Chapter 19: The Mysterious Island


Author: Arya

“You must be fearless to travel on the journey of the unknown.”
-Lailah Gifty Akita


Inside an upgraded Black Hawk, Light and his team were having a discussion. The Black Hawk was upgraded to be more economical and sustain for longer flights. Their location, the mysterious island with the unknown Flux Radiation. Light had a serious face and was explaining the plan for the mission, but you could very well see that his team-mates only listened halfheartedly. Suddenly a voice was heard on the radio, it was the pilot of the team.

“Captain, we have spotted the island ahead.”

Even though Light was the Archbishop of the Church, his team-mates referred to him as captain. Though according to the Church’s convention it was mandatory to address your superior as their title, in case of Light it was- Archbishop Light.

“Roger. Activate the Flux Detector and scan for the exact location of the source on the island.”
Light answered on the radio and stood up and walked towards the pilot.

The pilot pushed a button and suddenly a wave of fluctuation was felt from the copter.

Suddenly an island showed up in front of the copter. That was an island with huge trees everywhere seemingly bringing the group to a pre-historic era. Strange sounds reverberated in the surrounding. The island did not look that big. But the aura it emitted was strange and creepy. Even Light was feeling strained by the aura. One should not forget Light was one of the top most powerful supernaturals in the current world.

“Captain, the detector seems to be getting severe interference from those trees. We are not able to scan the island from above.” The pilot looked at the display readings and reported.

“Understood, find me an open space and land. We will carry out the survey personally.” Light decided it was better to be on foot than on the air, as it might be dangerous in the air if the unknown flux reported turned out to be an anomaly.

Light turned around and ordered.

“Everyone get ready. We must carry our mission on foot. Remember to stay alert and act cautious. Long Live the Light.”

“LONG LIVE THE LIGHT” Everyone shouted.
The copter entered the island’s airspace, the pilot immediately found an open spot for landing near the shore. As soon as the copter landed the field team along with Light departed from the copter.

Light wore his Archbishop robe along, while the members of his team were heavily armed with flux grade weapons and nano-fiber suits. Flux grade weapons were the newly developed weapons which used the conventional mechanism but instead the metals were heavily doped with flux. Even the bullets were made of metals doped in flux, this helped the bullets to crack that hard carcass and thick skin of those mutated and Terra-formed creatures upto certain extent.

The use of Flux energy enabled the invention of new batteries, which coupled with the weapon system reduced the need for gunpowder and other agents in the bullets. Instead the electromagnetic force would push the bullets out of the barrel with minimum recoil.

“Stay in radio contact, in case we need air support. Make sure we have a retreat route prepared just in case.” Light ordered the pilots.

“Roger that sir,” the pilots saluted.

“Alright team, as per the mission guidelines we must find the source of the unknown flux radiation. Since we are in an unknown territory be prepared and do not lose sight of each other. We follow the delta formation.” Light ordered his team.

“Aye sir.” The team roared. Even though they sounded enthusiastic, their action told something else. If there was an experienced general commanding them he might have noticed it but, Light wasn’t one, he was just a war orphan.

The team then immediately spread and took delta formation with light at the tip and heavy artillery at the middle and light damage dealers on the sides. The team also had few medic in it, but they were not allowed on this mission as it was supposed to be a survey mission.

As the team proceeded forward activating their detectors, they found the environment to be very fascinating. The trees here were around 30 meters tall and had thick trunks. The vegetation here was all overgrown and if they weren’t careful enough they might even get lost in the woods. As the team moved forward, Light became more restless due to the silence and the atmosphere. He felt as if he was being stared at by a predator. His senses screamed at him to run away from here. But he thought it was just his imagination due to the aura of this place. Even then he ordered his team to be careful.


Suddenly a scream was heard from the left flank, followed by another. Light radioed in the team but got no response. He ordered the rest of the team to move towards the location of the left flank where the scream was heard with their weapons ready to fire at will.

The team arrived at the location and were stunned. They found the bodies of their team members lying in a pool of blood with deep cuts, some on the belly with their intestines emerging from the cut and some headless with their eyes wide open with terror in them. Light was flabbergasted by the scene. He ordered everyone to be calm and collect their tags and supplies. Meanwhile he channeled his flux energy into his body.

Light was awakened with a rare power of Psychokinesis, in fact he was one of the strongest in the world. The power system of the current world was heavily divided into two different divisions. One was personal power, gained through training and hardwork, other was the power gained through the evolution of genes. The second type was again divided into different types. The supernatural power gained due to an inheritance or bloodline and other was the awakening of power due to mutation. Light was one of the rare awakeners.

Light swept the area with his Psychic force but could not find any signs of living creatures. He was just about to retrieve his force, when he caught a slight fluctuation from behind. The sign showed someone moving at an incredible speed, even his force could not react in time. His expression changed. The first response he took was as he channeled his flux and conjured a barrier made of pure Psychic force around the area of his team. It hardly took a second, and a bang was heard. The team members were frightened by the sound and hurriedly looked towards the source.

A black panther-like beast with deep black eyes and scales on his body could be seen outside the barrier. The beast looked at the barrier with fear in his eyes and growled slowly. The team members were frightened looking at the creature. The beast was around 2 meters tall and wide as an elephant. But as they looked at the barrier they controlled their fear as they thought that the beast would soon be destroyed by their captain. But reality was always harsh.


As soon as the beast hit the barrier, Light was stunned and puked blood. His entire body along with his organs vibrated due to the impact. The barrier was made of Psychic force, which was considered as a part of the Psychic’s body. Light found it difficult to maintain the barrier and commanded everyone while gritting his teeth.

“Everyone, man your positions we will be fighting this beast.”

His team members were stunned but still responded with loading sounds of guns and batteries clicking. As soon as Light removed the barrier, the beast ran towards the nearest member of the team and tore apart his body. A fountain of blood scattered all around. The team members were stunned and quickly started firing towards the source. But the beast was nowhere to be found. Light blasted the area with his Psychic force but these deepened his injuries and he groaned.

The team members were frightened as they watched blood dripping from their captain’s mouth. They were now thoroughly frightened, when the scene repeated itself again and another team member’s body was torn apart by the beast. The members started firing and there was total chaos in the region. Light tried to maintain his energy and channel flux to fight, but he was not able to. He could barely even stay awake. He watched with anger in his eyes as the beast tore apart his team members one by one.

There was blood everywhere along with the parts of the body scattered around. The beast finished with the team members and rushed towards Light. As Light was injured he could only conjure a barrier to protect himself. The beast slammed on the barrier and Light eyes turned heavy in an instant and he lost consciousness due to energy depletion. As Light closed his eyes he saw a woman who appeared from above and slammed the beast. It was the last scene he remembered.




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