Chapter 21: Rock and Roll


Author: Arya


As Percy released the trigger he felt an immense recoil from the rifle. He could only stay stable due to the thrusters and Titan’s impact absorbing mechanism.

A bullet in the form of a ray of light launches itself from the barrel moving at a supersonic speed towards the Hydra. As soon as it hits the shell of the Hydra a seemingly impossible thing happens.

As the Hydra watched the tiny being pull the trigger a huge force was impacted in a tiny area of its shell. It felt like a sting of a bee. A tiny little wound opened up on its shell out of which blue blood spilled out. It hissed angrily towards the tiny being certainly very irritated.


Percy watched as the wound the bullet had made healed in a matter of seconds and the bullet was repulsed as it healed. The visage of its helmet showed the amount of damage was negligible to none in a few seconds.

“Hmm. It seems I am doomed now!” Percy questioned his survivable identity.

The Hydra turned its massive body again towards the Osprey which was still in the air floating like a predator. The only reason the Hydra hadn’t attacked was because its instincts made it not to.

Okay, so the AP rounds work well, but the damage is not much. Let us switch to HE rounds. Percy thought as he unclipped the magazine and left the battery attached. He then took a new magazine from his ammo belt located on the waist of Titan and loaded it.

Unlike the AP rounds the HE rounds require less energy, just enough to propel the load towards the target.


The magazine clicked in and Percy took an aim against the target and fired. It takes long to describe the process but everything happened in seconds.

The bullet reached the target. The Hydra had decided to ignore the tiny being and focus on the Osprey, as the bullet reached it and-

A huge blast ensued after the impact.


A loud hiss was heard as the Hydra moved its head towards Percy and launched itself. It had a huge wound on its shell which was healing at a very fast rate. By the time it had reached its location, the wound was healed.

Percy watched as the Hydra approached it. He buckled the rifle on his back and took a retractable meter length sword. He positioned himself with the sword held in his right hand near his chest and left foot forward.

The Hydra was enraged seeing that the tiny being decided to go against it.

It increased its speed.

Like a blur it reached Percy’s location. Percy had already activated Titan at its full capacity. You see Titan as a nanofiber suit was very advanced. It’s helmet was integrated with a Brain Computer Interference. It was like a mini body controlled by the user’s brain. Percy utilized it to the fullest.

He jumped up as the Hydra approached the thrusters taking him up into the sky. He slashed downwards with the thruster supporting its downfall giving it more impact and momentum.

“DIE!” Percy roared as he slashed the blade on the head of the Hydra.

A slashing sound was heard as the shell of the Hydra was torn open by the blade.

The Hydra swung its huge tail to swat the tiny being down and crush it simultaneously. As the tail approached Percy, he lightly kicked it and used the momentum gained to launch itself again at its head.

The fight between Hydra and Percy was intense. It seemed as if Percy was gaining an upper hand as the wounds on its body increased, but the amount of strain Percy’s mind was facing was immense. Percy’s mind had to concentrate on the fight and co-ordinate with Titan too at the same time. It was taking a heavy toll on him.

After a few minutes the moment arrived when Percy lost his concentration and was hit by the large tail of the Hydra and flung into the pond. The Hydra took this chance to heal its wounds. The wounds on its body were mainly superficial. By the time Percy stabilized and returned all its wounds were healed. The Hydra had gained its strength again.

“Ah Shit! All that hard work for nothing.” As Percy was contemplating on whether to fight from the start or just leave. He received a message from Aria.

“Sir, if I may suggest we must also check the weapon system on board the Osprey.”

“Ah Yes, I totally forgot. Thanks Aria.” Percy responded.

He jumped again and the thrusters took him into the air towards the Osprey again.

As Percy boarded the Osprey, he commanded.

“Aria, load the weapon system.”

“Roger that, sir.” Aria responded.

[Weapon system online.]

The onboard computer assistant sounded. As the weapon system came online, it was linked to Titan’s neural network enabling ease of control and access.

“All right let’s take this baby out of the target’s Attack range.” As Percy spoke he maneuvered the Osprey.

Percy locked on to the Hydra’s heat signature and started the demonstration. He fired machine guns towards the Hydra loaded with AP rounds.

The bullet swished like a laser and hit the Hydra on mark. The Hydra tried its best to dodge but was again hit by it. Even then the damage done was not impactful.

Percy then changed the attack mode to cannons. The automatic firing cannons roared to life and fired shots after shots of HE rounds which created a heatwave after impact.

Yet when the wave settled the Hydra was still there. There was a metallic sheen to its shell. The impact was negligible. The Hydra swung its huge tail towards the Osprey, even though it was evaded, the airflow made the aircraft unstable. The Hydra took this time and healed itself and opened its mouth.

A huge ball of fire was then shot out of its mouth towards the Osprey.

Ah shit, I didn’t think it could do that. Percy thought.

“Sir, it seems that the fight with you triggered its mutation giving it new abilities.” Aria responded.


Percy activated the missile system and locked on to the Hydra’s heat signature, which was close to none.

He activated the newly developed and less produced RE(Radioactive Explosive) rounds. These rounds were prepared with doping the conventional Radioactive metals with cosmic energy. The product was highly dangerous. It melted everything that was contaminated with cosmic energy as it touched and the easy way of preserving it was to use lead.

Percy fired the shot. The instincts of Hydra screamed for it to run away. As it had only been half a year before it was born. It hadn’t even fully developed its capability, as it froze due to the threat of death.

The missile slammed hard on its shell, creating no sound. The shell of the Hydra melted slowly. The Hydra’s very being was a walking mountain of cosmic energy.

Percy watched as the Hydra melted away.


Percy had just returned from his trip. He walked towards the Research facility situated at Level 5 of the base along with the blood sample of the Hydra.

As he reached, he gently put the blood on the table, held it in his hands and closed his eyes and concentrated.

The blood started boiling and a dense blue liquid slowly floated towards Percy, he opened his mouth and swallowed it. Soon, Percy’s body started emitting heat and he started screaming and gritting his teeth.

A lot of images in the form of memories came floating into his mind. Memories of him running amok in the forest. Sliding and swimming in the pond and so on, it seemed that the memories were of the Hydra.

After what seemed like an eternity he opened his eyes, there was an additional navy blue tint in his eyes.

Percy approached the table, took a knife and cut his palm. Blood started flowing from his body. He concentrated his attention on the wound and slowly but surely the wound started to heal. Within a few minutes there was no wound.

“Hmm. The effect isn’t like the Hydra but should do.” Percy spoke to himself.
It seemed that Percy’s ability had to do something with absorbing other’s abilities. As Percy was immersed into the study a message was heard from Aria.

“Sir the procedure is about to finish. Your presence is requested at the facility.” Aria responded.

“Okay, I am on my way.” Percy spoke.

Percy soon reached Level 4 of the base. As soon as he reached the Base a string of messages was heard.

[Reached completion for capsule no 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6 ,7.]

[Initiating termination sequence for all the capsules.] [Pssssh] [Pssssh] [Pssssh] [Pssssh] [Pssssh] [Pssssh]

Six capsules which were loaded were now empty and opened at the same time simultaneously. Percy watched as one by one all of those inside the capsules opened their eyes and slowly moved out from the capsules. When they were all out he spoke.

“Welcome to the new world, my fellow Sins.”




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