Chapter 29: Sin of Sloth II


Author: Arya

After that intense fight with the rhino everyone was exhausted. James who had utilized every ounce of the energy he had was panting heavily. Diana and Sophie along with Lucifer were tending to the wounds of Kevin. The wound wasn’t that deep due to the timely death of the rhino. Still, a 15 cm deep wound was terrible.

Kevin was still blacked out and his face was pale due to the blood loss. Luckily he was hit not in a vital part thus could be healed. The team carried with them a special nano-grade serum. The nanites would be injected in Kevin’s blood stream which would increase the intensity of the healing process.

Diana and Sophie both helped Kevin tending to his injury, patching and stitching him up.

“That was very dangerous, we could have all gotten ourselves killed. How come we didn’t detect its energy radiation before?” Jason asked.

“The beast had a tough hide, the energy radiation emitted by it was concealed by the hide. Only when it entered the firing range its energy level spiked up.” Lucifer calmly answered.

“It’s alright, such a situation would be happening every now and then as the world we are in isn’t the same as before. No one can predict what abnormalities this world holds. Let’s take a rest here.” Percy spoke.

“Yes this would be better, we do not know for how long must we wait. We can’t risk another team member being injured. The rhino still packed a punch even at its deathbed. If it wasn’t for its timely death Kevin would have died.” Jason spoke, his tone was quite heavy.

Percy looked at Kevin and spoke, “We cannot be conceited anymore. The readings from the detector were only supposed to warn us. I guess the fights we had till now were not that useful after all. We must take this fight as an important lesson. Let us wait, till Kevin heals and then we move forward. If there are complications I will ask for Aria to intervene.”

It was because of Aria and the tech developed with the help of the inheritance cube that the sins were not that worried for Kevin. As seen from the previous scenario, even if an arm was to be lost, it could be grown back with time.

“Come on, let us check the corpse, see if we could salvage anything.” Percy got up as he dusted his pants.

As he and Jason arrived at the corpse, they could see how badly its death was. The corpse was riddled with holes. Only thing left valuable was the horn which was intact.

“Take this horn, we might be able to develop something using it.” Jason spoke as he used his knife to severe the muscles connecting the horn.

“Other than that I don’t think we can find anything. I guess we would need to hunt today for the meal.” Jason spoke after he examined the corpse.

Meanwhile Kevin who was badly injured fell deep asleep as he blacked out. If a detector was placed near him, the readings would surprise everyone

It was because there was no energy being emitted by him. Such a thing was not possible, because Kevin was a supernatural being, he had evolved with the power of a metal elemental so according to the logic his body must contain at least some cosmic energy, but reality was different.

But if one looked closely and made an in depth detection, they would notice that there was an enormous amount of energy stored in his body, in each and every cell. This energy was very pure and was just stored, just like how fat was stored in one’s body. This hidden energy was now being guided according to a certain part and was moving towards the injured part of the body. Sadly, there was no one near him. Sophie and Diana were a little distance away from where Kevin, but even they wouldn’t have noticed this.

James was using this time to meditate. The technique which was given to each sin was unique in their own aspect. This technique was provided to them by Aria who claimed it to have come from the same method used for evolution. No one was aware how Aria determined who would be suitable for what evolution process.

But James wasn’t just meditating. During the fight James played a very important role in the fight. He believed if he could have developed his power of Pride then the situation would have been different.

The manifestation of Pride said that I must reflect on what my Pride is, I must develop it. Pride is a symbol of the King. I must focus on it….

Unknowingly as he was deep in thought, energy started to gather around him.

Diana and Sophie were astonished but this time no one approached James, as what happened previously was still not forgotten by them.

After five minutes, the energy flow started to reduce and James opened his eyes. He had a smile on his face. There was an ancient character that flashed on its forehead. It seemed that James had a little success from his meditation.

It was at this time that Jason and Percy returned from their hunting trip. They had caught some fish from the nearby pond.

“Uncle James, why do you seem so happy?” Percy asked as he had seen James with a smile plastered on his face.

“Young master, it seems I made a breakthrough in my power.” James said with a smile on his face.

“Oh that is good. So how strong are you now, Uncle James?” Jason asked.

“Umm, I guess now I am confident in taking that rhino head on with the help of the power of Pride.” James answered.

“That is good news for us. So we can assume that your power level has been increased to D-Class?” Jason asked.

“No not really, I can handle that rhino only when I activate the power of my sin.” James answered.

“Alright everyone, let us have our meal and then go to rest.” Percy said.

Afterwards the sin had their rest and Sohpie administered some medicine to Kevin, even now she didn’t notice the not so normal condition of Kevin.

The night was same for everyone, Jason, Percy, James, Diana and Sohpie took turns keeping a watch. There were still some wolf howls in the distance and the pup didn’t arrive today.

Soon it was morning and everyone was up. They got freshened up and had something meanwhile Diana had arrived along with Lucifer to get a check on Kevin and his condition and also administer his wounds.

As soon as she opened the dressing she was shocked.

There was no sign of any wound on his body.

“Hey, Lucifer are you seeing what I am?” Diana asked shockingly.

“Yeah, did he really get stabbed by that rhino? It wasn’t a joke right?” Lucifer was confused.

Kevin, who should have been asleep or at least in pain, let out a gasp and woke up all of a sudden, which left both of them more shocked.

“Hey guys, why are you staring at me like this? Do I look that handsome?” Kevin asked embarrassingly.

“Tell me, Kevin you brat, did you really get stabbed by that rhino?” Lucifer asked annoyingly.

“About that, I did, but weird for some reason the wound isn’t painful anymore and I feel more energetic today!” Explained Kevin.


Diana slapped Kevin’s forehead and spoke.

“You dumb, there isn’t any wound left anymore that is why it isn’t painful.”

“Huh, really?” Kevin touched himself at the spot where the wound was supposed to be but found nothing, everything was alright.

“How did I get cured so fast? Did you guys use some new technology again?” Kevin asked in doubt.

“Even we don’t know!” Lucifer explained.

The other sins who were located at a certain distance noticed the weird signs and soon reached.

“What is going on?” Asked Jason.

“See for yourself.” Diana gestured towards Kevin’s wounds and spoke.

Now everyone was surprised.

“Was the wound not deep enough?” Asked Percy in confusion.

“No the wound was there and it was deep! I did the dressing of the wound myself so I know. It is just that there is no wound at all now. Were the nanites that effective?” Diana asked.

“Although the nanites are effective enough, it would have still taken at least a day for that kind of wound to heal. Wait a minute, Kevin what do you feel now?” Percy asked Kevin.

“Umm, I feel hungry yet energetic, as I feel after I have taken a nap.” Kevin answered.

“That would be tough, I guess we would have to wait and see.” Percy shrugged helplessly.

“Since, Kevin is healed now, we must move from our location and continue with the training. The fight with the rhino was a lesson for all of us, we need to be more careful and alert from now on. Anything can happen.” Jason spoke with a warning tone.




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