Chapter 14: Threaten


Author: Arya


A loud bang was heard all of a sudden and the big metallic door broke along with its hinges.


Percy entered the conference room in his dark black metallic suit.

“Intruder, who are you and why are you attacking us ? ” A voice was heard from the speaker. Apparently the council had an intention of having a talk with him.

Percy knew that he had the power to blast open the door in one go, but he was here to threaten them and he will do only that. He knew that the bastards inside were a group of cowards who only cared about their own life and power. So with a cold face he spoke.

“The door is now open. Shouldn’t you greet your guest ? I didn’t expect the Federation to be so lacking in manners. ”

There was silence for a few minutes. Percy entered and sat on an empty chair. The council members were enraged by his actions. One of them pointed his bony finger at Percy and spoke in an enraged tone.

“How dare you !! This is not a place where you can act freely.”

Percy ignored the man, cleared his throat.

“Let me introduce myself before I state my reason for my visit. I am Percy the founder of the Jackson’s group and the rightful heir of the Baycliff family. I believe you get what I just said. ”

The council members were stunned. A boom rang in all their heads at once. They never expected the identity of the person to be so horrifying, for one he was the founder of one of the largest groups and they had ties with them in every field, for the other one it brought them terror as they were the one who ordered the attack on the Baycliff family.

As he watched the expression of the people change from surprise then shock then to fear his lips curled upward.

“Let’s start now shall we. I believe you must have guessed the reason for my arrival from my introduction. For this time there I do not want your refusal. I hope or else I don’t mind taking some pretty serious actions.”

The council members sat on their seats, some had pale faces, some sweating and resting with rage on their faces as they watched the man in the metallic suit speak.

Although they refused to believe his each and every identity, reality was harsh. The proof of his identity was none other than that family name. Meanwhile as the situation proceeded, Percy in his suit, which he called ‘Titan’ by the way, had his eyes fixed on a single person the whole time. The person who had the sole authority for any major decision.

The United Federation may look like it had a council but that was only for international disputes. The major matters concerning the interests of these self centered people lied in the hands of the single person – the Chancellor. He had enormous authority over the United Fedration’s affairs and resources along with all of it’s forces. The Chancellor was the only person with a calm expression on his face since Percy entered the room. As if he wasn’t bothered by it at all. He looked at the metallic suit, seemingly trying to decipher Percy’s intention and motive and said in a plain voice.

“Young man, although your identity is unique, that does not give you the right to act arrogant in front of me.”

His voice contained a sort of authority and dominance which pressured Percy.

But Percy was unfazed by all this.


Titan’s helmet slided backwards and Percy’s face became visible to all. Percy had a smile on his face and stared at the Chancellor.

“Although people might fear your power, Old man, but I don’t. I will repeat my condition only once. I know you fools want to experiment with the sample you found. But I believe I have stated the result of the experiment. The experiment would contaminate the atmosphere leading to a mass multiplication of the pathogen. I won’t say anything about it but my only condition is that you open your so called contingency plan for all its survivors with no discrimination.”

The Chancellor seemed calm but internally he was sweating profusely, he knew that the Jackson’s were aware about the research. Of course they knew, although they fired the scientists, but they were a part of Jackson’s too. What the Chancellor seemed to be afraid of was that the man in front of him knew about the contingency plan. The plan only he and select United Federation members knew about.

Although the Chancellor had a smile on his face some of the council members had a surprised face. It seemed that even some of the council members knew nothing of this contingency plan so to speak of. They all looked at the Chancellor altogether.

“I don’t know how you got such confidential information, but it isn’t completely true. And even if there was a contingency plan why shall we allow it to the common masses, just because you said so. Young man, it isn’t just you, even I care about the human race, but you must know the plan which you are talking about is only in theory. It requires huge resources and time to make it work on such a large scale. ”

The Chancellor spoke with some lies and truths mixed in his speech. Percy didn’t give a thing about the Chancellor’s speech. He looked straight at his eyes and said only two sentences which scared the shit out of everyone.

“Either you do it. Else I kill everyone in this room.”

Titan lit up with a horrifying amount of purple light, as if a demon was about to wake up. The rifle in its hand started to emit strange sounds as if ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

The council members were horrified and shocked. There was hardly anyone in this world who dared to act so arrogant in front of them. Still in the face of their own death they stayed rooted in their own seats.

After what seemed like an eternity the Chancellor spoke.

“Alright, we accept your request but on the condition that the Jackson Group provide us with the resources too.”

The purple lights on Titan faded and the rifle calmed down.
“Heh. So much for caring about the Human race.” Percy spoke.

“Alright, the Jackson’s will contribute 30 percent of the resources required for the plan.”

As he said this he left the cabin. He didn’t even look back. He boarded the Osprey, sat on his seat and commanded to leave.


Meanwhile inside the cabin, the council members were stunned and only reacted after a long time. Some were silent, some had rage and some grief. The Chancellor was calmest of them all and dismissed the meeting. He watched each and every member leave. He knew that now there was no need for such a facade as the members knew about the contingency plan. The members unaware of the contingency plan had confusion and doubt on their faces. The council faced it’s unofficial dissolution. Each member left and the Chancellor had a gloomy expression. Even though he had great authority, he still had the resources from the other members of the council, but alas. He silently opened a communicator and spoke.

“I need information about who leaked the plan, and also I want him killed.”

A small smile on his face after he sent the message.

“How dare he threaten me! Might as well kill him now. Hmph..!

A black Cadillac rolled out of the United Federation base, inside a man seated with grief on his face. The man was a council member of the United Federation. In fact he could be considered as the only one with a proper conscience, devoid of greed and selfishness. He silently opened his cell phone and dialled a number.
“Convey my order. Lock down every member, the family will be retreating. Gather as much resources as possible. Check your email. I sent you a list of all the resources needed, gather them as much as you can. Use every possible way you can. It is my order.”

As he finished speaking he threw his phone on the seat and sighed.

“Alas, the peace of the world will soon come to an end.”

As the Cadillac moved in the distance another vehicle approached from behind. The vehicle picked up speed as it sighted the Cadillac.

The driver of the Cadillac informed the old man of the vehicle behind him.

The old man ordered the driver to slow down and let that vehicle pass. He wanted to have a relaxing drive. The driver followed the orders.

As soon as the vehicle passed ahead. The rooftop of the car opened and a person wearing a black mask along with the black clothes picked up an RPG launcher and fired towards the vehicle.


The Cadillac was blasted in the air with a loud boom. As it crashed on the ground, the car was soon engulfed in flames. The man and the driver died.

The man in the black mask took out a satellite phone and called.

“The work is done, Boss.”




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