Chapter 26: Sin of Pride II


Author: Arya


As soon as James finished his chants an unusual event happened which surprised even him. A huge amount of power started filing his body and he was suddenly full of vigor and strength. The aura of earth element and dark element started to increase making him even more stable and deeply rooted to the ground.

The bear was ready to attack him once again, but something seemed a little off about it. It was covered in a reddish purple aura which gave off a very dangerous feeling to every sin but not James. The newly found strength gave him the courage to look down on the whole world, he suddenly felt so confident in himself and his powers. James took the same stance this time with more confidence and strength backing him.

“Uncle James watch out. The detector shows a huge increase in the energy level of the bear, dodge it quickly.” Percy shouted through the communication device but it was too late


A huge bang was heard and the scenario which Percy expected of James getting blown away did not happen. Instead it was the bear which slid off a few meters away from James.

Everyone was flabbergasted by this. Percy took hold of himself and ordered.

“Alright everyone, this is the chance. Attack with everything you have got.”

The sins started running towards the bear. Percy used his sword to attack the bear’s eyes and front and kept dodging from its attacks. Kevin used his battle knife, a slightly longer and better version of his knife to attack the bear from behind while at the same time using his metal elemental powers to smoothen the attacks. Lucifer was using his telekinesis powers from afar and creating some powerful little psychic blasts around the bear to distract it. Meanwhile Diana and Sophie were using their katanas and flexible body attacking and dodging repeatedly from the bear’s blind spot.

This situation persisted for at least 15 minutes before the bear was forced to use the same power it used before with James. Huge amount of energy gathered and the reddish purple aura strengthened the defenses of the bear. The bear stomped and a huge shock-wave swept the sins creating a gap between the bear. The bear found its footing but was panting, the aura around it had lessened a little. As soon as the bear wanted to have a go again with the sins-



A bullet tore through the air and landed on its skull followed by a huge boom.

The one who fired the shot was Lucifer, he had been keeping a watch on the bear and helping the sins with this power. As soon as he saw that familiar aura he immediately switched to the rifle loading the HE rounds and fired as soon as the area was cleared.


The bear was clearly irritated, taking the bullet head on was definitely not so good for it, even with its thick skull and aura. There was a deep wound on its head and blood was oozing out of it. It desperately tried to strengthen the aura around its head and turned around to flee, but the aura around it darkened and it fell down with a thud creating a small cloud of dust.

“Phew, that was heart racing. Thankfully we have a smart man among our group.” Kevin wiped his battle knife and spoke jokingly. But one could still listen to the nervousness and anxious tone in that voice.

The sins moved towards the bear just to confirm, this time a rifle in everyone’s hand. After confirming that the bear was dead everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hey guys, I don’t know if this is good or bad but you should see this.” Lucifer chimed in through the communication device.

Listening to him everyone hurried to Lucifer’s position and were stunned.

It was James. James was lying down on the ground and an abnormal amount of golden runes giving out huge pressure were surrounding him in a circular manner.

“Hmm, what is this?” Diana moved closer just to have a good look at those ruins.

As she moved closer she was impacted by a huge downward force and she instantly kneeled on the ground.

“Goddammit, what is this huge pressure?” She screamed which made it really difficult for her to breath.

After struggling and crawling she was able to arrive at a safe distance from the pressure. She was breathing profusely.

Sophie hurriedly ran towards her.

“Are you alright sis?” She asked, giving her a hand and feeding her some water.

Everyone was looking at her expecting some answer as no one approached James after watching her condition.

“I don’t know what happened, I was suddenly hit by this huge pressure, sort of like an increase in gravity, which made it even hard for me to breath.” Diana explained.

“I guess we have no choice but to wait. Okay, let’s get to work. Kevin and Jason grab some of that bear meat and see what we can eat. Look for anything you find important in that bear. Lucifer take some rest, you look like a dead pig. Jeez you need to build up energy. Everytime you use your powers, you are drained of energy. Diana and Sophie prepare for a meal as I keep watch on Uncle James.” Percy gave his instructions as he turned towards James who was still covered in runes and sleeping peacefully seemingly lost in thought and confusion.

Meanwhile James had no idea what was happening with him and his body. He was drawn back to his dreams and this time, the armored being was standing right before him gazing straight into his eyes.

James looked the being into its eyes when it suddenly spoke.

“So you were the one who was selected by my Master for inheriting my pride. You are a waste of my pride. Tell me human what makes your worthy of my PRIDE”

James was confused at first, but slowly everything seemed to fit the puzzle. Percy had already informed them that the evolution procedure of the sins was carried out on the basis of the Elite combatants from the period of war. It seemed to him that the Pride that armored being talked about was its power, hence that made sense to that incantation.

“I have no idea about your power, before I answer your questions please tell me more about it.”

James spoke to gain more information.

“I do not know how the situation is right now, but my Master did instruct me to share about it. So listen carefully. I am the manifestation of my Master’s Pride. He was one of the Elite warriors who fought with the Deva’s. He was a human who took Pride in his humanity and that was his power which strengthened him. Since you have inherited his will, I must make sure whether you are worthy of my master’s Pride. Tell me, human, what is that you take pride in?”

James took a deep breath and spoke.

“Pride, I take Pride in my values, in my Principles.”

Although this was just a sentence, once could see there was a sharp light of confidence and Pride glowing in the eyes of James which was caught by the armored being.

Suddenly, runes started appearing on James’ body and he was surrounded by a divine halo. The runes turned smaller and smaller and moved inside his body.

The armored being was surprised by this.

“Hmm, the light of Pride did choose you, I guess then it can’t be helped. I hope you do not forget your Pride. As your Pride will give you strength as your power increases, so will the strength it bestows upon you. Remember, the power of a Sin is not a joke, even my Master was barely able to handle 50 percent of its power in his peak. The wonder behind this power is for you to decide. The chant is just when you are not proficient in it. The more you know your sin the more it becomes easier for you to handle it. Try to delve deeper and find the real sin in you. My time is limited but I must remind you, my master was the most powerful of all the combatants, yet was killed, but not by the Deva’s but by his own sin. So use it wisely, the sins are known as sins for a reason. Beside Pride, there are six other sins. They are the epitome of power which the Deva’s were after and they will return for it again. Do not disgrace my master. Remember…….”

The voice slowly faded away as the armored being disappeared slowly.

The conversation took a few seconds but in reality, 2 hours had passed by.

Suddenly, everyone saw that the golden runes covering James were receding and it turned into a small ball of golden light. The runes on the ball looked the same in James’ dream. The ball disappeared and the pressure was gone as slowly James opened his eyes.




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