Chapter 33: Training


Author: Arya

After the session ended everyone continued with their regime as per usual.

The next day, sins gathered for the first session and a visible change was seen for the first time after many days.

As Percy had already entered the first stage of the manual he could sense and control the cosmic energy present in the environment upto certain extent.

Before the session began Percy informed everyone to remember the feeling they sought, after they entered the meditation yesterday. This time Percy did not use the runic powers but insisted on everyone to follow the same sensation as before.

Everyone tried their best. The first one to enter the same realm of darkness and sense of comfort was unexpectedly Kevin.

He went into deep meditation forgetting the perception of time and space. All he could see and feel was the endless darkness and the sense of comfort it brought. Unknowingly he had entered a hibernation like state cutting of his senses.

In the outside world the aura around Kevin was being transformed. It was more powerful and giving off vibes of an ancient creature deep into sleep. Inside his body, a special type of energy was being gathered. It was the same energy that Percy saw. Giving a light purple hue. Unknowingly Kevin entered the first stage of energy sensing.

This unusual phenomena disturbed everyone and they could not concentrate anymore. Seeing the change in Kevin, everyone was astounded. They all believed that the first person to enter the first stage would be James due to him being bestowed with the power of Pride.

The changes in Kevin continued for an hour, before he slowly opened his eyes. He was astonished to find this new strength in his body. He rubbed his eyes and asked.

“Hey, what just happened to me?”

“You do not remember?” Jason asked.

“All I remember is the feeling of comfort and the darkness that enshrouded me. After that I do not remember anything as I slept.” Kevin confessed.

“Is this for real!” Diana exclaimed.

After some discussion they reached a common conclusion that Kevin had unknowingly attained proficiency in the first stage of energy sensing.

The training continued.

Days passed.

After Kevin, James was the next person to enter the first stage. This wasn’t surprising to everyone. Slowly everyone entered the first stage. Diana followed by Jason then Sophie and the last one was Lucifer as it was difficult for him to concentrate along with his research.

Percy also began teaching them the Runic language he had unexpectedly received as an inheritance. Lucifer was the most excited. As for the rest, they had a very hard time remembering the concept.

The Runic language was tough to use. As everyone had to remember the energy channels in the human body and make their energy flow in a certain way while at the same time imagining the Runic character and speaking the chant.

It was a very difficult process. You can say that Percy had it easy.

Even Lucifer who boasted a great memory found it hard.

But since everyone had entered the first stage, they were able to sense the amount of energy in their body and were trying hard to manipulate it. Absorbing the environmental cosmic energy was another important factor that the sins were practicing.

The training continued for a whole week. The sins were showing rapid improvement, just like sponge absorbing knowledge.

After a whole week, the sins were able to use auxiliary Runic chants. They were able to manipulate a certain amount of cosmic energy in the body.

The major development was in the field of Technology. Lucifer, Kevin and Percy had teamed up.

They were able to successfully develop a blueprint for the prototype model for a new battleship. This battleship used the newly developed engine system designed by Kevin, along with the support of the Runic language and Lucifer and Aria demon-like calculation and precision.

Lucifer was able to inscribe some basic Runes on objects. These helped him in thinking for a new advanced version of weapon systems.

The base’s defense system was created by Aria using the assembly lines and production systems from the Jackson group.

The sins were also making progress in developing their superpowers.

The books helped them a lot in this.

They had developed a general direction for their powers to develop.

Percy, Jason and Diana chose the path of attack while James chose to defend and stealth attacks. Sophie, Lucifer and Kevin chose the path of Control due to their powers.


On the research level of the base, Lucifer was seated in front of a computer. There was a complex blueprint being displayed on which he made calculations and simulations.

This was the second week of the training after everyone had comprehended the first stage of the manual.

[Production complete]

Suddenly a mechanical voice reverberated in the room.

“Ah finally, Aria please instruct everyone to gather in the training area for demonstration.” Lucifer said as he adjusted his glasses.

Soon everyone was gathered in the training area.

There were Seven different combat suits, each towering upto 2 meters giving a purple and blakc shine displayed in the open area, each had a name tag. There was a fierce aura emanating from the suits, as if they have just been returned from a deadly battle.

Lucifer, when he noticed that everyone had gathered, proceeded to speak.

“So everyone, what you are seeing are custom made combat suits designed for each one of us taking into consideration our super powers. These combat suits are different from the one we wore. These new ones are integrated with Runes, thus reducing the weight. I will not go into the fundamentals of the suit. Please try your own suits and let me know the feedback.”

As he said that he donned his own suit.

The combat suit was made from an alloy of Titanium and carbon. A totally new type of nano material. It was light and hard at the same time. The suit was engraved with various Runes which required cosmic energy to be powered, this energy was to be supplied by the user.

The combat suit was like full body armor, protecting the user from harm as well as giving the user an additional boost. It had various different technologies included in it. It had a 360 degree vision, along with a short term thruster located in the back which looked like mini engines. The head was totally covered by the helmet leaving no gap for eyes. It was capable of infrared scanning, heat detection as well as the suit was fixed with a miniature energy detector capable of detecting upto 1km radius. The fibres and metal provided a strong support to the human body thus enabling the user to carry heavy load.

The suit was also equipped with state of the art communication systems, in case of emergencies the suit was programmed to return to the nearest rescue point determined by the user.

According to the users demand the suit had additional capabilities.

James’ combat suit was more on the heavy side with an increased defence caliber. It had a built in shielding system which created a shield with a radius of 200m around the user.

Kevins’ combat suit consisted of many small metallic balls which could be used in sync with his powers. In addition to that the suit consisted of many hidden metallic knives to be used.

Diana and Sophie both had a suit with a sleek design which fit their body curves perfectly enabling them to make difficult maneuvers. The hands on the suit were equipped with electromagnetic blades.

The combat suits had extra room for storage of ammunition and energy cells.

“This combat suit should be able to boost our overall strength to around 100%. In addition to that the Runes inscribed on the suit are to be used with the users cosmic energy so the percent of boost can be increased with the toll of the user might be too high. Also what Runes have been inscribed with the data on how to use them is already sent to you.” Lucifer said.

“Next I will be working on your weapons.” Lucifer said as he moved towards the elevator.


The training proceeded as usual. The sins were now having extra combat training with each other in their combat suit to get used to the additional power.

Meanwhile the superpowers of the sins were also taking a new form. The sins were becoming powerful day by day.

Outside the base, huge black metallic walls were erected. The canons stationed on the walls gave a dangerous aura.

All of a sudden from far away a black pup was running towards the base. The pup was the same one which followed the sins. But the condition of the pup was not the same. It had scratches and injuries all over the body. Behind the pup was a ferocious wolf. The wolf was huge around 30m in height. It had black fur which shined in the sunlight.





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