Chapter 22: Up-gradation


Author: Arya


Percy greeted them as six people emerged from the capsules. The aura emitted by them was quite raw yet strong. These six were the remaining members of the team. Everyone checked on their own body condition, you could see the look of surprise on their faces especially Jason who was busy clenching his left hand for confirmation. It must be noted that he had lost his whole hand before during the rare mission, but now it was as if the injury did not even exist.

“I know you all are surprised but let me remind you it has been almost more than half a year since you went to undergo the procedure. The world right now hasn’t been the same since it was before. Even I do not know the full details of what transpired. Also about your procedure I will explain to you in detail, but first get yourself cleaned and have some food. We will meet at the conference room in a couple of hours.” Percy spoke to the remaining sins.

Even though there were many questions, the sins were feeling uncomfortable and followed what Percy told them too.

Aria guided everyone to their respective rooms on Level 1.

After two hours in the conference room, everyone was gathered and seated. Kevin was munching on some sandwiches while Lucifer was having juice.

Diane and Sophie were having a private girl talk, while Jason was still looking at his left hand with utter shock and surprise.

The doors to the room were opened and Percy entered along with James. It seemed that James preferred to come with Percy. Percy gestured James to have a seat.

After James was seated everyone’s attention shifted towards Percy, expecting an answer.

“Alright, let us start with the procedure first. Aria will be explaining to you in depth about it.” Percy spoke and took his seat.

“Hello Everyone, my name is ARIA. I am an artificial intelligence birthed by the use of modern computer technology and an ancient heritage of the Deva race. My sole purpose of existence is to help Humanity fend off the attacks of the Deva’s.”

“The procedure which the team undertook was a controlled procedure to excavate the recessive genetic information hidden inside the dimensional layer of the Genetic structure. The concept is similar to how a brain has almost unlimited capacity for storing. Every human being’s genetic structure contains an inheritance which was suppressed by a mysterious process which cannot be discussed now.”

“The procedure involved the method of injecting a safe amount of cosmic energy at a cellular level, which would create a quantum dimensional fold extracting the hidden information in the genetic structure. The power you feel now is because of this change. Due to this process each individual gains an unknown ability and is able to harness the cosmic energy present in nature. Also known as Spirit Energy by ancient humans.”

Lucifer who was chugging on to his juice suddenly spoke.

“So, you mean to say that the ‘cosmic energy’ or let’s assume the ‘spirit energy’ is still present in the atmosphere. I thought the so-called ‘spirit energy’ was reduced due to the heavy population and pollution of the species.”

“Incorrect sir Lucifer, cosmic energy is an omnipresent energy. The absence of cosmic energy in the atmosphere was due to it being sucked out from the planet.” Aria corrected and continued.

“It is all I can say for now. The presence of cosmic energy has led to the evolution process of the entire living race on the planet. It has been almost 7 months since the beginning. The majority of the population has been turned degenerate and crave for the flesh of every living being as they were not able to contain such mass influx of knowledge.”

“Unlike them, your procedures have been conducted in a safe and controlled environment. I believe this is all I have been permitted to speak. Rest of the information at a different time.”

“Alright Aria, thank you for the information. Though the majority of you have no idea about what Aria just mentioned so we will skip the parts. In short we have been granted superpowers. Next up will be your missions.”

As Percy got up a hologram of an island appeared on the table along with red marks.

“As you can see here, this is our island. The island’s creatures have Terra-formed to a dangerous level due to a high concentration of cosmic energy present on the island. So our first mission is to make sure these threats have been wiped out and also getting adapted to your newly acquired powers.”

The mention of powers sparked a new light in everyone’s eyes.

“I am giving you an hour to at least get information about the powers you received and we will meet again here. Until then dismissed.” Percy said.

Everyone got up and left the room.

After an hour everyone gathered in the room again. As everyone was seated Percy spoke.

“Okay, let’s start with Jason.”

Jason cleared his throat and spoke.

“I don’t know much about it but I guess it is related to Reinforcement. If I try hard then I can use my blood for reinforcing my body. I guess that is pretty much it.”

“Alright go ahead, next.” Percy spoke again.

Next in line was Lucifer. Instead of speaking he pointed at the empty glass on the table and suddenly it started floating.

“Good, it seems you have awakened a rare Telekinesis power.” Percy spoke.

Lucifer who was now panting as if just all the energy in his body had been drained.

Seemingly the tests continued.

Diane had developed another rare elemental power. She transferred a bit of tissue at a distance of two meters ahead. It was spatial power.

Sophie too, like a sister, gained a manipulation type of power. She could manipulate the energy around her to act for her.

Kevin developed the power of metal manipulation. He was like a living magnet. But unlike a stationary one he could produce the magnetic force depending on his choice, though not now.

And last but not the least James. He had developed a rather rare dual elemental power. He could control Earth as well as harness Dark elements.

After the completion of the tests. Percy smirked.

“Alright everyone, it seems our luck isn’t bad. We have some rare powers over here. Talking about my power, I have the same power as Jason. Remember according to the ancients the power you have can be developed if you practice and unlock more knowledge. Also you must also increase the amount of cosmic energy in your body. For this Aria will be sending you your personalized manuals for training.”

“Now let us move towards another one of the main tasks. A mercenary is only good as his or her weapon. So now let me introduce your weapons.” Percy spoke with a new look of excitement on his face.

“Each individual will be provided with different sets of weapons depending on your choice. Since you were doing missions earlier I had them prepared for you according to them.”

“Jason, you will be equipped with a Titan grade nano-fiber suit same as mine along with an upgraded Carbine and two Desert Eagles, your standard weapon configuration but upgraded. Also an upgraded combat knife capable of slashing through diamond like tofu.”

“Lucifer, since you aren’t much of a fighter. You will be provided with a similar Titan grade nano-suit and two upgraded Desert Eagle pistols. Plus since you have developed Telekinetic powers, you will be provided with nano-chips which could be controlled by your powers.”

“Diane, similarly you have a Phoenix grade nano-fiber suit. Your suit would be different as it has an camouflage with regards to your ability which you may explore as for as weapons are concerned you may use from the one’s available.”

Similarly everyone received their own nano-fiber suits and weapons for the purpose of training.
Percy had upgraded a wide range of weapons and developed individual suits for the need of the same. Sophie received an extra sword for she was adept at swordplay.

“Alright, I hope everyone understands now. We will take a rest for the day and then continue on our mission from tomorrow onwards.”

The next day, the sinners were all ready and equipped with their weapons and suit boarding the Osprey.

“Kevin, you shall be the pilot along with Lucifer, your co-pilot for the Osprey. You must learn all the functions. Remember the point out that this Osprey is the last line for our defense and offense. Lucifer you must get acquainted with the weapon system on board. Aria will guide you both.” Percy said to Kevin and Lucifer as they entered.

The Osprey wasn’t that big but was equipped with some small machines and had a fold-able table.

“Diana and Sophie since you both are well aware of treatment, you will be responsible for emergency treatments in case of injuries.” Percy gestured towards Diane and Sophie.

“Alright team, it’s time to roll out.”




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