Chapter 13: Moon Base


Author: Arya

Percy wanted to use the metal walls and frames of the base for various further projects, but Aria informed him that the base was situated in the crater and the structure’s density was very high as even the deva race weapon was not able to damage it. This base was the culmination of the entire human race’s majority of cosmic reserves. It had sustained major damage to its internal structure. The only reason it wasn’t turned to dust or frozen into ice was due to the enormous amount of cosmic energy used.

According to Cero cosmic energy was the most primordial form of matter in existence. The Deva race itself was unaware of the secrets behind this force. The records in Deva’s history mention the existence of an epoch, where the known universe had only a handful of planets. Each planet was huge in size. Huge enough that an entire galaxy would look small in front of those planets. These planets all formed a system revolving around a ginormous star. One fine day, due to an unknown calamity the star burst into a supernova, giving birth to the present universe and destroying the past star system. It was believed that the star was the source of this cosmic energy which was absorbed by the planets and scattered throughout the present universe.

So, no matter what Percy could not use the Moon base’s structure. As the aircraft explored the base, there was an eerie silence throughout the base. The base was hollow from inside, the walls of the base were thick as a mountain. The main reason behind the design was to sustain maximum impact with minimum damage. It was basically designed as a bunker. There were rooms for the crew in the walls. The hollow part of the pyramid only consisted of the main drive and power source of the base, which god knows how was still operational but just needed a jump start. Although a huge amount of energy would be consumed in the process.

For obvious reasons the aircraft could not go to the rooms but still it scanned for any possible clues or salvageable parts. The United Federation when knew also wanted to salvage parts from its engines and base, but due to their limited technology and their need for wanting to keep all for themselves, they didn’t. Instead they focused on the basement of the base. The basement of the base was the part where the knowledge source and the solution for the virus was stored. It was from this basement that Percy got his hands on the inheritance cube and the United Federation the sample of the ‘solution’.

As the aircraft went further upwards the onboard computer scanned the rooms, until it reached the topmost cabin, the tip of the pyramid. It was the communication chamber as stated in the records found by the explorer team. As the aircraft scanned the chamber, the sonar image transmitted an abnormality in a part of the scanned portion. A black part in the chamber, which indicated two things either the portion was destroyed or it was made up of a special type of material to prevent any disturbance for whatever that was inside. It was like a black hole devouring everything that came its way.

Percy didn’t know what it was but he could not take any risk, so he deployed the drone to check. The drone when reached the cabin, found nothing. The cabin looked like it was destroyed on purpose. The blackened portion in the scan indicated a metallic box. Percy retrieved the box.

[Warning.] [Approaching the estimated safe exploration time period.] [Suggested returning.] [Toxicity level increasing.] [Detected spike in cosmic radiation.] [Warning. Suggested retrieval.]

Suddenly a mechanical voice reverberated inside the cockpit. Indicating a sudden rise in the toxicity level.

Percy listened to the warnings and spoke.

“Check for the structural limit and simulate the desired effect on long term exposure to the radiation.”

[Affirmative.] [Calculating time and predicting….] [Simulation completed.] [Estimated time for sustainability 5 minutes.] [Exposure to the radiation will lead to rapid decay of the molecular structure on an atomic level of any structure with less than 6.0 g/cm^3 density.]

“Alright. Well then the mission here can be said to be completed. Start the trace-back sequence and inform me when we are about to reach the planetary atmosphere” Percy instructed the computer.

[Command Acknowledged.] [Initiating travel.]

The aircraft engine roared and started moving out of the base, then went the same route as it arrived.

Just as the aircraft reached the atmosphere of Earth the computer informed Percy about the re-entry protocol.

Percy seated on his seat looked at the beautiful planet below and a sharp glint passed in his eyes. He typed in some commands on the screen and said.

“Aria, you there.” Percy connected to Aria during reentry and Aria took over the systems.

“Sir, I have taken over for the time being, shall i go through the scan records for any information and clues.”

“Let them be for the time being, chart a course to the United Federation council HQ and switch back to the original engines and also warm up the weapons system. It’s time to Party.” Percy commanded.

” Okay sir.”


Area 51. It has always been a major mystery in the world. Some may claim it to be a normal AF base, but was it ?

No it wasn’t. Area 51 was the base of operations of the United Federation. It was the centre point of the world’s power. The base stationed all the bestest, strongest, intelligent and finest people from the world.

The base consisted of two layers one above surface visible to everyone a.k.a a facade and another the one below surface.


The aircraft entered the atmosphere with a streak and stabilised in the stratosphere.

“Switching power source. Charting course to Area 51. Activating weapon system.” Aria chimed in.

” Alright Aria, let’s enter with a bang shall we.” Percy commanded.

“Command Acknowledged. Charging EMP.”


As the aircraft entered the airspace of Area 51, it connected to the radio frequency of the base.

“This is United Federation Air Force Base 51. Unknown aircraft identify yourself. You are about to enter a restricted no fly zone area. Failure to identify will lead to imminent destruction. Over.”

As soon as the radio connected, a warning was heard.

“Increase velocity and approach. ” Percy ordered.


A boom was heard and the aircraft zoomed in with a great speed towards the base.

“Sir. I read a lock on us. The base has activated its defense mechanism.” Aria commented silently.

“Let them be. Fire the EMP as soon as we reach the optimal distance. I want all the defense and offense mechanisms to be fried. If the energy isn’t sufficient, use the cosmic engine.” Percy commanded. There was not a shred of mercy in his voice.

After a few moments, as the aircraft reached optimal distance a wave of Electromagnetic turbulence surged outwards with the aircraft as the center. Since the aircraft was insulated for an EMP it was safe.

Meanwhile inside the base every electronic circuit was fried and the whole base was in chaos and darkness. Every person was locked inside their cabin. Even the backup systems turned to scrap and all that was left was silence and dread.

The aircraft landed, it’s cargo door opened and a huge silhouette of man arrived outside. The man was no other than Percy, who donned a metallic suit which covered his full body, but still looked flexible.

Percy entered the base with nothing but a rifle in his hands. The rifle was a modified model of a FN Scar loaded with special bullets capable of creating a small scale explosion burst. As he entered the base, a map of the entire base was displayed on his retinal screen of the helmet as well as the display attached to his suit on his arms. His destination was the deepest level of the base. The place where the council of the United Federation had gathered for a meeting.

Percy had been spying on the council members for a long while. Even if the world was unaware of these old fossils’ identity, he wasn’t. He knew everything about these Old fogies.

As he reached his destination, his sight was blocked by a wide and strong metal door. Behind the door was a wide conference room, council members were seated in this room. This was the conference room where major world decisions took place. There was a screen in the room which depicted the present condition of the base. Although the EMP had destroyed the base’s electronic systems, this room was safe. It displayed the situation of silence and dread filled in the base.


Suddenly the sound of an object bombarding the door could be heard in the room. The room which was filled with discussion was now silent and everyone’s attention soon turned towards the door.
Meanwhile outside the door Percy had a smile on his face. The smile had a cold feeling attached to it. A smile of a sovereign. A smile depicting his arrogance and disdain for all those beneath him.




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