Chapter 25: Sin of Pride


Author: Arya

Percy and Jason were having their turn of patrolling, as everyone else slept and were taking rest.

“What do you think is the reason behind your sudden rage and anger?” Jason asked Percy who was tweaking with the detector to decrease its range while increasing the quality.

“I don’t know, it has been happening ever since the process and Aria says there was nothing wrong during the entire period. I do have a certain guess but it is just a guess.” Percy said chuckling.

“Okay, hope it does not affect you.” Jason said.

“Yeah, by the way did you notice Uncle James seems a little different from before.” Asked Percy.

“Yeah, usually he is always calm and composed. Maybe this bear incident was a lot, after all he is taking all the blame to himself.” Jason said.

“Yeah, I guess….. Maybe I am overthinking.” Percy said jokingly.

But Percy was right, something had been wrong with James as of lately. He was having trouble concentrating on anything.


After the shift of Percy and Jason was completed, it was James and Diana’s turn. They were woken up by Percy. Everything was going well when suddenly-


A wolf’s howl was heard. The grassland was illuminated by the moon rays and surrounding it was the vast forest. There was nothing on the detector James and Diana had their nerves tight and alert because of this.

“I guess the wolf is far away and there is nothing on the detector.” Diana said holding the detector in her hand.

“Yeah, I guess so.” James asked, he was sweating a lot.

“Are you okay ?” Asked Diana a little concerned since James looked very tired.

“You do not have to blame yourself for that decision. It’s okay, the situation was very nerve-racking at that time. ANyone would have messed up.” Diana consoled James, she thought James was stressing because of it.

James didn’t reply and just nodded.

Everything was fine that night, no being attacked at the camp. Although there were some wolf howls during the night.

The next morning, sins moved out towards the next destination, inside the forest. This time the journey was smooth for the day. They did meet a few creatures and that puppy they met on the first day. Sophie fed that puppy again with some food they had left. Apart from the puppy they met a Terra-formed deer, well it wasn’t that horrifying. The only difference was that the deer was pretty fast and had huge horns.

The night of the next day.

This time the order had been reversed. James was having his sleep. Lately he had been hallucinating about weird things. He saw a being clad in armor fighting some huge lifeforms. He could hear someone’s noise in his mind, though not very clear but still. It had creeped him and he wasn’t able to rest properly.

As he was sleeping this time a different scenario was being played in his dreams. He saw that being clad in armor again this time he was fighting another huge lifeform. The language they spoke was very weird but strangely he could understand it.

I shall stop you here and now, destructor. This shall be your grave!

The armored being said those words and held a longsword as he clashed with the huge lifeform.


The huge lifeform was as tall as a three storey building raised his bulwark and smashed it down on that armored being while laughing, disdain clearly visible on his face. Strangely though the lifeform had only three huge fingers holding the bulwark like a clamp.


The armored man shouted an incantation and a large amount of energy moved towards himself. The heavy bulwark was just above his head as the being lifted his seemingly tiny hands and held it upwards. The bulwark as though hit a wall couldn’t move an inch further, the huge life form was surprised and tried swinging it again but it was stuck.

Suddenly, the armored being swung his sword and the huge body was bisected in two.

The armored being swung his sword to wipe the traces of blood and turned around to look at the direction of James. It was then he could see his eyes. There was a hidden pride, an arrogance of the strength that overflowed from the beings eyes.

The being spoke something and James tried his best to lip read but he couldn’t understand.

“JAMES, UNCLE JAMES!” Diana was calling out to James.

James woke up from his sleep, rubbed his eyes.

“Geez, you were in deep sleep.” Diana said laughingly.

“I guess…” James replied half heartedly. For him that moment was not a dream, it all felt too real to be a dream. James was confident about it that something had been going on with him. He wanted to share his doubts with others too, but decided to figure out first.

The same routine continued for a day. The next day as they were moving in the forest, the detector beeped indicating a Terra-Formed creature nearby. Everyone went to alert mode, unsheathing their weapons. They moved ahead slowly and what greeted them was a bear.

“Everyone, it is a bear. I am guessing the bear is the same one as before, you could see the mark left in the hind leg.” Percy communicated with the sins as he looked through the scope of the rifle.

“Yeah, it’s a poor bastard. Let us blast him this time.” Kevin replied.

“No, we have a chance. We would fight it nice and fair. This way we would know the fruit of our training from the day before.” Percy replied on his intercom as he slowly moved towards the bear.

He unsheathed his sword and running as stealthily as possible reached the bear as others started to encircle the beast. Lucifer was on the long side holding on to his rifle loaded with HE rounds ready to fire at a moments notice.

The bear sensed the sins approaching and looked at Percy. It instantly remembered this being from before. It was because of this being that he had to leave the area before and wander the forest.


The bear roared and rushed towards Percy.
“My, my, it does remember us.” Kevin said jokingly.

As the bear neared Percy, he jumped backwards and slashed with his sword and the sword hit the incoming bear paw. Percy took the impact and used it to create a distance between the bear and himself.

There was now a cut on the bear’s paw left by the blade.

“Alright, everyone lets close on this monster.” Percy ordered as he had gathered the aggro of the monster.

The sins slowly closed the circle.

The bear lunged towards Percy and this time Percy was ready. He dodged the attack and as the bear was about to hit him with his other paw. Jason came running and plunged his dagger on the back of the bear as he mounted it. The dagger was made of the same material as the sword, so it easily pierced the skin. Jason had to leave his dagger plunged as he didn’t have enough time to remove it.

The bear was irritated as it turned around and plunged towards Jason. Jason used his bloodline enhancement and strengthened his reflexes dodging the attack by a breath. As the bear was about to launch another attack, the dagger was plunged out by an invisible force.


The pain from that made the bear roar. The dagger was swung back to Jason who was barely able to dodge.

“Hey Kevin, are you trying to kill me?” Jason shouted in anger.

“Sorry man.” Kevin retorted.

That was Kevin using his power of metal element to remove the dagger.

The bear composed itself and soon it was James’ turn. James’ body was surrounded by an odd yellowish and light brownish light as he stood between the bear and Jason.

He removed a flat hexagonal metal piece and mounted it on his hand.

“Come here, you big idiot.” James taunted the bear.

The bear seemingly angry turned its attention towards James and started running towards him.

James held the hand before him and an electromagnetic shield was generated. His hand was now coated with thick brown energy while his foot emanated a dark glow.


The bear crashed with the shield and James was knocked a few steps behind. His hands were a little numb while his breathing was rough.

“I cannot take another strike from it, this bastard is quite strong.” James replied.

Previously during the strike James had used his earth elemental powers to strengthen his arms and dark elemental powers to gain a footing. He discovered that the earth element was nice to handle raw attacks.

“Okay, uncle James, hold it on for one more strike as I reach its blank spot.” Percy said.

“Alright.” James said.

Suddenly James recalled the figure in his dreams and the words he had chanted. He suddenly had an urge to chant them and so he did.





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