Chapter 27: Secrets


Author: Arya

James slowly opened his eyes, he felt different. He could feel a lot of things. The air felt different, he felt more closer to the ground beneath him. The light was a little irritating and felt a little discomfort from it. He clenched his palms into a fish and punched the ground. As his fist touched the ground it caved in like a stretched rubber would after a punch.

“Uncle James, are you alright?” James heard Percy’s voice from behind him.

He turned around and saw Percy looking at him from some distance. It was evening time, the sun was about to set. He pushed the ground to get up, put too much strength and thus destabilized for a bit.

“Yes, young master I am alright.” James said, stabilizing himself.

Percy was relieved hearing the voice. He slowly approached James step by step. As he neared the area where Diana was suppressed, he approached carefully and when he found no such pressure only then did he move.

“What happened to you Uncle James? You suddenly blacked out and what was with that outrageous amount of power you displayed earlier?” Percy asked, there was doubt and confusion in his tone.

“I will explain, young master, but first can I have something to eat. I am starving.” James said, one could clearly see the lack of energy from his posture as he was barely able to keep himself standing.

“Yeah sure, let us go to the camp. The team must have gotten the food ready by now.” Percy said.

Percy helped James and both of them moved towards the camp.

Diana and Sophie were cooking the bear meat which Kevin had brought, meanwhile Jason could be seen approaching from the distance clutching in his hands an organ dyed in red blood.

Jason approached the camp and took out a container which they had along with the supplies and kept the organ in that container. One could see that the organ was shaped in the form of heart yet different from a heart. Jason could see confusion on everyone’s face.

“I ran a scan from the detector to detect the energy response and this organ was placed beside the heart of the bear. It was still emitting fluctuations of cosmic energy. We need to study it, but I do not know for how long it can be preserved. Captain, do you have any suggestions?” Jason explained.
“Weird, we have run into many creatures evolved from the cosmic energy, yet we found this in the bear. I will have Aria pick it up, we must study it. We need to find the weakness and the secret behind these Terra-Formed creatures.” Percy said.

It was now that Jason looked at James.

“Uncle James, how are you feeling?” Jason asked worriedly.

“I am feeling good and a lot better after this meal. Thank you for asking young master Jason.” James answered politely.

Percy had already reported the team when James had woken up, so everyone knew.

“Alright everyone, lets get some rest. We will talk in the morning as this was a very exhausting day for all of us.” Percy said.

Although everyone wanted to know what had happened to James, they were also tired from fighting that bear and really needed to rest. So no one said anything, finished their meals and went to sleep.

This time it was James and Kevin who took leave from watch. As James was already drained he didn’t have enough energy to keep a watch and Kevin said he was exhausted and was using up energy pretty fast during the fight. He would take the night to return back to his peak. James, Kevin and Lucifer thus went to sleep. It was just Percy and Jason, Diana and Sophie for the watch this time.

Everything was fine in the night, they were still hearing the wolf howls in the night and as usual they ignored it.

In the morning everyone freshened up and had their breakfast which was the bear meat which was cooked. Strangely the black pup was back again as Sophie fed him some of the meat.

As everyone gathered James cleared his throat as he spoke.

“The thing is I have been hallucinating since our first encounter with the bear. I would see an armored being fighting different beings and crushing them using his powers. The armored being called itself the manifestation of his master’s power. He called itself Pride. He said my Pride will make me stronger. His master was the strongest one to have fought the Deva race. This new power is very strong. I can feel that if I use it then I am able to enhance my control over the elemental powers I have and boost them, but he also said this Pride can also be a sin which would trouble me in the future.”

He took a deep breath and continued.
“This is everything that happened in short.”

“So what you are saying is you have been granted a special power?” Lucifer spoke in a questioning tone.

“Yes, I guess so Mr. Lucifer. But I would like to mention that the armored being also mentioned there being another six beings who fought side by side by his master and were just as strong as he was.” James added.

Everyone was surprised hearing this and looked at each other. They were thinking of the same thing, whether they were gifted with the power of any one of those six combatants.

“Alright everyone, this brings us to the conclusion. Get back to packing it up. Jason, think of a way to preserve the meat as long as possible. Lucifer, help Sophie with the logistics meanwhile I will get Aria to pick up the organ.” Percy gave instructions to everyone and pulled out a device from the pack of supplies.

It was a tablet. He switched it on and connected to the satellite. A voice greeted him.

“Hello Sir. How may I help you?”

It was Aria who was now connected to Percy for communication. This tablet was the final line of defense if something really bad happens while training.

“Yes Aria, the team and I just fought a Terra-Formed Bear and found an organ situated beside its heart which radiated signs of cosmic energy even after the creature’s death. Do you have any idea what it might be?” Percy reported the situation.

“Yes sir, I have been conducting tests with the bodies of the Terra-Formed creatures that were attacking the base and the experiments suggest that the organ is most likely to be responsible for the flow of the energy inside the Terra-Formed creatures body. The first generation Terra-Formed creatures rarely have any, meanwhile the probability of having such an organ in the second generation one is more than 70 percent.” Aria reported its findings.

“So, do we have any use for it?” Percy asked.

“Yes sir, the organ can be used to create serums that could evolve a normal person if we can cure it a bit.” Aria reported.

“Do we have any of those serums?” Percy asked.

“No sir, but we do have the surplus of the ingredients. Do you want to start the process of creation?” Aria asked.

“Yes please get the production started. Also have a droid come to his location to pick this organ and also send us something to preserve this organ just in case we meet another one. I do not want to always set up a communication line to you.” Percy responded.

“Alright sir, sending in the droid. ETA 5 minutes.” Aria responded and Percy terminated the connection.

After 5 minutes an Osprey was over the camp zone. It dropped a package and a container. Percy placed the organ in the container and picked up the package which consisted of the containers used to preserve the organ.

The Osprey then moved back to the base.

And the training continued in the same way. As they went deeper into the forest they started encountering different creatures. They encountered a huge Panther like creature which was 2 meters tall. They had a bitter fight with the beast and were barely able to defend against its speed and sharp claws. The beast was defeated in the end, they also found a similar organ in its body only this time it was situated in the head of the beast. They stored the organ and moved on.

Time passed by, it had been a week since their encounter with the bear and James incident. The sins were getting more proficient in the ways of using their powers in their attacks and coordination. Even Lucifer was putting up with a tough fight. There were times where they had to run because of an enormous difference in the power. The power level of the sins was increasing along with their proficiency, the amount of cosmic energy stored in their body was on the rise.

Two things everyone was confused was, one: Kevin used to sleep a lot. They were aware of his laziness but he had been sleeping a lot since a couple of days. Two: the little black pup would find them everyday and no one knew how.




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