Chapter 18: The World after the Fall


Author: Arya

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. ” ― Martin Luther King Jr.
A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

The world was now stabilized upto some extent. Although lives were still being lost and people were still killed, the human race as a whole was not on the brink of extinction. There were more and more survivors who were beginning to adapt and more who were awakening to their own supernatural powers. Researchers and Scientists all over the world were trying to create a serum from the newly evolved world to produce an entire new human race. Though the rate of evolution has been increased, the major credit went to the old world’s researchers. All theoretical proved knowledge from the previous world was now being utilized.


Inside a huge structure which seemed like an ancient church, a man wearing a battle robe tinted with the color of blood was seated on a bed with his eyes closed, deep in meditation. He wore a pendant bearing the Church’s Cross. The room in which he was situated was pretty simple and plain.



A knock was heard on the door and the man opened his eyes and spoke in a commanding manner.

“Come in.”

The door was unlocked, a man wearing a white colored battle suit made of nano-fiber like substance with golden cross embroidered on the chest and carrying a same styled rifle entered and saluted the person.

“Sir, the council has been expecting your presence. ”

Hearing this the man frowned and got off from the bed and spoke with a smile.

“At ease, follower, I will report to the council, you can take your leave now.”

The soldier saluted and left the room, but as he left one could see deep admiration in his eyes. Admiration for the person in the room. Well, it wasn’t his fault as the man was supposed to be admired.

This man was one of the greatest heroes of the world. He was the person who single handed defeated an entire wave of Terra formed Creatures and also was one of the first generation awakened heroes. He referred to himself as- Light.

Light was an Archbishop of the Holy Church. The Holy Church was one of the top organizations of the current world after the “Reboot”. The Holy Church was established by the previous world United Federation. Its HQ was situated in the famous city of Vatican, now one of the safest cities above the Level classification. The Holy Church consisted of many divisions. They had an assassination squad. They had Bishops from 1 star to 5 star with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. These Bishops were responsible for research and experiments. Every Bishop was accompanied by a Paladin of the same star ranking for the Bishops protection. The Church also consisted of Priests who were responsible for recruiting and training the Church’s soldiers. The main fighting force of the Holy Church was Paladin’s and the Soldiers of Light. They also had a special division of specials- a group of supernatural and powerful people. The special division was the trump card of the Church. Apart from them the Church had two Archbishops- the top tier fighting power of the Church. Light and Dark. The people of the world were only aware of the front side of the Church, but they performed horrific deaths behind.

Holy Church’s HQ was a Commander tier city. The city was equipped with a newly invented defense barrier.

As Light was an Archbishop he held great power and status in the organization.

As Light reached the chamber of Council members, he performed a salute with his right hand held on his chest with a closed fist.

“At ease. Archbishop Light you have new orders. The mission data has been sent to you, it is suspected that the mission area has been radiating an unusual amount of Flux. Investigate and report any anomaly you discover. That is your mission, you are dismissed now.”

Light saluted again and left the Hall.

There was silence in the room after he left.

“I guess we all know what that area pertains too. According to the data gathered from the previous world, that area was related to Jackson Group. Even though we haven’t heard from them since that day, we still don’t know what he is up-to. Sending Light alone isn’t a good option. Why not assign Dark as his shadow ? After all Light is an important asset and a face of our Church.” Said one of the Council members.

“We cannot send Dark, as he is busy with his own mission. Those bastards from the Temple of Darkness have been troubling us.” A council member spoke. The Temple of Darkness was an another major force on the level of Holy Church and were sworn enemies of them. The Temple of Darkness was governed by the nations who were discarded by the United Federation as weak and were trampled upon by them.

“Temple of Darkness? What do they need? Even if they are troubling us, then let us show them what a real fight is!” An old man seated in the back seats of the room spoke.

“We cannot do that. Recently our research bases have been attacked by the men from the Temple of Darkness a lot. We are already running behind from our plan. And Temple of Darkness isn’t an easy force to get rid of. According to the latest intelligence they recently recruited a potential Special Elementalist.” A Lady with some papers in her hand spoke.

Hearing the word Special Elementalist everyone was astounded and shocked. Special Elementalist were people who had huge power and were a major fighting force.

“Let us speak about it after we get some results from Dark. Even if there is some kind of threat with Light’s mission, he can escape with his abilities. After all even Dark cannot defeat Light in terms of speed. And also lets not forget what that place might hold. The newly acquired data shows the location might contain a new source for flux.” As soon as a flux source was mentioned a gleam of greed shined in everyone’s eyes.

After the Reboot there was hardly any new source for power as all the world’s fuel sources have been contaminated by flux. So flux was the only power source to be utilized. Every higher level city required a flux generator for its defense and to power the machines and equipment. The more energy the more powerful the city.

Light reached his room and found the mission data he had just received on the hand held communication device. It had to be known that the “Reboot” had almost wiped out the conventional communication devices, still the Holy Church had established its own private uninterrupted communication channel, this itself proved the power and technology it possessed.

Going through the data, Light frowned a little. As the Council had never given him such a vague mission before. All his previous missions had thorough data and intelligence attached to it.

The mission he had was to investigate an island situated in the middle of the ocean. According to the mission detail, the island had an unknown amount of “Flux” radiation seemingly related to either a new power source or an anomaly like a mutated beast. The upper level believed it might be a new mutated beast which might endanger Humanity if left unhandled. Light was an orphan, he knew nothing about the world before the fall. He was born and brought up by the Holy Church. He was ingrained with the thought that the Holy Church was a righteous organization and they served Humanity for a greater good. Basically he was manipulated to work for the Holy Church. As one of the humans to have accessed such a high level of control on his powers, he always felt himself to be responsible for protecting the weak and powerless.

Light went through the data once more and started preparing for his mission. He had his team to accompany him. His Team also consisted of strong members, but unlike him they were not that powerful and could only use technology to overcome the difference between them, the mutated beasts and threat.

Light was a simple but a naive human. His sense of justice and the need to protect the weak made him vulnerable to many things. There were many occasions where his team had exploited his simplicity for gaining merit and fame. His team was made of leechers who used Light’s power for increasing their own merits and status.

Humans by nature have always been creatures with a strong sense of survival instinct and this might also be their power if looked from a different perspective. But when these instincts are lost in the world of luxury, power and status the real form of sins appear. But little did Light know that this mission was about to change his life and beliefs forever.




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