Chapter 15: Debriefing


Author: Arya

It had been a day since Percy returned from his extraordinary maneuver. He sat inside his study room along with Jason and James, they just discussed the debriefing process.

Since the debriefing was expected to be an abnormal one, it was expected for no one to believe them. This was also one of the reasons why Percy had to finish his mission prior. As the latest footage might solve the problem of faith and belief.

“As discussed earlier, Jason will be handling the post briefing activities, while uncle James you are responsible for the rest of the activities.” Percy replied and stood up.

James and Jason too stood up and started moving towards the meeting room where the debriefing was supposed to start after an hour.

An hour soon passed by.

Inside the meeting room, Percy, Jason and James were seated along with the rest of the team.

There were a variety of expressions on their faces. Some had anticipation, some frown and some even had some anger. Percy swept his eyes from the document in his hand to the people seated in front of him.

“I hope everyone’s having a good time in the mansion. And I know you guys must be wondering why you were brought here since the beginning. Well, before I start with all the debriefing, let me remind you sternly, the following things about to be shared with you are true and fact. I hope no one overreacts and please mind your language. ” Percy reminded the guys and after that his expression turned firm.

After he cleared his throat, he began. “Now let’s start the debriefing. The following images which you are about to see are highly confidential and never seen before.”

As he said this a chime was heard and a 3d video was being projected in the center. The projection was of the surface of the moon and Percy’s expedition to the moon.

“As you all can guess from the video. This is a pre-recorded video of a recent expedition of mine to the moon. And let me remind you to watch the video before you voice your questions.”

The video played and displayed the moon base and it’s interior and ended.

“As you guys saw, this expedition was on a pyramidal structure on the moon. Now you guys can start your questions.”

Diane, who was busy looking at the screen raised her hand and asked, “Mr Jackson, if I may be frank your aim isn’t to explore this moon base, right ? Were we selected for this ? ”

Before Percy could reply, Lucifer who was seated beside her spoke, “No, I don’t think so, if my guess is right the base has already been explored.”

As he listened, Percy smiled and spoke, “You are right Lucifer. Let me start then, the base which you are seeing was not made by any extraterrestrial entity or any country, the base was built and created by our ancestors from the Mayan Era. The craters which you see are not from some asteroids or meteorites but due to a large scale interstellar fight. ”

“The Human race of today’s might think of itself as a technological advanced race but it isn’t. In fact the race has deteriorated to the point where we require various fuels as the source of energy. Before I start with our mission let me tell you the history of humankind. ”

“Humankind or so to say Humanity has always dwelled about the question of creation of life. Today I will reveal the answer to that question. It all started about a million years ago. The history we have today is not correct. We Humans were created as experiments, so called lab rats. And as to how I got the information, that will be told to you when the time is right. The Race who created us is what we called ‘Devas’. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the Devas and Humans fought a long lasting war for the freedom of Humanity. The war resulted in severe casualties among both the sides. Even though Humanity fought hard it could not surpass the Devas. The Devas might have been superior but were far from their home.”

Percy stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and looked at their expression.

“The Devas had their main base destroyed and were forced to retreat but even then they almost destroyed 99% of Humanity, leaving only some of their so called ‘believers’, ones who worshipped them. But it was what they believed, as Humanity never once believed that they could win the war. They built a secret base on the dark side of the moon. This base preserved the last vestiges and knowledge of that golden and tumultuous era. The era where Humanity was at its peak, but also an era filled with endless wars.”

Percy stopped again for a moment and took a sip of water.

“Now, many of you may have questions, before that let me come to the part of your functions. The Devas although retreated left with us a curse. The curse of Degeneration. A virus implanted in our genes which corrodes our intelligence leaving only wild instincts. This curse was the experiment for which we were being tested upon. The experiment was to make our body sustainable for the cosmic energy present everywhere in our cosmos. Some succeeded in so and they were the ones who fought the war for our race. The Devas may come back again and this time we must be ready. I have been doing research and gathering resources for the sole purpose of defeating them. You guys will be my team. I will guide you. Now let us begin the questions.”

Percy stopped and took his seat.

Percy observed everyone. He, James and Jason sat at one side while Lucifer, Diana, Sophie and Kevin sat at the other side. The four of them had a dazed expression. As Percy sat down and took a sip of water, Diane frowned and raised her hand.

“Yes, Diane, go ahead.” Percy replied to Diane’s hand.

“Well, it’s hard to believe the story but let us believe for just a moment that it is true. So, your aim for us is to fight against a race of beings who we worshipped as ‘Gods’. Even if we do fight them how is it different from a suicide ?” Diane said with an expression of rage and anger.

As Lucifer heard her question, he interrupted her, “Why now ?”

“Looking at the file I assume your organization has been aware of this thing since a long time and yet it is today you bring up such a matter. Is there any specific reason or was it just you weren’t prepared ?”

“Before we get to your part, Diane, I would like to answer Lucifer”, said Percy.

“As far as preparations are considered, we aren’t prepared yet to face them.”

As the four heard Percy say this they were perplexed.

“As to why now, let me tell you that. After we found the Base, those jerks at the United Federation sent a mission, well practically it was supervised by my organization. Anyways, as they researched the base they found a sample of a virus on the base, sealed in a room. The virus was just a prototype to cure the curse which went wrong. Instead of curing us it would bring about a fundamental change in our DNA and mutate Humans, any other living organism. The majority of them might even die. And they plan to release it soon.”

As he spoke, his face turned gloomy.

Kevin, who was silent till now said, “I know those idiots are crazy, but they value their life. Why would they do it ? Wouldn’t the virus Mutate their DNA too ?”

“Not really, if they contain the spread and isolate themself it won’t affect them. But what would they get by doing that?” Sophie beside Diane said with a grim voice.

“You see, the virus will bring mutations but there are chances of Humans evolving due to it too. And those jerks have already planned it all. The virus will also bring a fundamental change to our planet gradually and introduce us to a new energy source used by our predecessors- unlimited cosmic energy. ” Percy said.

“What has that got to do with us being gathered here ? Are we supposed to save the planet or something ?” Diane was still mad at Percy, he said sarcastically.

“We aren’t doing such a thing as it doesn’t matter. This time period will be used by us to train and better use some things here and there.” Percy said.

He waited for a few minutes.

“Any more questions ?” Asked Percy.

“Since there are no more questions, then I believe you guys are ready. Lets get started then. Let me introduce you to Jason the vice captain of our team and the one who will train you. Take some rest, digest the facts. Until further notice you are dismissed.” Percy said pointing to Jason.

The team of four went to their respective rooms and started pondering about what just happened to them.

Meanwhile, Jason and James were discussing some tactics for training, Percy sat on his seat with his eyes closed. Even though he had warned the United Federation council, he knew they would not listen to his demand without any amendments. Still it would be better than nothing. At least this would give people some hope.




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