Chapter 35: Kidnap


Author: Arya

The Island of the Jackson’s.

Inside the Forest.

Sophie was moving rapidly towards a certain location.

“Lucifer, are you certain this is the right direction?” She asked in the communication channel.

“Affirmative, I sensed an intense Psychic wave from the location I just sent you. Have a look and check for any abnormality!” This was the reply she received.

“Alright.” She replied.

As she reached the location she saw the ground littered with dead bodies. A man dressed in white robes fighting a mutated bear. The situation seemed very desperate. She immediately contacted the base.

“Lucifer, I am sending you a camera feed. Have a look.” Saying this she took out a small looking camera attached to a detector, pointing it towards the man in white robe. The camera clicked and the detector did its work. The feed was then sent to the base.

Lucifer, who was busy with some work, moved his head towards the other screen. There was the photo along with the readings from the detector.

He was shocked. It was the very first time for them to see another human being apart from themselves.

Soon he contacted, “Sophie, try to save that man. Get him to the nearest drop point. I will ask you to be picked up.”

He entered a few commands and hastily spoke.

“Aria, get me the captain. Inform him to reach the research division as soon as possible.”

“Alright, sir.” Aria responded.

Few moments later Percy entered the research cabin and found Lucifer focusing on some data.

“It better be good Lucifer. I had to drop my training for this.” He said.

Lucifer turned around and spoke.

“Captain, come here. Have a look at what we found.”

He handed the tablet which had the data displayed along with the feed from Sohpie’s camera.

Percy’s expression soon turned serious.

“How long has it been?” He asked.

“As you know we have no certain detection system present all over the island. It is only recently that we have been establishing the system around the island as a part of training. Recently I found an abnormal reading being detected from a recently established station. I sent Sophie for further investigation and this is what she found just now. As for the exact details I am not aware of it. I would need to analyze the surroundings for the clue. I have asked Sophie to carry the person to the nearest drop point to be picked up.” Lucifer reported.

“Alright, I suggest you go with her. It would be more helpful this way. I do not want to expose ourselves this early. Contact me if there is anything wrong.” Percy commanded in a stern tone.

“Okay Captain.” Lucifer stood up.

“Make sure we must let no harm befall on Sophie.” Percy spoke.

“Don’t worry captain, according to the analysis, the power level of that person should be between B and C grade. Nothing to worry about. With A grade power level of Sophie she should be fine.” Lucifer spoke.

“Just remember to be careful, we haven’t had contact with the outside world for long. Although Aria has collected some information, anything could happen.” Percy spoke.

“Also how long until the island’s detection system is established?” Percy asked.

“Using everyone’s help I have set up a primary prototype, but due to the limited resources and experience, the system isn’t stable and needs frequent maintenance. Certain nodes often go offline due to the disturbance caused by the cosmic energy. Also certain beasts also create disturbance. The main part is we are still not able to enter the habitats of that zone. We can only create a perimeter around it. Our strength is too weak for now.” Lucifer spoke. His voice was filled with frustration.

“Hmm. I might have unlocked certain runes recently which could help in disguise and camouflage. We can use that. Although I cannot guarantee anything. After you are done with the investigation. Report to me. We must stabilize the system as soon as possible.” Percy spoke in a tone of urgency.

“Sheesh captain, should have told me sooner.” Lucifer spoke as he left.


At the drop point Sophie was carrying the fainted person as she entered the point.

It had been more than two months, since the sins started their training. Recently after a joint meeting it was decided that the sins would convert the whole island as their personal base.

They needed to establish various safe points on the island to create a state-of-the-art detection system. In these two months the system had been laid down but it still needed certain maintenance time to time due to limitations and many unknown factors. The safe points were converted into drop points for the sins to collect supplies during the missions. The mission of creating a detection system was being carried by individual sins as a part of the training.

As Sophie entered the range of the safe point. She lowered her guard, as recent missions required her to be fully guarded. During the recent missions the sins found that the island was more fearful than they imagined as certain areas were protected by many formidable mutated beasts.

The safe point was a secret underground cabin connected to the main base through a supply line using Diane’s space element powers and James earth elemental powers. But only some of the essential and small scale commodities could only be transferred.

From the inside the base was as big as a container. It contained some daily necessities, some energy rifles and sleeping facilities for rest.

Sophie soon entered deep sleep as she was very tired.

After a few minutes the person who was laying on the bed woke up. He glanced around the room, one could see the look of confusion and bewilderment in his eyes. His attention was soon drawn towards the girl sleeping on the bed beside him. She looked no different than any other girls.

The person in the white robe was Light. The man sent by the Holy Church to investigate the island.

As Light wandered around the base, he was flabbergasted with the technology used to build it.

Why is there such an advanced base on this island? It seems there is something really dangerous going on in this place. I must report this to the council. Let’s see if there is anything which can be taken as evidence.

Soon he reached the ammunition depot, he casually stuffed some batteries in his pocket.

Hmm, my powers seemed to be restored. I am already at 70%, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to use my powers. I should reach the copter as soon as possible and get out of this damn place.

Just as he was about to move outside. He caught sight of Sophie.

This girl might know some information about this island. I can try to bring her with me.

He secretly activated his psychic domain and tried to infiltrate Sophie’s mental barrier. But there was an extreme rejection as soon as his domain reached her cerebral column.

Shit, I can only use conventional methods. I guess she must have already notified her superiors. I must hurry.

He moved closer towards Sophie, using his powers to suppress any disturbance. He hit her in the back of the head.

This should work for some time. There are cuffs in the copter, should move now.

He carried her and moved towards the location of the copter. He used the tracks left by Sophie on the way back.

Soon he reached the copter.

“Captain, where have you been? We were unable to track you and were just about to leave the island.” The pilot spoke.

“The team members are dead. We must now return fast, there seems to be something very disturbing here. I must report to the council first.” Light spoke.

“Alright sir, we will move.” Spoke the pilot.

Saying so, Light boarded the copter and cuffed Sophie with the cuffs.

The cuffs were made of special material, which could restrain the cosmic energy in one’s body. This material was accidentally found by the exploration team of the Holy Church.

The copter buzzed and took to the skies, returning to the base of the Holy Church along with Sophie.


Holy Church HQ.

The copter containing Light and Sophie landed in the base.

The doors opened and Light was saluted by the Paladins of the Church.

“Carry the prisoner to her cell. I will report to the Council and make sure you sedate her beforehand.” Light commanded. This time his voice contained a commanding tone. Light had changed.

“Sir, yes sir.” The paladins saluted and Light left.

The Council Hall.

Light entered the hall and saluted the Council members.

“Say Light what have you found?” Asked the Council.

“Reporting, the island was infested with many mutated beasts which were a lot stronger. I tried my best to save my team but I failed. I also found an underground base which contained many different weapons and technology which I hadn’t seen yet and seemed to be energy weapons. I have transferred a battery sample which I collected to the research department. Also I caught a prisoner.”





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