Chapter 32: Ancient Knowledge


Author: Arya

Percy woke up and found himself on a bed. There were needles attached to his body providing him with nutrients. A little distance from him was James, who was sleeping on the chair.


Percy used his communication device to connect to Aria for collecting details.

He noticed it had been a whole day and it was just time for sunrise. He carefully removed his needles and other stuff attached to his body and moved towards the top of the base.

James, a highly skilled person in the art of assasination didn’t even notice as he moved right past him. Something was different with Percy.

Percy reached the elevator that would take him to his study in the mansion.

He reached his study, opened the balcony doors and stared at the horizon. The mansion’s study was facing towards the east. He could see the coast and the sun rising from the east. It was a very beautiful scene. Percy seemed a bit lost. He slowly opened his mouth and spoke a syllable.


The syllable was simple but it contained a certain rhythm to it, like a chant.

After he chanted, a dim purple colored light shone in front of him. The light soon turned into something solid. If looked closely it resembled the shape of the inheritance cube, but instead of a solid material it consisted of many small runes tightly held together.

The cube floated in front of him and he watched, the sun slowly rising in the background. Everything was peaceful and quiet.

After the sun had risen he chanted another syllable.


The cube blinked dimly and soon vanished.

Cero, thank you for the hope you left us. I will try my level best.

Percy spoke those words in his mind and turned back returning towards the training floor. Only this time he looked more composed and relaxed.

He sat down and began his meditation. Unlike the other times, there was a huge swell of cosmic radiation being detected by the sensors and for some weird reason the warning did not sound.

Percy’s energy levels were rising at an alarming rate. Before he was at E-Class and now there were signs of him reaching the upper limit of D-Class and all of this in a matter of an hour.

After an hour Percy opened his eyes.

“Aria, you there?” Percy questioned.

“Yes Master.” Aria responded. If someone listened to the emotional depth in the voice, they would notice that there was an additional sense of loyalty and faith in the voice.

“Notify the team to get ready and meet me here.” Percy instructed. There was a sense of majesty in his voice. If James was here, he would have noticed that Percy’s attitude seemed to be turning back to the times when he was the founder of Jackson Group i.e. Calm and Collected.

Soon everyone was gathered on the training floor.

“Captain are you alright?” Jason asked, worried.

Percy who was still seated in his meditative posture looked at everyone. He could see the worry in everyone’s eyes. His heart warmed a little, apart from Uncle James he had no one left to be called as family.

“I am alright, please take your seat. I have something important to share with my results.” Percy gestured to everyone to sit down.

Everyone sat down and Percy began.

“Before you ask me what happened yesterday, let me give you some good news. I have successfully mastered the first stage of the manual. And I am going to share my experience. Everyone please close your eyes and assume your meditative stance, remember do not hand onto any memory. Let them flow through your mind, you are nothing but a spectator.”

Percy instructed the first step and quieted down, he was reading everyone’s expression.

After an hour when everyone seemed lost and relaxed he chanted a syllable.


A small character appeared in the room radiating a dim purple hue. The character placed itself right in between the sins.

“You will soon see yourself in a dark environment. Do not let it disturb you. Just let your mind wander in that environment.” Percy spoke.

Everyone was lost in the feeling they felt. The memories strolled through their minds like a movie and it took a lot of effort to not hang onto those. Soon at different intervals, they started to feel like a wanderer. Their minds wandered through this wonderful sea of memories in search of a new one. They forgot the concept of time and space, just wandering.

After what they felt like an eternity, they arrived at a dark corner. Nothing could be seen or felt. It was when they heard Percy’s next instruction. They followed it and let their mind flow through this environment.

Their consciousness was slowly turning light and they were feeling lost, yet they felt very peaceful in that darkness.

Percy was now standing right beside the character that was floating and held it in his palms. A stream of purple lines slowly left Percy’s body and entered the character. The character started blinking. After a few minutes Percy was exhausted and the purple lines were cut off. The character blinked a few times and then disappeared.

As soon as the character disappeared the sins who were deep into their minds were again drowned into their memories, this time they couldn’t concentrate enough and ended up waking.

As soon as they opened their eyes, they saw Percy lying down in the center and panting heavily.



“Well…..Done……Everyone…….!” Percy spoke while gasping for air.

After the situation calmed down Percy explained.

“During yesterday’s training session I was able to sense the cosmic energy present in our surroundings. It felt very comfortable, but the energy I tried to gather was soon absorbed by the inheritance cube. Yes, the inheritance cube.”

Percy waited for everyone to digest the information which was a mix of chaotic words.

“The real inheritance wasn’t in the actual cube, it was left in my mind. It would be better I show you.”

Percy chanted.


The same small character floated on the palm of Percy giving off a dim light.

“This is the real inheritance passed on to me by Cero. It contains an ancient and powerful knowledge in the form of an Ancient language which is used as a medium to channel the cosmic energy in our surroundings. The character which you see is named Cero.”


The small dim purple lit character slowly disappeared.

“It all makes sense now!” Lucifer who seemed excited for some reason said loudly.

“Pardon?” James who was beside him questioned.

“Yes, while doing my research with Aria on the new batch of weapons. I found a database containing runes and characters which had the same resemblance to the character Cero just now. Aria mentioned the characters were an ancient form of circuit system that powered their weapons and drives. If the captain can really understand this language then we might be able to develop some very dope weapons.”

Lucifer was burning with an increased intensity. His driving lust for Knowledge was truly scary for the sins.

“And right now, why were you panting, huh?” Diana scoffed from the side.

“I used the ancient character for concentration to increase the effect of the training, but the downside is that I had to spend all my energy just to maintain the effect. It seemed the characters that I use, use my own energy as a source.” Percy smiled wryly and spoke.

“How is it that you can use these characters? Are they stored somewhere?” Jason interrupted with a new question.

“Actually, these characters all require a certain frequency and energy flow pattern to function. I for some reason have received the knowledge for the same and have it ingrained in my memory. I do not know how to describe it, but it feels natural. I can teach everyone if you want?” Percy scratched his head in an apologetic manner and asked.

“Hey cap, isn’t it too much of a cheat!” Kevin spoke in an irritated yet happy tone.

“Yes please. Let us include this in our training schedule. This will help us a lot. Also remember knowledge is only useful if it can be applied.” Jason instructed the sins with a serious attitude.

“Jeez, stop acting like a teacher everytime, VP. It kinda makes me want to vomit.” Kevin said, holding his hand on his mouth.

“Heh, you dumb, come on say again. I will smash that big ugly brain of yours to mush.” Jason said and then started the fight between Kevin and him.

Meanwhile Diana and Sophie were trying to cool them down with James and Lucifer holding Jason and Kevin hiding behind the sisters.

Percy who was watching from the sidelines smiled a bit and thought.

Yeah, no matter how much darkness plagues this planet and the human race. There are still certain things worth fighting for. I do not know for certain if I will be able to win this fight, but one thing I know for sure is that the enemy will not win.





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