Chapter 34: The Leap in power


Author: Arya

The black pup struggled to reach the walls, slowly it moved. The wolf seemingly toying with it also moved slowly while growling. Apparently, the wolf forgot to notice the shining canons which were radiating a dangerous aura on the walls.

As both the creatures reached closer. Aria’s defense system detected the energy signatures emitted by them. It discarded the energy signatures emitted by the pup and locked on to the wolf’s energy signature.


The cannons, which seemed like a dead machine seemingly radiated a new spark of life. Erect like a soldier on the battlefield. It locked on the Wolf’s energy signature like a predator on a prey.

The wolf senses screamed for it to run away. The wolf panicked returning to its senses and turned around to dash into the forest. It seemed to remember the deadly area ahead, but it was all for vain.



The cannon roared as it launched an energy beam. A crater was soon created where the wolf was, everything evaporated. Nothing was left of the wolf.

The black pup slowly moved towards the wall’s gate and sat beside it, gently licking its wounds.

The cannons which were radiating a huge amount of energy soon went to the same position as before. Peace once again resumed. The sins were totally unaware of the incident.

The base’s defense system consisted of the tall walls made of steel doped with heavy concentration of cosmic energy, the energy weapons and shields were prototypes designed and produced by reverse engineering the defense system of the moon base. They could only produce an output of around five percent of the true products. The lower level of the base consisted of a cosmic generator which was responsible for the energy supply. The generator was derived from the moon base’s generator’s blueprint which was found in the inheritance cube. The energy requirements were not that huge so the base’s generator was just a prototype enough to power the defense systems.

The fully developed generator could power the whole moon base, with all its facilities and life support system as well the ecosystem. It was truly marvelous. As Percy had no prior knowledge the whole control of the base was in the hands of Aria.


Inside the base on the training level the sins were having a sparring session.

Diana was battling Percy, they were devoid of their combat suits.

“Is this all you have got?”

Diana kicked Percy in the gut as she taunted him.

Percy who staggered back a few meters, stabilized his body as he spoke.

“I am only warming up.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Diana scoffed.

Soon Percy moved closer towards Diana and jabbed a straight towards her face. Diana twisted her body in order to dodge and used her right hand to punch him on his chest. Percy realized what she wanted and used his left hand to direct the punch downwards.

Diana used the momentum and closed inside towards Percy as he used her leg to kick him on the face. Percy used his right hand to take the attack, Diana took this time and took some distance from him.

The fight continued as they both tried many different moves on each other and the fight continued.

At some distance from Percy and Diana was Kevin, who was standing and in front of him were two metal balls floating. His eyes were closed and there was a frown, sweat was forming on his forehead. He was trying hard to control the balls. After a minute he was drained and the balls soon lost control and fell down with a thud. He was panting heavily and wiping his sweat while drinking energy drinks.

James was combating Jason and Sophie who were teamed up. It was a 1 vs 2 match. At first James was on the winning side with his experience but Jason and Sophie soon started using combos and made pincer attacks on James.

The majority of the time James was on the defensive while Jason and Sophie used various attacks targeting James’ vital parts.

Jason attacked from the front with a leg sweep which forced James to move backwards from where Sophie used her deadly combos of fist attacks which rained down on the back of James. James was forced to move sideways but was soon caught up by Jason who attacked James neck with a fierce chop. As James parried his attack with his right hand, Sophie closed in with her leg sweep which landed squarely on James’ chest forcing him back by a few steps.

The fight continued with James on the defensive side.

Lucifer who was seated in the corner was trying hard to focus on the objects in front of him. It was the same metal ball which Kevin used. The balls this time were four and they were slowly moving around him in a circular manner. After a minute the balls were slowly lowered as they fell down with a thud.

Only now did he open his eyes.

This was the beginning of the third week of their basic training. Massive development could be seen. The sins were adapting to different combat styles and were able to cooperate better. They were also focusing on strengthening their body by doing push ups, sit-ups and other heavy exercises. They also focused on endurance with intense exercises carrying weights. Even now the sins were wearing high density weighted suits while performing exercises. The metal balls were made up of special material which was doped with cosmic energy giving rise to a high density structure.

The training period was supposed to be finished this week, so as to continue with their original training regime in the forests. The sins were also working on their superpowers.

Diana had decided to move her space element power on the offensive part instead of support. She was training and studying on the concepts of spatial fabric, using it as a sharp edge to tear down everything in her way. After all she was a sword wielder.

Kevin had decided to move on the support part and was responsible for providing support. He was training on increasing his control on the metal element, in order to utilize his skills. He was learning different metals and trying hard to differentiate them based on his power. According to him he would like to develop his skills into the realm of transformation. He was going to use his powers to transform metals.

Sophie on the other hand had also decided to move on the path of support. She had decided to sense and analyze different energy patterns and tracing them to the source acting as a scout as well as disrupter to the enemy forces. She had been studying quantum physics and chemistry to better her understanding of the energy along with Thermodynamics.

Percy and Jason were learning about human anatomy. Percy had decided to take the medical approach and Jason the combat approach. They were planning to integrate the blood with cosmic energy and enhance their raw attributes. Percy was studying about different types of injury and medication, while Jason was coming up with new ways to integrate their power with the body. The most difficult training was for Uncle James. Since he was a twin elemental, he had to focus on the Dark as well as the Earth element. Because he was adept at assassination tactics, he was trying to incorporate the darkness attributes to his assassination tactics while performing deadly and stealth attacks in the dark. At the same time he was trying to use the earth element to create more combinations.

Lucifer on the other hand was stuck with his power. He could produce rough psychic blasts and use his powers to control things. He was still learning and had spent the majority of his time in Runic language and the production of new weapons.

Lucifer was trying his best to incorporate the Runic language along with the weapons. The most lethal creation was development of cosmic scale missiles. Cosmic scale due to the destruction radius being ten times larger than the supposedly hidden antimatter weapons produced by the United Federation. The missiles used antimatter heavily doped in Cosmic energy increasing its power and efficiency.

The training of the sins was going on track and everything seemed to be fine, but a huge undercurrent was brewing someplace else. The world was not as it was before. The huge change in the world’s matter composition had enabled various other powers in the infinite cosmos to track this seemingly lost planet on the edges of the cosmos. Earth would never be the same. The huge evolution of the species had consumed an enormous amount of energy which had created a huge bubble in the solar system like a big anomaly among the stars.

An indistinct wave soon passed by the solar system. This wave was emitted by a satellite far outside the range of the solar system. As soon the wave passed by, the systems detected an anomaly and a message was relayed back using a secret channel which would probably take years to reach its destination.





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