Chapter 3: Truth.


Author: Arya

Inside a room so dark that one couldn’t even see his own hands, Percy opened his eyes.

It all began suddenly when the cube started emitting intense purple light, Percy suddenly found himself in this dark room.


Percy’s eyes were blinded by an intense light, which destroyed the darkness of the room. As he opened his eyes, he found himself in a cabin with robust walls. In front of him was a metallic throne on which sat a giant being, with a bald head and black eyes. As he stared at those eyes, he found himself getting lost in those eyes. It was as if those eyes contained an entire galaxy in them.


A cough reverberated inside his head, which brought him out of trance.

[Welcome, my child. Since, I have very little time I will keep it short.] A voice was again heard in his head.

Percy was astonished as he couldn’t pinpoint the source of the voice. The voice in his head sounded dignified and aged, as if grandpa was talking to his grandson. One could feel the warmth the voice contained.

What is happening to me? First this room then the voice, am I hallucinating.

[No, my child, you are not hallucinating. I am directly sending my thoughts to you.]

Directing thoughts to me. Other than me and the giant figure there is no one in this room. Wait a min-

[Hahaha, yes you have guessed it correctly. I am the giant figure you are thinking about.]

Percy now looked at the figure, but found it still. He was puzzled by this.

[My child, time does not permit a lot to my last astral projection. So, let me talk, I am sure you will figure out everything in the end.]

Percy nodded.

[My child, I will introduce myself first. I am called Cero, by my people. I am your Ancestor. I gave birth to your race. Yes, my child. Humans were not naturally evolved by nature. They were the results of an experiment. My experiment. This experiment involved the introduction of an element which I called memory inheritor. My people who conducted this experiment along with me were seemingly called as the Devas by your race. The experiment was a huge success, we were successful. Me and my people watched as humans developed rapidly. They formed temples to worship us. Offered sacrifices. But one day suddenly me and my people were ordered to extract the inheritors and destroy all sentient life on the planet. As the forefather who watched as you younglings grew, I could not watch your destruction. So, I refrained from this. But the General stationed in this part of the system, released a virus in this system. The so-called virus converted the memory inheritor into docile carriers and transmitted rapidly. This led to the fall of your ancient civilizations. The memory inheritor capacity was reduced day by day until it degraded to a point where civilizations were destroyed. At a certain point in time, the virus would be so harmful that it would degrade the human genetic structure destroying it and mutating the genes to follow the basic animal instinct. I betrayed my people, for hope.]

The talk went on for a long time. Cero kept on speaking. Percy found himself becoming more and more astonished. Soon his astonishment turned into surprise, then fear and then finally despair.
The truth of the unknown leads to two consequences. One and the most common one, failure to accept the unknown and being labelled as crazy. Two, accepting the unknown but finding oneself deep inside a dark world, with no light to travel. The first solution is always an easy one, but leads to destruction. The second one leads to growth, development of a civilization, of a person’s heart, their mind and their soul, their determination and will power.

Percy woke up in a room and found James looking worriedly at him.

“Ahh, Young master you are awake? Thank God! I was scared.” James spoke, one could even feel the worry in his words.

Percy drank a glass of water and recalled what had happened just now.

The giant in his dream called himself Cero and was one of the brilliant minds of the Deva Race. He did not gain much info on them. Cero was the mastermind behind an experiment which led to human evolution. But suddenly was forced to betray as he couldn’t watch the destruction of the Human race. He shared all his research with them. This led to the rapid advancement in technology and science. Mayan were the first to experience rapid growth. They were able to travel short distances in space. They developed biologically through the gene manipulation technique given them by Cero. This technique was the result of the experiment conducted and it led to mutations in human civilization leading them to harness energy from the cosmos and use them accordingly. Although the information was vague due to the time, the most recent and last memory of Cero was that the mastermind was found by the deva race and they sent an army for him. This led to the war between the races which eventually led to the deva race sending the virus and the Mayan race were executed from the planet. Human civilization at that time was spread throughout the world. The Devas only introduced the virus and killed the Mayans. The virus’s purpose was to stop the growth of the memory inheritor into variants powerful enough to threaten them. The war ended with the destruction of Mayan civilization and everything related to it. The devas suffered humongous loss of their military power and we’re forced to retreat to their world, unaware of the Mayan civilization and Cero’s last stand, the covert moon base. Cero developed a device and hid it in the base. This device contains all the vital information and knowledge known to Cero. He converted his knowledge into a spiritual organism aka the cube using memory inheritor and hid it in the base.

The information was too much for Percy to process.

After he gathered his thoughts, he looked at the cube, which was kept beside him. He activated the cube using the process mentioned by the Giant and bound it to himself, Jackson groups founder, using a blood bond. Percy inherited the knowledge and inheritance of the cube. Using the knowledge, he developed an assistance connected to the Cube which acted as a mediator and kept a database of all the info. The most major accomplishment was a converter engine which converted cosmic energy and matter into any desired form of energy and matter, the machine was due to complete in a few years. Using the knowledge Percy developed a Hive base under the island and introduced an AI operated state of the art production line for many miscellaneous products. In order to ensure confidentiality, he was forced to fire his staff. His entire base and all its functionality were operated by the AI, which he named Aria. Using the knowledge, he upgraded the fundamental technology and prepared for the worst outcome, Apocalypse.

His desire was not to help the world prepare for the apocalypse rather to fight. But the Federation was greedy for the moon base technology and refused to cooperate as their recent manned mission on moon fetched them a valuable product, which they believed to be detrimental to a new age and era.


The mechanical voice was Aria, the assistance developed and linked to the cube. Percy was working on a secret project for a special situation. This project was not his own thought. It was planned by Cero, for he knew humanity would someday be doomed either by the virus or by the Devas. As the mastermind he felt guilty about this and devised a strategy for countering either situation. His plan consisted of two parts. First, creating beings able to fight the Devas. Second, to counter the virus. He created another virus which will initiate the mutation process of memory inheritors and force them to reform the basic structure granting abilities to its host. The only downfall of this strategy was the virus was very much contagious and forceful, it would cover the whole world one released. Although it sounded nice, the virus was still undeveloped as war started before it could be completed. The virus would either grant the user abilities or destroy their consciousness making them vegetables who thirsted for warm blood. All of this was recorded in the inheritance cube.

The recent mission on the moon base yielded major results to the Federation. Their samples led them to the chamber where the virus specimen was kept. When Percy came to know about it, he immediately sent James to negotiate with Federation for the research rights and full authority on it, but major world leaders and the council vetoed his decision leading only to an equal cooperation. Thus, he let them use the resources they required for the research.



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