Chapter 20: True Seven Sins


Author: Arya

Meanwhile, after the span of 7 months from the Reboot. On the island of the Jackson group, Level 4 of the base, there were seven capsules filled with certain liquid, while the display projected numerous calculations on the screen. A voice echoed in the silence.

[Reached completion for capsule no 1.]

[Initiating termination sequence.] [Pssssh]

The capsule lid was pushed open and Percy emerged from inside the capsule. He coughed a few times harshly, seemingly a dry mouth. After a few minutes he clenched his fists and felt the power within him. His mind now contained many new things. He had gained different Knowledge which could only be experienced with time.

“Welcome back Captain.” Aria replied with an automated voice.

“Hmm, it feels good Aria. Show me my body report.” Percy commanded. The capsule had integrated in his body a chip, which would provide a real-time scan of the entire body. It was basically to keep track of any abnormality or harmful effect on the body due to the procedure.

A string of Data went past the display and a portrait of a human body along with all its details, from the brain to the neurons was displayed on it.

“Hmm, my neural response has increased by 20 percent.”

While 20 percent may sound small but one must remember, this 20 percent may bring many new changes to one’s body. Including, faster processing speed, better reflexes and what not.

“Sir, According to the regimen your body has been transformed by inculcating cosmic energy. Through the adverse effect of evolution on the genetic structure has been kept under control, the ability one gains from the process is still unknown and has various factors into consideration depending on your ancestral heritage and bloodline.”

Aria explained the basic mechanics behind the whole procedure to Percy.

“Interesting, I can feel something different with my body. There are many new things in my mind too. I will be needing time to digest all the information. How much time has been elapsed till now and when will the procedure be complete, Aria ?” Percy asked, clenching and opening his fists again and again.

“Sir, the procedure needs 24 hours more to be completed. A total of 7 months have been passed since the beginning of the procedure. A complete report of the current world situation is being prepared and will be delivered in a few hours.” Aria responded, it seemed as if Aria was turning more emotionally capable than before.

Percy didn’t notice this minor detail in Aria. He usually kept a track of Aria’s emotional capability to monitor the growth of Aria. He casually turned around and ordered.

“Okay, open the training level. I might adjust to my new powers over there.”

Level 2 of the base was for training and living. Percy entered the Level and sat crossed legged on the ground in a meditative posture. Lots of information was being digested by his brain in the process. The information he received was from genetic evolution due to the injection of cosmic energy. Certain parts of his brain were unlocked giving him more access to bodily functions and control.

Time seemed like an eternity for Percy as he opened his eyes after a few minutes. The information he gained was flabbergasting. Percy moved towards the training area where a punching machine was located. He used his newly obtained power and punched lightly.


As he punched, the air around his fist vibrated and created a swooshing sound. The punch connected with the machine and the number displayed on it was 7. The machine was designed to test the hydraulic pressure and used a grading system. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. 7 was a pretty good score. It must be known that before the Reboot, the highest number reached was 5.

Percy seemed disturbed a bit and was not satisfied by this number. He shrugged and returned to Level 4 as the report was now prepared.

“Okay Aria, go ahead.” He commanded.

“Roger that sir. As the procedure started, the United Federation moved ahead with their plan. The virus rapidly spread and the whole world was contaminated by it in 3 months. The current world has been stabilized and divided into many powers- “

“Okay wait, keep that information aside for a minute. Give me the current status of the island and the mansion.” Percy interrupted Aria and commanded.

“The island went into defensive mode as the virus was detected in the atmosphere. The mansion is safeguarde according to the protocols you set. The island defense monitoring system has detected many mutated and Terra-formed beasts. Several of these have a mythological inheritance. The mansion was attacked a few times by a beast which had mythological inheritance of a Hydra. Although the weapons repelled it successfully, it has been lurking around. The defense capability of the mansion has decreased to around 70% because of the Hydra. The conversion engine has been functioning properly. Weapons and Equipment have successfully completed the initial prototyping phase and are ready to be used on the field.”

Aria explained the important aspect of the island and the mansion.

“Is the Hydra still lurking around?” Percy asked.

“Affirmative sir.” Aria responded.

“Alright, prepare the aerial transport, let’s have an on field demonstration of the weapons and the powers from the mutation.” Percy responded with a savage glint in his eyes.


Level 1 of the base. A sleek looking Osprey calmly waited for the departure. Inside the Osprey was Percy. In front of him was a shelf equipped with weapons and a metallic suit- Titan.

Percy donned the suit and attached the weapon to the suits back. He sat on the Osprey and ordered.

“Okay Aria, the drill is simple. Our primary goal is to test the weapons and equipment, so let us utilize it in an effective manner. Let us start with lower tier weapons and switch to higher ones afterwards.”

“Roger that sir.” Aria replied.

“Take me to the location.” Ordered Percy.

A boom was heard as the hydraulic lift carried the Osprey up above for lift off.

As the hanger door opened, the engines started roaring into life. The Osprey was lifted from the ground with ease and roared its engines towards the direction of the forest.

“How is efficiency?” Percy asked.

“The engine efficiency is at 5% and Hull integrity is stable at 100%.” Aria replied from the speaker.

“Good, ETA ?” Percy asked.

“Approaching the target zone in 5 seconds.” Aria answered.

As soon Aria was finished reporting the Osprey had reached the target zone.

Percy could see huge trees in the forest, behind the trees was a small pond and a silhouette of a huge beast could be seen inside the pond. The pond had a radius of around 3 km. The beast inside the pond occupied almost half of the pond. As the Osprey reached the air space above the pond, the water below was blasted open and a huge beast which looked like a snake appeared.

The beast looked like a cobra, despite its huge size there was nothing new in its body structure visible to the naked eye.

“Is it really a Hydra?” Percy asked.

“According to the data, the bloodline power is comparable to a Hydra’s from the database. The evolution hasn’t been completed yet.” Aria provided an explanation.

“What are the chances of me winning against it?” Percy asked again.

“If taking only the weapons and the suit. You had 5% chance of winning before, now taking into account the new body. The chance has increased to 40%.” Aria reported back.

“Interesting, tell me Aria, according to the new world’s convention how should we rate this beast?”

“Sir, the beast has a defense level capable of withstanding a full frontal nuclear strike.” Aria kept an example.

“Alright, lets not keep the beast waiting.”

Percy said and moved towards the back door of the Osprey.

Meanwhile the snake was observing the strange object in front of it while emitting a hissing sound.

As the hydra snake saw a tiny being jumping from the back of the object, it hissed again and ignored the tiny being. The snake was around 10 meters in length and 5 meters in width.

As Percy jumped from the Osprey, he activated the thrusters behind the suit and landed softly on the ground. Percy seemed annoyed as the snake just ignored him.

He took out his rifle from the back and clipped the battery into position and took aim. The battery issued sounds of whistling and a panel appeared on his visage of the helmet, indicating a progress bar.

After what seemed like a few minutes the progress bar reached hundred percent and the rifle emitted a purple light along with a loud whistling noise.

The snake immediately heard the noise and noticed the disturbance in the surrounding. It looked towards the source and found the tiny being holding a stick which emitted ripples of astonishing power which terrified it.

As Percy saw the snake notice it. He aimed the rifle towards the snake. The thrusters on his back again roared into life, pushing him forward a bit as he pressed the trigger.





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