Chapter 38: Chaos

Author: Arya

As the rescue team was fulfilling their part of the mission. The rest of the team responsible for creating a distraction were still in their seats in the Osprey, when all of a sudden alarm started to ring in the cockpit.

“EVERYONE, HOLD ON!!” Kevin, the pilot shouted.

The Osprey started rolling all of a sudden in a clockwise direction for a couple of seconds. Afterwards it started ascending at breakneck speed towards the clouds. As it ascended it dropped a box around a square meter. 


A huge boom was heard as the Osprey suddenly went out of control and only stabilized after a few minutes.

“Thank god for the altitude or we might have died!” Kevin exclaimed.

“What happened!” Percy entered the cockpit and asked in a hurried manner.

“Nothing serious captain. The city anti-air defense was triggered and we were almost swept by the energy canon. Luckily we had the decoy mechanism prepared for it.” Kevin explained.

“Sometimes I wonder where that damn kid Lucifer got his brain from. He even prepared for it.” James entered the cockpit as he spoke.

“Alright, enough about it. Let us move ahead with the plan.” Percy ordered.

“Captain, is there really a need to do this?” Kevin asked. 

“Yes!” Percy answered in a stern tone.

James patted Kevin on his shoulders and spoke.

“Just make sure the target area is the center district. Only by this way can we ensure little harm to the city.” 

Kevin nodded as he pressed various buttons.

[Weapon System Online]

A mechanical voice reverberated in the cockpit.

“They shall pay the price for their action!” Percy spoke with a murderous glint in his eyes.

The Osprey was moving in the air around the upper layer of the stratosphere. It was difficult for a system to detect them at such heights.

The aircraft soon started descending. As it descended, the bottom of the aircraft opened up and a dual barrel energy cannon with a purple hue exited from it.

Inside the cockpit, Kevin was focused on the target screen.

[Target Locked]

[Charging photon cannon]

This was another one of Lucifer’s inventions. A photon cannon. The weapon used high concentration of energy to propel photons at breakneck speed just like a beam. The impact was huge and the concentrated energy release created a lot of EMP affect.

The cannon was soon charged and shot towards the target- Center of the Holy City HQ, right above its cathedral.


The barrier above the cathedral dented like a balloon hit by a sharp object and a hole was pierced in the center. 

Inside the ship, Percy and Jason were calmly waiting for the spot. They were clad with the latest exosuit developed by Lucifer. Fully ready to fight.

As soon as there was a gap in the barrier they jumped from the ship. Target the cathedral.

The thrusters on the back provided them with little support for reducing speed as they landed on the square in front of the cathedral, creating a boom and a huge crater.

Meanwhile inside the HQ command center. The commander was just about to leave as a booming was heard and warning reverberated in the command center.



[Barrier breach detected]

[Core damage 10%]

[Estimated time for repair 15 minutes]

There was panic on everyone’s face, but still everyone followed the protocols.

“Give me a live update.” 

“Prepare the mobile defense team.” 

“Sound the alert.” 

“Contact special forces.” 

 Orders were being conveyed one after another.

Inside his room. Light was seated on the bed trying to rest but scenes of his team slaughter kept appearing in his mind. 

Suddenly warning alarms started ringing after a huge booming noise.

Light woke up and moved towards the command center.

As soon as he reached the command center he was informed of the recent happenings. Light soon took a decision. As the Archbishop of Holy Church he had the second highest authority.

“Tell the defense team to take no action and just surround the target. I will be heading there personally.” He ordered the commander.

His orders were soon relayed.

Light was concerned. He doubted the attackers to be from the same organization of the prisoner.

And his doubts were soon turned to reality.

As he reached the front square of the cathedral. He saw the team of special forces surrounding two persons wearing a metallic suit giving off a menacing aura. He could even the bloodlust emanate from their body. It was terrifying even for him.

He slowly moved forward and reached the front facing the two man team. He was just about to question them, when the man behind informed the person in the front of something. They both nodded at each other.

After that hell broke out.

A deep sense of crisis arose in Light’s heart and mind. All his senses screamed to run.

Instinctively he erected a psychic barrier in front of him. As soon as the barrier materialized there was a dent in it. 

The person wearing the metallic suit had his fist on the barrier and purple flames were pouring from the thruster making a screeching sound. 

No one saw how it happened. The speed was very fast. If not for Light’s timely instinct which was birthed by numerous bloody battles he would have died.

The surrounding members of the special forces were stunned, but reacted very quickly. The battle escalated very fast. Two unknown men in a metallic suit against a whole squad made up of supers. 

It was chaos everywhere. Percy and Jason were stuck in the middle of the battlezone. 

Along with the help from Light, the special force squad were closing in their circle. There were many elemental attacks being aimed at Percy and Jason. 

Percy and Jason both looked at each other and nodded.

Time seemed to slow down, the blood flowing in the body of Percy and Jason as if had come to life roared and a sudden heat emerged from their bodies which was felt by everybody.

There was an intense booming sound as if the time flow had become normal. The place where Percy and Jason were standing was filled with intense attacks of all elements. There were fireballs, sharp winds, rocks and many more. 

But just as everyone thought of relaxing, a huge commotion was created. The team of supers were being besieged by Percy and Jason. 

It takes time to describe but everything happened too suddenly for anyone to notice.

The supers soon entered close combat with Percy and Jason. As for the captain and vice-captain of the Sins, they relied on their heightened reflexes and enhanced strength boosted by their powers to create more casualties.

There were incoming attacks from different supers from all sides as Percy and Jason who stood side by side as they parried, dodged and retaliated. 

Sometimes the attacks would land on their bodies but the majority of the impact was absorbed by the exosuit. The long ranged attack dealers couldn’t deal any damage in fear of harming their comrades.

Percy who was too engrossed in fighting parried a battle knife with his exosuit’s right arm at the same time kicked a super to his left. He noticed another fist coming towards his face, he soon concentrated his powers to the apex and his speed increased just a little to dodge the incoming fist as he ducked meanwhile also sweeping his retracted leg. 

The battle was too intense. There was an enormous toll on his body for exerting utmost capabilities of his powers. Similar situation was happening with Jason, but in his case he had a battle knife which he used to cause some serious damage to the supers. Also he had concentrated his efforts more towards the combat aspect of his power’s growth enabling him to fight fiercely as compared to Percy. 

Still, the situation wasn’t better. Both Percy and Jason knew they were safe only for now as they had decided to enter close combat, or else they would have been blasted to smithereens by the long ranged dealers only by staying in close combat could they create enough disturbance in order to successfully execute their agenda. 

As the fight proceeded more and more personnel from the Holy Church joined, Archbishop Light who was watching the fight from the sidelines never interfered. He calmly observed as the enemies this time were quite powerful and also he was interested in their combat style, technology and background. 

Archbishop Light was one of the top supers in the present post-apocalyptic world. He had even fought with some Gurus who were on the lower level. One must remember each Guru had unlocked their genetic inheritance to the utmost level so their power was unfathomable, but it was too bad as they had always preferred to be in seclusion and only acted when there was a major upheaval. 

Even the current Holy Church was not a match for the clans being backed by the Gurus. There were only a handful of such clans scattered around the world. 


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