Chapter 23: The World Outside.


Author: Arya

In the airspace above the island the Osprey moved in a circular manner as Percy instructed the sinners.

“Alright, the first mission is to map the island and so we won’t be getting into fights for now. We are looking for dangerous areas as well as a route for actual training. Aria how do we map the danger level?” Percy asked Aria through the communication device mounted on his wrist.

“Sir, satellite imagery suggests that the area with an increased amount of cosmic energy radiation is supposed to be more dangerous due to the abnormal Terra-formed creatures and the mutated vegetation.” Reported Aria.

“Alright, you heard it. So let’s get going.” Percy retorted.

It took the sins almost half a day to map the whole island. There were even situations where they had to move to a higher altitude so as to prevent encounters with dangerous creatures.

The island had an area of about 3000 sq km. It was shaped like a crescent moon with the island situated on the southside of the island. A map was drawn with many areas marked with different colors on it.


Next day, the sins were loaded with only their weapons and nothing else as they set on foot. As they reached the mansion gates, the thick heavy metallic doors which had been closed for a long time opened with a screeching noise.

The scene outside the gates was frightening. The ground outside the gates was littered with blood of different colors and species. There were few carcasses of different Terra-formed creatures too.


As the sins moved outside the gates. The gates closed with a bang.

Only now, one could realize how colossal the black walls were. The weapons mounted on the walls shone with a glint of sunshine highlighting their destructiveness.

“Alright everyone, let us move out. Let us move according to the plan.” Percy ordered.

The plan was simple. They would move in the island from the southern end to the northern end, fighting and surviving against the Terra-formed creatures and sharpening their battle instincts and adaptability. The island was infested with many strong Terra-formed creatures too, but the sins couldn’t fight them due to their low power and strength. The reason for such dangerous Terra-Formed creatures was the density of Cosmic energy present on the island.

The sins moved while forming a Heptagonal formation which consisted of Percy and Jason in the back. Kevin and Lucifer along the sides behind them were Diana and Sophie and James in the front.

Since James was an Earth Element holder he was responsible for tanking while Kevin and Lucifer would provide support along with offense. The main damage dealers were Percy and Jason with their enhanced powers and skills.

The sins moved ahead in the forest with thick and huge trees. The aura there was dark and full of danger. One could hear the voices of various animals mixed in the surroundings. The sins were equipped with a cosmic energy detector for detection purposes.

The first priority was to find a place to camp and gather necessary supplies like food and water. Since, this was more of a surviving mission, the ammunition they had with them was limited. They had to use raw fighting techniques and hone their instincts using cold weapons. The destructive weapons were only for dangerous situations. As the sins moved forward, the area was relatively safe as they were near the location of the mansion defense system.

After an hour as they moved further away from the mansion defense systems the nerves of the sins were turning tense by each passing moment. They reached an open space, which was surrounded by shrubs and bushes thick enough when all of a sudden the detector showed an increase in activity in the vicinity.

Percy gestured for the team to hold their positions and get close. Soon lots of growling noise could be heard around them.

“It seems we are already surrounded.” Diane muttered softly.

Everyone got ready with their weapons. Percy had a sword in his hand, Diane and Sophie a katana and James with a greatsword, Kevin and Jason held short blades. As everyone got ready the aura around them reverberated with a thick stench of blood and savageness. Red lights which seemed like eyes started flickering in the bushes. As they were about to launch an attack, the creature showed itself. The team was flabbergasted, as the seemingly tense atmosphere suddenly disappeared in a flash. The creature in front of them was a small black pup. The red eye like light was nothing but a shining gem in his mouth.

“Aww, what an adorable puppy.” Sophie moved towards the pup.

“Alright everyone, it seems that the aura of the forest is taking a toll on us. We must be alert but let us not turn paranoid.” Percy instructed. Sophie and Diane were playing with the pup. Well, no one wouldn’t as the small pup had a factor of cuteness in it.

“Let us move forward.” Percy instructed.

Sophie left the pup on the ground. She left a pack of dried meat for it to eat. The small black pup watched as the sins moved ahead. It sniffed for a few minutes and devoured the whole packet of dried meat while running forward towards the direction the sins went.

As the sins moved forward they were greeted with a grassland. This was supposed to be their main camp point for the day. Although the grassland wasn’t that far from the base, they had still decided to camp here for at least a day in order to get used to the aura and the environment of the forest.

“Alright team, we have reached our first camp-point, as we decided before we will be setting up no camps. The respective person responsible for the jobs must do it by themselves.” Percy shouted.

Since the training was for survival and developing the powers, each member of the team was decided with certain roles by Sophie who would be handling the logistics of the team.

Kevin and James were responsible for food, Jason and Lucifer were responsible for the water. Sophie and Diana were responsible for the safety of the temporary shelter ground, Percy was also responsible for food, but he had personally asked for the team to handle the logistics and supply for a few days as he was having trouble lately with his power.

Nobody doubted him and gave him his space, but Percy lied to them. He had problems with his newly developed ability, but it wasn’t the one which he disclosed. Yes, Percy had another ability which only he was aware of, it was genetic manipulation. This ability allowed him to manipulate his genetic structure to incorporate abilities from a different genetic structure. This ability was a gift from Cero. It was this ability that enabled Cero to produce a batch of human combatants to fight the war. Well, to reach Cero’s level he had to develop this ability to the highest level.

The problem he faced right now was that he utilized this ability to absorb the Hydra’s genetic ability that was regeneration as he thought, but it was wrong. A Hydra was a mythological Tier Creature. Its genetic material consisted of many other elements which could not be handled by a human body. So Percy was trying his best to accommodate this new genetic material by using his other ability, bloodline manipulation. He was suppressing the genes of the Hydra and controlling his blood to absorb only some of its powers. It was taking a huge toll on him.

The reason why he kept this a secret was because he had trust issues.

As the group moved out to procure the resources a makeshift place to cook food and practice was created by Diana and Sophie.

After a few hours Jason and Lucifer returned, bringing with them bags filled with water.

An hour passed by, yet there was no sign of James and Kevin.

Ah shit, where did they go-


Just as Percy was about to leave to find them, they heard a shout.

Kevin was running while shouting and behind him a loud rumble could be heard as James followed by Kevin. As the group got closer they found their target, a Terra-formed brown bear was chasing them both.

“ALRIGHT!!. Team ready your weapons we have our first target in sight. Remember to use cold weapons as long as possible.” Percy shouted and unsheathed his sword from his back, while running towards the bear.

As Percy got closer to the bear, the bear paused and swung his huge paw with all his might. Percy changed his direction and tilted his body backwards a little to avoid the attack, but it turned out that the bear was more agile than him. The bear swatted Percy with his other paw and it hit Percy hard. He moved his sword to defend and was knocked out far.


Percy puked blood as he felt his arms almost dislocating from the sheer pressure of that attack.

Oh shit




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