Chapter 16: Training


Author: Arya

It had been a month since the end of the debriefing. Percy was seated inside his study and had a file in his hands. This file had a cumulative report of the progress of the Seven Sins training regime. Yes, Seven Sins. Percy decided to name his Mercenary squad with the name ‘Seven Sins’. Unlike other mercenary teams who were into this for money or fun. Percy had a clear goal for his team. He used the mercenary system as a form of tempering for his team.

The report in his hand had an in depth analysis of each and every member of the Sin and their future progress. Percy finished reading the report. The report stated that the group had registered themselves as a Mercenary group and had performed various missions in a month. The period of missions helps them increase their rank and status in the mercenary community. The missions were divided into various grades from the highest S++ to the lowest F. The team had to eventually start from F grade missions then move on to the higher grade, like a typical fantasy mercenary system. The team had completed several dozen A grade missions and few S grades too in the span of a month. The status of the Seven Sins mercenary team in the world’s domain had exploded. Every influential person in the world had heard of them.

Even Percy was surprised by such a rapid progress in their ranks. But it was understood, the team consisted of members with enough strength and caliber in their respective fields. All they needed was fixed training to hone their teamwork and polish their skills in a way which would enable them to utilize in a more flexible manner. The team now could match even an existing elite team in the current mercenary system. Their latest mission they took was supposed to be the last mission an S++ grade mission. An S++ grade mission was never easy, there had never been any mercenary team who had returned alive after completing an S++ grade mission. The degree of difficulty such a mission possessed was very big. An S++ grade mission usually consisted of matters which could flip out the current political or financial system of the said country. After the cold war, there were hardly any mercenary teams who accepted such high level missions, but Percy was not bothered by it. He had full confidence in his team.


As he kept the file on the table. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

James in his butler uniform entered the room. He had a sad look on his face.

“Young master, I just received a message from the team. It seems the Sins have completed their mission, although the team faced some problems. The Vice Captain was heavily injured along with the other members. The Osprey has been set on autopilot and is en-route to the base.”

Even though Percy listened to this, he was not bothered by it. In fact he even had a small smile on his face.

“It’s alright Uncle James. They will be fine. On the other hand, the date of the launch is coming near. Aria mentioned it might start soon within a year. So stop worrying, I guess it’s time to let the Sin become real Sinners. It’s time for a major Upgrade. Let’s go meet our team Uncle James ”

James was perplexed by Percy’s reply. Even though he had utmost trust in him, he couldn’t help but worry. Percy went forward towards the Underground floor level 4, James followed behind. It was his first time entering this deep as even he was forbidden from entry to the levels from 4 to 6.

The Underground base had a complex structure. It consisted of 6 floors. It was arranged in a hive like manner. Each level had its own purpose. Level 1 consisted of the Transport station. Here all the vehicular and arial Transport were parked, maintained and would depart from here too. Level 2 consisted of Living quarters and Training facility equipped with state-of-the art machines. Level 3 consisted of the Production house, which was not yet functional, as all it had was raw materials and was still under construction.It could be considered as a storage floor for now. Level 4 onward was the Weapon Research Facility.

Percy and James were right now on the 4th Level. In front of them were 7 Tube-like structures filled with some fluid and connected to wires and stuff. It looked like a Research facility of some sort. James didn’t know why Percy brought him here, yet he still waited silently. Meanwhile Percy was busy typing in commands in the control screen situated in the center of the room. He had a serious expression and was totally focused.

“Aria, initiate the Program Seven Deadly Sins. Prepare accordingly, meanwhile I will bring the subjects.”

After giving the order, Percy turned and started walking towards the elevator. This time the elevator was set to Level 1. James followed behind him.


As they both entered Level 1, the air hatch above them opened with a swoosh and a black Osprey entered. This Osprey was a normal model unlike the one Percy used for his mission. That one was under maintenance and being remodelled. The Osprey was pretty damaged as black smoke billowed out of it. It landed heavily in front of them with a thud and the back door opened with a foosh.

Kevin was the first to come out with a wrangled right hand held by his left hand, followed by Jason who seemingly had lost his whole left hand and afterwards following Diane and Sophie who had serious cuts and bruises all over their bodies and some gun wounds too. Lucifer was the last person to come out, even though he had less injuries he had a terrifying scar on his face which went from his forehead to the bottom of his cheek. As they all alighted from the osprey, they saw Percy and James standing in front of them. Jason who was supported by Diane went forward and spoke with a distressed tone.

“I am sorry Captain, I couldn’t bring them back without any major injuries.” One could see the sorrow and guilt in his eyes.

Percy saw each and every one’s condition and couldn’t help but smile. As everyone saw Percy’s smile they were surprised. Diane who was with Sophie couldn’t help but get angry seeing him smile and started shouting.

“You Jerk! What kind of a Captain smiles looking at his team injured! You feel smug now. Who is going to pay for our injuries? Even if you have the money can you return us back to how we were. Our vice-cap even lost his arm saving us and you are smiling.”

Percy was not angered by this, instead he smiled even more and said.

“Good, I guess we can say your training is complete now. You can better understand each other. Now for the last phase let your captain handle everything. Don’t worry about your injuries, they will be treated and now it’s time for an upgrade. Follow me.”

As soon as he finished he started walking back towards the elevator and urged everyone to follow him. Everyone was surprised but since he said he will be treating their injuries they all followed him.

As the elevator returned to Level 4, what greeted everyone was the same scene. Just the difference was that the tubes were now horizontal and open and there was no fluid in them. As everyone saw this, their mind blanked and they even forgot their injuries for the time being. They didn’t know how this place, which looked like a creepy research room, was going to heal their injuries.

Percy went ahead of everyone and shouted.

“Everyone do not worry just lie down in your respective capsules. Now it is the time to feel how wonderful our predecessors and their technology were. This research facility will facilitate the genetic mutation of your body in a controlled manner, giving you access to utilize cosmic energy and your own superpowers. Before you ask anything I request you to get in your respective chambers as this process will be quite long and time is what we currently don’t have.”

Everyone had questions, but since they were really tired they wanted to be treated first. So everyone moved to their respective capsules and lay on them. Percy watched this and gestured James to lay down too. As everyone was settled he entered some string of commands and moved inside his capsule too.


The doors of the capsule closed and everyone had their mouth attached to a breathing tube. The capsule started to fill with a liquid. But everyone was pretty much unconscious so no one bothered.

They might have thought of the time-span being as long as a few days but they didn’t know it would be as long as a year and a half.




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