Chapter 31: The Mysterious Manual


Author: Arya

The next day everyone was gathered in the 2nd level training room for the first part of the training.

“Alright, everyone let us focus on the technique mentioned in the manual. The first basic part states about sensing the cosmic energy. Let us all try our best.” Percy spoke to encourage everyone.

The sins gathered in a circular manner and started meditating trying to sense the cosmic energy present in the environment.

Cosmic energy was unlike any other form of energy. It was like an omnipresent force present in the universe which was responsible for maintaining the natural laws. Energy has been the driving force of every civilization. Just like that Cosmic energy was the driving force for the Universe. It kept the Universe stable and balanced.

The sins each had received a manual which contained a method to harness the cosmic energy present in the atmosphere inside one’s body. The theory behind this was that our body acts like a medium through which we can communicate with the Universe but the Universe can only be felt and understood if we become a part of it.

The technique mentioned in the manual could be divided into ten stages but the sins could only learn upto 3 stages, as it was mentioned in the beginning the purity of the cosmic energy inside one’s body would increase with every stage.

The first stage consisted of sensing the different types of energy present in the environment. Since every sin had gone through an evolution, their cells were more sensitive to the energies present in the environment. The first stage sensing was to sense and differentiate cosmic energy from the different types of energy present.

The second stage was the most crucial stage, once one was successful in sensing the cosmic energy, they had to try controlling this energy. The cosmic energy present in their body was a pure one as compared to the raw cosmic energy present in the environment. The second stage was to use their own cosmic energy present in the body to move according to a fixed pattern which would create a suction force enabling them to refine and absorb the raw energy present outside.

The third stage was the foundational stage for the next stages. It consisted of increasing the amount of energy stored in the body. There was a major change in this stage. Unlike the previous stages it did not mention how and where one was supposed to store the energy, giving individuals the full authority over this.

The sins were seated in the same position for a few hours but they did not achieve anything.

Soon the session was completed and everyone woke up from their meditation.

“Ahh, it is so tough, how am I supposed to know the sensation of this cosmic energy!” Kevin spoke in frustration.

“All we can do is keep on trying.” Jason calmly spoke.

The sins resumed their training session. The next procedure was studying. Every sin was given a set of books to study each related to the superpower they had.

This training continued for a couple of days, the sins were unable to make any progress in sensing cosmic energy. As the frustration was being built up, Percy decided to ask Aria for help.

Aria had a huge database of knowledge from the old ages, due to its connection to the inheritance cube. Although Percy was the true controller of the cube, he couldn’t control it yet.

[Sir, I would suggest being in the presence of an environment which has a greater quantity of cosmic energy. It might help.] Aria responded through the communication channel in a mechanical voice.

Hmm, that is a good idea.

“What place would that be?” Percy asked Aria, as Aria was the AI responsible for the logistics of the base.

[I would suggest the research floor.]

“Alright then change tomorrow’s session to the research level and inform the sins.” Percy instructed and closed the communication channel.

This issue can only be dealt with patience, but ahhh how am I supposed to read this book?

Percy had a book in his hand which had detailed knowledge regarding human anatomy. He was to read and understand the content of this book and apply it in his powers. Lucifer had mentioned to him that if he had a better understanding and control of his powers he could have helped Kevin heal better.

Every sin was busy in their study. The next day everyone was informed of the change in the venue of the training by Aria and were gathered on the research level. The same level where the sins had undergone the evolution process.

“So what is so different from yesterday?” Diana asked.

“I had a discussion with Aria and Aria suggested that we conduct our meditation in an environment rich in cosmic energy.” Percy explained.

He mentioned the minor details and soon everyone was seated in the same circular manner as yesterday.

An hour passed by and there was no change but something was different with Percy.

Percy closed his eyes and soon he was deeply concentrating on his surroundings. Everything was dark as he had his eyes closed.

Suddenly, his view changed, he could see various colored spots twinkling. Some were red, some blue, yellow, silver, gold and many more. He was fascinated by this scene. He tried sensing those spots and weirdly enough he could sense them.

The red ones gave him a hot sensation. The blue ones made him feel peace and calm. The yellow ones were stubborn yet solid. There were also many spots who no matter how hard he tried to feel didn’t respond. As he dwelled deeper into the maze of spots. He found some large purple colored ones.

The weird thing about these spots was that there was no other spot near that area. He tried to move his sense near the purple colored spot and at first it was warm. He felt as if he was inside a mother’s embrace. All warm and comfortable. He felt himself getting lost in that feeling.

As this all happened in a few minutes inside his consciousness, in reality the session was already finished. Everyone was wide awake and they were trying hard to wake Percy up, but nothing was of use.

All of a sudden, everyone felt a change in the environment. They suddenly felt heavy and were having a hard time breathing. The same time the computer’s announcement chimed in.



[Abnormal increase in the cosmic radiation]

[Requesting all personnel to move to safer zone]

Lucifer and Jason were flabbergasted while everyone else was stunned.

“Aria do respond, what the hell is happening?” Jason questioned Aria on his communication device.

“Sir, according to the sensors the area around Master Percy has an abnormal increase in the cosmic radiation. It seems as if Master Percy is drawing this energy towards himself.”

Everyone could hear Aria’s response, as they all looked at Percy at the same time.

Percy who was still deep in meditation was unaware of what was happening, the scene in his consciousness was totally different. After the initial sensing of the purple spot, he tried to feel all the purple spots he could see and they all were attracted to him as if he was a magnet.

Percy was feeling more comfortable, when suddenly he felt a jolt in his mind. An ancient rune slowly floated in front of those purple dots and slowly they were all sucked inside the rune. Percy was flabbergasted, he tried his best to control what was happening but was unsuccessful.

Soon every purple spot was absorbed. The rune shone a little brighter and vanished.

Percy slowly opened his eyes. He was suddenly hit by a huge pain in his brain and blacked out.

James, who kept all his eyes on Percy, saw him opening his eyes and collapsing.


As he shouted everyone’s attention was on Percy.

The environment in the level had turned normal and the warning signs were all gone. Percy was picked up and taken to the medic chamber for treatment.

Aria performed a full body scan and everything seemed fine. Aria stated that Percy blacked out because of the huge strain and loss of energy in his body. He would be normal after injecting some nutrients.

Percy, who blacked out, soon found his consciousness in another scenario.

A vast amount of runes were floating in front of him. These runes seemed all ancient and radiating huge power. There was another huge rune behind him. This was the same rune which appeared and absorbed all of those purple spots.

Very slowly this rune was melting and slowly moving towards Percy. It was merging with Percy’s consciousness. He slowly found out the meaning of the rune. The rune was called Cero. Yes, Cero. As time passed Percy learned everything about the rune and all the other runes floating beside his consciousness. He learned that he was inside his mind and this was the real gift that Cero had left behind. A hope for all his children.





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