Aria.

“Go with the Tactical ones. Also make sure to select mode 66. It would be optimal for the mission.” Percy spoke.

“As you wish sir. Heavy weaponry and light tactical weapons are being installed.”

The Osprey had been modified for various weapon choices based on Peryc’s discretion.

Percy had come up with four weapon systems for now. Tactical and Plasma. Tactical weapons were conventional weapons created with parts soaked in Cosmic energy. Plasma weapons were the ones which had their whole internal system changed to newer models incorporating plasma cannons running with the use of cosmic energy. These were entirely a new set of weapons. The design for these weapons was developed by Aria using the technology obtained from the inheritance cube. This weapon system would bring terrific devastation once unleashed. So Percy had been refraining from using them, but he had no other choice left now. After all war was imminent.

A series of calculations started running on the screen at full speed. Percy had just begun to move towards his desk when he turned back and said in a deep voice. The Osprey had been modified for various weapon choices based on Peryc’s discretion.

“While you are at it, install the upgraded power source and make it space ready. I guess we can perform the surveillance myself. Also install the suit too.” Percy said with a wide grin on his face.

Percy had been recently working on upgrading the Osprey making it space ready for light missions on the moon. The engine of the Osprey was totally changed and reinforced with metals soaked in cosmic energy giving them durability and strength greater than any other metal in the world. This would enable the machine to sustain the impact of greater speed. In order to minimize the time and to increase the speed. The engine had a new power source. Cosmic energy. It would propel the Osprey with a speed one-third of the speed of light at maximum capacity.
Percy had been wanting to test the new systems for a long time before. Finally the time had come.



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