Chapter 39: The Darkside of the Holy Church

Author: Arya

As the battle between the Sins and the supers proceeded on the other side Lucifer was waiting for the others in a JLTV GP all ready to roll out of the base. His focus was fixed on the display of the wrist mounted screen which displayed real-time location of the team. Since this was a rescue mission the team was not equipped with their usual combat gear and exosuits. Soon the rest of the team reached Lucifer’s location.

Lucifer hurriedly moved out to help them. They strapped the still unconscious Diane on the seat.

“Move in everyone, we shall move out.” Lucifer spoke as the rest of the team boarded the JLTV.

James took the driver’s position and the vehicle moved out.

“I will contact the captain and inform him about the mission, meanwhile head to the location being displayed on the screen. That is our extraction point.” Lucifer spoke as he fiddled with his wrist-pad.

The JLTV soon disappeared from the secret base. Everything was silent in the base.

After a few minutes, a man covered in black robe and hood appeared from the shadows. He was staring at the location where the JLTV disappeared with his hand behind his back.

A voice was soon heard from his ear pods.

“Archbishop, the prisoner has escaped. The HQ is under attack, Archbishop Light is handling the intruders, meanwhile the Council has demanded for you to take action. Should we send the team to search them?” 

The man covered in black robes smiled and spoke back. 

“No need. I will bring back the prisoner. Inform the Council to wait for me.” 

The voice was hoarse and full of wickedness. This man was none other than the trump card of the Holy Church. This man was responsible for the darkside of the Holy Church. He was responsible for the assassinations, kidnaps, murder and every other wicked deed performed by the Holy Church or so to speak the pre-world United Federation. 

Interesting, it seems I will be having a new target to play with.

As he thought he licked his lips.

Lucifer and the rest of the sins were unaware of this as they moved towards the extraction source.

The man in the dark robes spoke again but this time it was in a commanding tone.

“Cardinal, help me track the JLTV located in the secret base. The prisoner is in the JLTV. Also dispatch Team-1 to move towards them. Remember to not alert them just keep a watch.”

There was soon a response.

“Understood, captain.” 

This was the personal team trained by the Archbishop for various missions.

The Holy Church was based on the foundation of the pre-world United Federation. It had a light side and a dark side. The people all knew about its work to protect world peace and what not, but the Federation was also heavily indulged in many activities like creating chaos, funding certain terrorist groups to destroy their enemies. In fact they also had an entire organization in the pre-world named the Assassin Guild. 

After the Reboot, the Guild system was disbanded, although the Luther family who were behind it were safe and sound behind the now famous Mercenary League. It was also due to their efforts the Mercenary League of the post-reboot world could be formed. 

The man in the robe was the leader of the Assassin Guild. He was known as Dark, now Archbishop Dark.  Surprisingly Archbishop Dark was one of the first one’s to undergo the experiment conducted by the Federation. Due to his skills he gained the Dark elemental powers thus awakening as a super. It was also this power that enabled him to be so powerful along with his assassination skills.

The darkside of the Holy Church was under his command unlike the Light side which was governed by the Council. The Council only ordered Dark with missions, regarding the process they were never bothered as long as it was completed.

Even now, the Holy Church had performed various cruel deeds. They kidnapped civilians for experiments, threatened scientists, massacred people for their interests and many more.


Meanwhile the fight near the HQ had escalated to a huge scale. The situation was totally not in favor of the Holy Church. Therefore, Archbishop Light had decided to intervene.

Light used his psychic powers to suppress the intruder’s consciousness. 

An invisible psychic wave soon reached Percy and Jason. 

Percy who was fighting alongside Jason felt a wave of dizziness but was able to overcome it easily. One must remember that his consciousness was strengthened by the inheritance cube, it was hard to suppress it now. But Jason was not good.

He immediately activated his exosuit to the highest potential and punched the ground, creating a wave which disturbed the surrounding targets.


After that he immediately knelt clutching his head with his hands. 

“Captain, I can’t hold it much longer.” He spoke on the channel.

Percy turned around and ran towards him. There were many supers surrounding them slowly. 

Just as they were about to be attacked, they heard Light shouting.



A huge psychic barrier covered the group of suppers. An energy bullet soon crashed on the barrier, creating an explosion. If not for the barrier the supers would have died.

“Captain, Vice-captain. The mission is a success. Let us leave.” Kevin’s voice sounded in the communication channel.

Hearing this both Percy and Jason felt as if a huge load had left their body.

They both looked at each other and smiled under their HUD. 

“Let’s go.” Percy spoke as Jason gathered the remaining strength in his body.



Two harpoons attached to a plate stuck in front of them. The cable attached to the harpoons had their other end inside the Osprey which was high above the radar limit. 

Percy nodded towards Jason and tossed two square objects on the ground.

“Get them!” 

Archbishop Light soon found out their plan as he hurried the supers to capture the target. As they neared, the square objects burst open with a bang and a sonic wave traveled far and wide.

The wave instantly made the incoming supers dizzy and some even fell on the ground. Archbishop Light was safe from the effect and soon wanted to use his powers to capture the intruders, but alas, the same energy bullet hurled towards the supers and he had to use his powers to protect them. 

Jason stood on the plate and kicked a leaver on it, enabling a certain mechanism which pulled him up in the air with a great speed.

As Percy saw Jason moving, he again tossed a certain object in the air. But this time it was different, the object soon distributed into various parts, each propelled by a mini-thruster hurling towards various parts of the HQ. As they reached their location, they exploded. 

The entire HQ was ringing with booming noise as though there was a firework going on. Multiple halls were destroyed. There were cracks on the walls, the dome of the Church was on the verge of falling. The Holy Church HQ was a mess.

Percy took this opportunity and boarded his exit, moving in the air. 

The cables were connected to the Osprey, as they reached a certain distance in the air, they used their thrusters on the exosuit to propel at a faster speed. Soon they boarded the Osprey, which waited in a stable manner in the air.

“Are you guys alright?” Kevin seated on the pilot seat asked.

“It’s alright, let’s move towards the extraction point.” Percy said as he helped Jason in removing the exosuit. Jason’s body was emitted a frightening amount of heat at the moment, due to the intense battle and toll on his body. Basically his blood was boiling.

Jason crashed on the seat and started chugging water and eating energy bars. His energy was totally spent. 

Percy on the other hand was doing fine, due to his large energy capacity and his self-healing powers obtained from the Hydra genes.

“Captain, should we send a parting gift?” Kevin asked. He really wanted to teach this idiots a lesson for daring to even kidnap his team member.

“No need, I have already done it. After all our enmity is with the one who gave the orders, others are only following them. No need to harm the innocents with our grievances.” Percy said in a stern manner.

The Osprey soon turned into a dot as it moved away.

Meanwhile the Holy Church HQ was a mess, Archbishop Light and the others watched as the intruders trampled them and left. 

“Archbishop Light the Council awaits you.” A Cardinal approached Light and spoke.

Light frowned as he moved towards the Council chamber. He knew the matter today had totally destroyed the reputation of the Holy Church and to the Council members nothing mattered more than the reputation.

Various thoughts were moving in his mind. He was trying to figure out who was the mastermind behind this attack as he soon reached the Council Chamber and entered inside.



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