Chapter 2: Unknown.


Author: Arya

James waited silently for Percy to speak.

After what seemed like an eternity Percy spoke.

“Please prepare a new batch of tea leaves for the tea, as I am finished with the current one.” Percy spoke with a severe tone indicating the sternness of the issue.

“Right away, Young Master. Well then Excuse me.” James nearly escaped a brutal scenario. James excused himself and left speedily.

Percy was seated in the chair seemingly lost in some thoughts.


It had been almost a decade since the exploration mission to the moon began. Ten years was a long span of time. In ten years, there had been a lot of development in the ruin exploration mission. A space station was established in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) in order to reduce the cost consumption for further exploration missions by keeping the façade of space technology development. Further manned missions to the moon were banned by the Federation, for the fear of the unknown being released.

The Jackson group was heavily involved in these missions. The space station was jointly supported by Jackson Group, United Federation, some other small groups and organizations from the world. Percy being the founder of the group was aware of the true purpose of the space station. But the Federation was not the first to discover the ruins. You see, the Jackson’s had their own satellite communication systems, as the encrypted message was being delivered it was coincidentally intercepted by the groups satellite. Percy ordered strict restrictions to seal all leakage of the said information. As a leading group in the field of science and technology it wasn’t hard for them to decrypt the message. And so, the Jackson’s became aware of something unfathomable.

Percy understood the severity of the message. Thus, the Jackson’s planted an infiltrator in the space station. The job of that person was to periodically monitor the exploration mission’s data, received from the unmanned rovers and other equipment used in the exploration mission. The infiltrator was successful in transferring some highly confidential information.

The ruins were situated inside the center of a crater on the moon. There were signs of war and heavy damage around the ruins. The ruins very oddly resembled an ancient Mayan temple like structure. Though the material and other aspects of the structure were still unknown, the resemblance provided some clue behind the history. Soon a covert manned mission was launched from the Space Station to the moon, after a couple of years the exploration mission started.

The manned mission was to carry two astronauts to the crater for a short time surveillance and return to the station with some samples. Also, along with that a special unmanned rover was to be installed near the crater. This rover was designed and built by the Jackson group. On the surface the rover would survey the structure, but remotely it was controlled by the group to gather high quality samples, unknown even to the Federation.

The rover was successfully deployed and the astronauts left as soon as the rover was deployed. They would return after the rover had completed its mission, to collect the samples. As the rover was built by the Jackson group, they received uninterrupted transmission of the footage and were the ones responsible for its handling. But as the rover proceeded with the survey inside the temple it lost connection. Yet it did not stop. The rover was preprogrammed for the task and could transmit the information later. The information it transferred later made Percy’s heart pound.


Inside the temple the rover found an unnatural phenomenon. A cocoon seated on a metallic throne. It could very well be described as a giant with a height of approximately double the size of humans. Although there were no signs of life from inside, the area near the throne contained a cube the size of about half a finger. Strangely enough the cube floated in the air and glowed with a faint purple luster. The walls of the room had a robust feeling. The cocoon was connected to the ceiling with various metallic tubes. After having seen what was being transmitted Percy made sure that the important part about the cube was kept secret from the Federation. As the rover completed its mission, the astronauts departed to collect the rover and the samples. Coincidentally, the astronaut responsible for the retrieval was the infiltrator. He was to move outside the lander to collect the samples. Apart from that he had received a secret mission to store and retrieve the cube. The cube was successfully retrieved and sent secretly to the HQ of the Jackson’s group for research.

Human Race. What do Humans know about themselves? What is the reason behind their existence? Were they just a product of natural Evolution? Is their sole aim reproduction? These are all the questions any human must have thought. It can be assumed that Humanity’s survival doesn’t depend on the planet Earth if they learn about space travel. Humanity’s survival depends on the Human race and the Universe.

Mayan Civilization. A civilization built on the foundation of rules, hierarchy and culture. It can be considered as one of the most developed civilizations of that age. But what was the reason for their downfall? The mysteries behind their disappearance. It is believed that something unknown happened which shook their foundations to the extreme, resulting in their downfall. But Why only Mayan? The reason lies in the structure found on the moon. Its resemblance to the Mayan temples found on Earth.


Inside a heavily fortified bunker on the island, Percy and James were looking at the results from the latest spectroscopic test conducted on the cube. The results were heaven defying. The material contained the base composition of mercury, but had a solidified and even stronger structure than diamond.

“Uncle James, what do you think?” Percy asked James.

One could see the frustration and the eagerness in his eyes. It had been a week since the sample arrived. Percy took it into his own hands to experiment, as the less people knew about it the better.

“Young Master, seriously speaking even if I understood, I would not know.” James replied. He accompanied Percy the whole time during the experiment.

Percy sighed, he took the cube in his left hand and started removing the gloves from his right hand using his teeth. Accidentally he bit his finger too hard and the finger started bleeding.

All of a sudden, the cube started floating on its own and a drop of Percy’s blood was condensed in the air which was then mysteriously absorbed by the cube.

A blinding purple light was released by the cube which enshrouded the whole room.


James shouted as he hurriedly caught Percy who had unknowingly fallen unconscious.


A knock was heard and Percy collected his thoughts, as James entered with a new batch of Tea leaves. He immediately busied himself with the tea leaves.

Percy massaged his forehead in a complicated manner.

As James saw this action of Percy, he sighed and spoke.

“Young master, I know you are being burdened with a seemingly impossible task. All the things you mentioned can make a person feel despair and gloom. But never forget your principles and always strive to live by it.”

Percy listened to the words spoken by James. James has been Percy’s guardian and the only family he has left.

“Uncle James… Thank you, but I am not some saviour or hero. I cannot save everyone, but I will not take this lying down either. I am a fighter. Fighting is all I have known. If fate shall be my opponent, I will fight fate. If destiny binds me, I shall fight those binds. Fight. No matter how much I fall, I will keep on fighting till I die. I fight not to save. I fight not to change my fate. I fight because I should. For I am a fighter.”

As Percy spoke those words, one could see a fire in his eyes. His pupils were black and inside that darkness one could see a fire burning. A fire not strong enough to drive away the darkness, but strong enough to let you fight it.

“Uncle James, what about our latest Intel. Is the news confirmed?” Percy asked.

“Yes, according to the investigation, the report has been confirmed. Shall we take action sir?” James replied after thinking about a while.

“Let it be, we shall proceed with our plan. Uncle James, contact me if anything necessary comes out” said Percy as he moved away from the chair. He moved to an elevator inside the room and inserted some commands on the screen to the left side, the elevator stopped for a second and started moving downwards speedily.

After a few minutes a chime rang and the elevator door opened. Percy moved outside and what greeted him was his usual study room with many books and equipment.

“Welcome, sir.” A mechanical voice greeted him.

This was the place where Percy did his research and experiment, moving toward his seat he closed his eyes for a moment and opened them again. His eyes contained determination and confidence.

“Aria, send out the invitation,” said Percy with a firm voice and some sadness mixed in it.



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