Chapter 30: Future Plans


Author: Arya

The next day everyone was once again ready to continue with their training, but before they resumed, Lucifer called for a meeting.

Everyone was seated forming a circle and looking towards Lucifer as they wanted to know the agenda behind the meeting, even Percy was confused.

Lucifer pushed his glasses with his hand and spoke.

“Okay, so I have been observing everyone and have analyzed your fighting tactics, right now all I can infer from it is that we have sidetracked from our training.”

He waited for everyone to digest his words. He could see the confusion and doubt on everyone’s face.

“Before you speak anything, go back to the start. Since the start of this training phase, we have been constantly utilizing our weapons to gain an upper hand. The weapons are meant to assist us, they are the tools. The techniques given to us, the technique to increase our energy capacity, begins with sensing the cosmic energy present in the environment but has any one of us even completed that phase to move on to the other. We are only trying to survive ever since that incident with the bear. Even with the bear, if it wasn’t for our weapons and some luck we could have been killed. Our aim should be to strengthen ourselves not to survive.”

As he kept speaking the doubt and confusion on the faces of everyone was being swept with understanding.

“We all have been doing that so there is no one to blame and it isn’t wrong too, as survival is a basic human instinct. But we have greater problems to deal with, we aren’t here to survive, we are here to get stronger for a greater fight. If this continues on, we won’t be getting anywhere.”

Everyone’s eyes shined with a new determination.

Lucifer continued with a calm and emotionless tone.

“I hope my point has been conveyed. Now coming back to the training plan. Right now instead of training in the woods, I think we should move back to the base and start practicing the technique. It will help us build a greater foundation. I have been analyzing the technique in the manual, if we could gain a footing in using it our power levels will be boosted. This is the first point.”

As Lucifer turned quiet, everyone around him hinted with their eyes for him to continue.

“The second one, don’t forget each and everyone of us have been granted a superpower. Forget about using it we are hardly able to understand it at all. All we are doing is some parlor tricks and even these tricks require energy. So, my second suggestion would be to understand one’s own power and try to use it effectively in combat. This would only be possible with practice. Also don’t forget that our powers require energy to work too, so the technique in the manual again comes into effect. This is my view, I hope the captain and the others would consider it.”

With this he ended and moved his eyes towards Percy. After all Percy was the captain of the group, his decision was to be the final one.

After taking a few seconds to think, Percy spoke.

“Yes Lucifer, you are right. Thank you for your observation, otherwise we might have lost a crucial period of time. I agree with your suggestion.”

The meet ended and Percy instructed everyone to pack up. He would be contacting Aria to pick them up.


Inside the Osprey, the sins were seated as Kevin was the pilot, they were moving towards the base.

Five minutes later the Osprey landed in the base.

After the sins unloaded their stuff, Percy scheduled a meet the next day and dismissed the sins for rest. They would be discussing new plans for training and honing their skills.

The next day everyone was refreshed and gathered in the conference room.

“Okay, since Lucifer has pointed out the flaws in our old training regime we must plan a new one. Anyone have any suggestions?” Percy spoke.

“If I may, I have come up with a few suggestions.” Lucifer spoke.

Percy gestured to him to continue.

“Okay, so basically we will be following step by step training. A day will be divided into parts focusing on different areas. Accordingly I have prepared schedules for everyone.”

Lucifer spoke and took out a file containing several papers and handed them to everyone. Each paper had a different schedule written on it.

“This schedule is designed taking into consideration the powers you have woken up to. The first part is common to all, I have come to notice that the manual we have received consists of ten stages. Each stage has its own significance. So we must at least master three stages, so that our power level rises to C-Class. We will be working on sensing the cosmic energy around us, after that we move forward with the next stage mentioned in the manual.”

Lucifer stopped to look at everyone. Since, everyone agreed with his idea he continued.

“The next stage of training will be a little different for everyone because of the powers. I will begin with Captain and the Vice-Captain first. Since, you both have the same powers, I would recommend you to study a bit about it. Your power involves manipulation of blood, so you must study and come up with an efficient skill utilizing your power. I have a collection of books to help you for that.”

“Next, Kevin, since you have the ability to manipulate the metal element, I have certain books for you to study. You must know that you have a very great power, even earth the planet itself can be considered a huge lump of metal. Although it is impossible for you to move the planet, there is a huge scope and potential. Metal itself is related to many different other fields. Study them and you could increase your proficiency and develop new skills.”

Lucifer cleared his throat as he continued.

“Diana, you can affect space. I do not need to remind you how great that is. Your schedule contains reading some great theories and research on space. Try to utilize them and come up with some great skills.”

“Sophie as for you, Energy manipulation, girl that is the most powerful superpower you have. Everything requires energy, read about it, work on it. The books mentioned will help you.”

“As for me, I have my own schedule and research to work with. As the brain of the group I would be working with Aria to come up with some new grade of weapons which would look like it came right out of a sci-fi novel.”

“Uncle James, you have the most hectic schedule. You have two elements to study Earth and Dark. Although the concept is vague there are certain books which would help, I have mentioned those in the schedule. Also another important aspect of your power is the power of Pride. As you mentioned before this is a power that was bestowed to you for defeating a greater enemy, but it also has a side effect. So It would be better if you focus on the power of Pride for later and just focus on the basic training. The more powerful your personal strength the more helpful will the power of Pride be.”

Lucifer finished explaining his schedule and sat down, gulping the water in the glass.

Everyone studied their own schedule and even though it was tough they accepted it.

Soon, the sins started organizing according to the schedule.

The second level training ground was to be utilized for the mediation. Jason suggested for everyone to be together during this period of training, as they could share their views in case of a positive result.

The next part about the research and study was a bit tricky, apart from Lucifer no one here was able to understand the complex books. So Lucifer had to change the list of books.

Everyone was excited with the new training regime. Meanwhile Lucifer was working on the weapons, during the survival events in the woods he had noticed a major flaw with the weapons. Although they had been converted into electromagnetic propelling systems, they still needed bullets to work and it was impossible to carry an unlimited amount of bullets. So Lucifer was designing a new weapon, a rifle which utilized cosmic energy as a source for bullets. The gun would release compressed energy balls as bullets. Although it was difficult, it wasn’t impossible as Aria’s database contained vast amounts of untapped knowledge, regarding energy conversion.

Also Lucifer had gone through the blueprints Kevin had prepared with the new engine. The new engine was fantastic but couldn’t be used for a long run. During his research and interaction with Aria he had found out that the inheritance cube contained knowledge of runes. Even though he wasn’t able to understand them Aria was able to translate. Lucifer planned to study these runic characters and come up with a new way to extract its power.





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