Chapter 17: The Arrival of Doomsday


Author: Arya

It has been a year since the Sinners have started undergoing their healing process. On the island everything was calm, when all of a sudden the earth started trembling as if an earthquake was happening and suddenly huge black metallic walls erupted from the ground surrounding the area around the mansion. The walls were 100 meter tall and were wide enough for people to walk. The wall had multiple turrets situated on the top. It had a metallic sheen to it and it seemed that the whole wall had an internet of different tubes connected and powered by an unknown source. The wall gave out a hazy purple light, which made it look creepy and scary.


Meanwhile in the world, crazy things were happening. Experts from various fields in the world were disappearing. Some countries enforced martial law for no reason, while bigger countries were doing something secretly. There was an atmosphere of chaos all around the world. People thought this as a precursor to the start of a new world war. Rumors started spreading on the internet, people were afraid and scared. Some started hoarding goods and preparing bunkers in their house. Many multinational industries started to fall in the night. The stocks of many such industries hit bottom.

As such things were happening all over the world, suddenly a shocking news agency in a distant country reported of an outbreak of an unknown infection in their region. The infected people were quarantined when all of a sudden they started showing signs of rage and barbaric behavior. In one night the whole country was under lock-down, but it couldn’t be contained. The infected people started killing the non-infected people in a barbaric manner. Even weapons and modern bullets were unable to harm them. The infection was strange yet totally not unknown by the Human-race. This was what the fictional people would say about the Zombie virus. Well technically it wasn’t a zombie virus, it was more of an evolution kind of thing. Evolution was not limited to the humans, the flora and fauna were also affected by it. The creatures were “Terra-formed” turning more carnal to their beastly instincts and desire.

Once this virus spread it took merely one week for it to engulf the whole world. Countries were devastated, people were dying. The infected Human-race was instantly reduced to a mere 10 percent of the whole. The densely populated areas were struck first and the majority of the humans turned into infected zombies. The survivors were rare and few. Just when it seemed that Humanity would cease to exist, rumors of people fighting the so-called “Terra-formed Creatures” and “Zombies” started spreading. It was said that there were people with exceptional fighting strength and supernatural powers fighting. It was also rumored that the world governments had established various safe cities with towering walls and protection to prevent the Human race from extinction and were also accepting survivors.

The majority of surviving people started to flock towards the direction of these rumors for safety and their life. The World was changing so were its people. The virus had totally transformed the world in a span of 6 months. It had now become a place full of danger and opportunities, but the chain of command was totally demolished. Scientists and researchers who were already transported to safe zones before the virus started spreading came to the conclusion that this virus brought a qualitative change to the Genetic structure of living beings. It awakened the dormant genes hidden deep in the body leading to a large amount of information flow to the brain also leading to a mutation, which in turn damaged the brain.

What it really did was enable the living beings to find their inheritance from their predecessors. The knowledge, the powers which we were supposed to inherit from them. The mythological age of the world which was supposed to be a myth was now real. People who could withstand the genetic mutation and the influx of this information became the one with the predecessor’s power. The one who couldn’t withstand them were turned into mindless freaks a.k.a zombies with powers which they couldn’t control. The animals and wild beasts were the one who benefited the most. As the ones with powerful bloodlines transformed as a whole. The legends about Dragons, Phoenix and other mythological creatures and Divine Beasts became true. Humanity was once again forced at the bottom of the food-chain by them. Humans had instantly turned from the top predators to the bottom prey. But Nature has always been fair, balance must always be maintained and that has always been the Natural law.

As there came Humans who had successfully evolved and started controlling their powers according to the received inheritance. Although such kinds of people were rare, they still existed and fought for the human race. Humans started to win. As Intelligence has always been one of the most special characteristics of the Human race, it showed its own powers. After 6 months of the “Reboot”, the term researchers came up with for this phenomena, scientists found a unique source of energy in the new atmosphere they termed as “Flux”. “Flux” was abundant in the atmosphere and could be easily harnessed by using certain extraction methods which were known only to the top authorities. Within months specialized weapons made of Flux were built and circulated throughout the world. Humans started fighting and resisting up to some extent. They captured territories and started expanding again. Even if they could not win against some powerful creatures they could at least protect themselves. Military might was once again established. Now the common man could also fight these monsters. Cities were cleansed of the infested human variants and civilization could start functioning once again.

The world was banded together once again, barriers were erected to prevent civilizations from harm. Technology advanced rapidly and it could be said that the Human race could now develop as a whole. But still various questions like, Why did this virus appear ? And from Where ? What was this abundant energy ? How was it not decreasing ? And many questions pertaining to the lost mythological age were being dug out. History was being dug from the books. Bible, Quran, Vedas and many such ancient records were now stored as a form of information. Humanity had always been curious but that only pertained to the one who was interested. Normal people would always love to go do their jobs and live a peaceful life. But this peace had always been a facade. The world was now more dark than it had been previously as there was more to fight for. There were many fights going on in the darkness. Commoners being treated as slaves and toys by powerful people became common. Still for their own safety people turned blind eye to this as nothing could be done. Human race had once again after 6 months of the “Reboot” shown its real nature.

It had been more than 10 months since the “Reboot”. Human civilization has once again found a place in this world. The “Reboot” had its own pros and cons. The human race was once again divided into many parts. Before the “Reboot” Humanity which nearly dominated all the habitable landscape was now isolated from one another. Although they were progressing at a rapid pace, the problem of manpower still existed. Human cities were now divided into levels and spread all around the globe. The least being 1 and the highest being 10.

Level 1 cities consisted of small gatherings of humans banded together. They had to live in constant fear and to wander everywhere for the search of resources. The majority of the population was divided among the lower level cities, still dreading the world and living in fear. The cities ranging in the higher levels were self sufficient with power and resources. In fact the people living there had parties, ate full and were living a luxurious lifestyle. It was believed that the construction of these higher level cities started way before the “Reboot”. There was a rumor that stated that the people in the higher levels were already aware of the “Reboot” and were secretly making preparations. As for what they prepared were the weapons and the higher level city structure ranging from level 6 to level 10.

Although there was fear throughout the general public, they had to strive on for their future. Humans have been very good at adapting to any environment. The higher level cities needed manpower for their menial works and they would use the people from the lower cities. An ecosystem of city habitat was formed around the higher level cities. Meanwhile there would also be cases of people with developing supernatural powers in these lower level cities. Such people would be coaxed by the higher level cities luxury and would deflect to the higher levels for their own benefits. The higher level cities were being ruled and governed by authorities who constructed these cities.




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