Chapter 24: True Sins


Author: Arya

James watched as Percy was swatted like a fly by the huge bear. As a person who had been in the deadliest of the fights he could analyze the strength behind the strike.

Dammit, because of me Young Master Percy had to suffer.

As James and Kevin were out to hunt for food, they stumbled upon a shallow river. With the goal of catching some fishes they entered the river. It was all good at first as they had caught a few fishes and were about to return when James put forth his idea of catching an extra few.

As they went deeper they were spotted by the bear and all of a sudden the bear started attacking them. It would have been alright if they would have just left, but James insisted on fighting. Even James himself was baffled by his decision. As they fought James realized he could not defeat the bear and since they had left their weapons and ammunition in the camp they couldn’t defeat it. So all they had left was to run.

Thus as he watched Percy fight the bear he blamed himself.

To be honest it wasn’t James’ fault. Every sin in the team was unaware of the most important aspect included in their evolution process. It was for a reason the team was known as Seven Sins.

Humanity during their fight with the Deva race had an elite group, who fought at the frontlines. Each of those Elite combatants had one thing in common, an element hated by the Devas. An element which brought their strength to the maximum level.

These were the sins born from an extreme level of emotions. These combatants each had reached an extreme level of control on each of their sins, which not only increased their power level but also became the major force which drove away the Deva race.

The present day team of Percy had been induced with the power of each of those combatants. That implied every member had a Sin imbued in them which they must learn to control. It was this sin: The True Sin of Pride, that clouded James’ decision. But no one was aware of it.

Coming back to the situation, Percy felt as if his internal organs were shifted from the impact.

He held himself up with the help of his sword albeit barely able to stand. He could feel his regenerative powers kicking in. It would take at the least 15 to 20 minutes for him to move freely and time was not his friend.

The bear was slowly moving towards Percy.

Ah shit I did not want to use those weapons now, but I have no option left.

He reached out for his back and found nothing. The rifle he was looking for was left at the camp.

Damn you!

The bear moved slowly, closing the distance between Percy and itself.


When all of a sudden an electromagnetic zoom was heard.


Which was soon followed by an angry Roar.

The bear was shot in its leg. A small portion of its hind leg was missing. The bear swiftly turned around.

Jason was holding his rifle as he was the one who fired the shot. Even he was surprised by the impact behind the shot.

The bear was wounded, but the wound was small and did not affect its movements. Giving a huge roar it started to run clumsily towards Jason. Jason fired another bullet but nothing happened. The bullet just bounced off from its hide.

Percy who was watching the scene spoke in his intercom.

“Do not shoot it. It has increased his defense. The bear is able to divert its energy to increase speed or defense. Use the HE rounds. They would provide a force impact to it and might scare it away.”

The message was heard by every member.

“Everyone, you heard the captain. Load those HE rounds in your rifle and let’s blast this monstrous idiot.” Jason screamed which was followed by everyone mounting their rifle and loading sounds of the magazine.

The distance between the bear and the camp was hardly 500 meters. Due to the camp being situated in the center of the grassland they were able to see each and every moment by the bear.


As the last magazine was loaded. Jason, Diana and Sophie aimed at the bear and started firing.

The bullet was shot out of the barrel with a zoom and hit the bear.


A small blast was soon heard. The bear had been knocked backwards to an opposite direction from Percy. It tried to stabilize itself but was unsuccessful as another bullet hit it hard with a boom.

The rain of bullets soon drove the bear to the edge of the grassland, yet it wasn’t hurt at all. All it had were some minor scratches. The bear roared in frustration and soon turned around to leave.

Everyone sighed in relief as the bear left. They all slumped down and took deep breaths. Even Percy dragged his injured body towards the camp. He didn’t look injured at all, but he was really injured.

The time taken to describe the event was long, but everything from the spotting of the bear and its withdrawal was completed within a couple of minutes.

As Percy reached the camp. He didn’t bother anyone and started to meditate according to his technique.

Observing Percy meditating no one disturbed him.

Every Sin had been given a meditation technique to collect and store cosmic energy in their body cells. The more the energy the longer they could fight and also could use the energy to augment their senses and healing.

Percy was deep in meditation. He was greedily taking in the air from outside, although he wasn’t able to sense the cosmic energy present in the air it still helped him stabilize his injury to some extent.

“Gather around, this area isn’t safe. As soon as the captain is ready we must move after eating. Prepare the food, take some rest and keep count of the supplies. We must be alert.” Jason as the vice-captain gave instructions to the team.

Kevin and James were assigned the role of detecting any threat, Diana was preparing food and Sophie was taking count of the supplies with Kevin.

After 15 minutes Percy opened his eyes and spat out some foul air. The injury this time was pretty serious. Although he could move his body, it would require proper rest to heal properly.
As Jason saw Percy getting up, he moved towards him along with the other team members.

“Did you turn mad or what? What gave you the courage to fight that bear?” Percy was bombarded with questions by Diana.

“I am sorry for the rash decision. I will keep that in mind the next time. Uncle James and Kevin I need a full report on what happened for that bear to chase you and also someone please give me some food, man I am starving.” Percy jokingly said.

Jason handed Percy the roasted fish and gestured everyone for leaving him alone.

“Tell me, I have never seen you making such an irrational decision before.” Jason asked Percy.

“I don’t know, it was like I was suddenly overtaken by this intense feeling of rage and anger to crush that bear.” Percy answered. The frustration in his voice was clearly heard by Jason.

“Let me tell you something, it wasn’t just you I have noticed such strangeness in myself too. As soon as I saw that bear, the first thing that came to my find was to eat it. I hope you don’t find it crazy.” Jason spoke, sighing.

“I guess we will find out in time.” Percy spoke.

As Percy and Jason returned back to the team. Percy heard the account of James and Kevin, how they were met by the bear. Everyone thought it to be normal, only Percy felt that James’ decision was somewhat not right.

He could see James was feeling very ashamed of himself and his decision right n0ow as Kevin narrated the event.

“Uncle James, do you have anything to add?” Percy asked.

“Young master, it was because of my decision that we had to suffer. I am sorry for that and I would keep that in mind and make better decisions in the future.” James spoke with an apologetic tone.

“Alright, since now everyone has experienced the terror of the new world we must be more alert. Due to cosmic energy even a normal animal might be a predator, so keep that in mind. We must now take rest and prepare ourselves for tomorrow.” Percy spoke.

He then ordered the team to take rest and arranged the guard duties of everyone. First was Percy and Jason then James, Diana, Sophie and Kevin, meanwhile Lucifer who was spent by the bear’s incident was sleeping peacefully. As he was the brain of the group he didn’t need to fight.
As everyone finished their meals and went to rest, a black shadow was watching the group in silence from the far shades of the tree.




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