Chapter 4: Fox Sin of Greed.


Author: Arya

Although Percy wanted to help the world, he knew from the information that Cero had provided that humanity was not in the position to fight the devas, unless the human race developed as a whole. Therefore, he reluctantly accepted the proposal and concentrated on creating a strategy to fight the oncoming threat. Percy designed a state-of-the-art upgrade system. The system was one of the important projects he devised along with Aria and the inheritance cube. The Upgrade System was a fully automated system working in sync with the converter, using the knowledge from the cube the system would upgrade any technological and biological entities.

According to Cero’s record the Deva civilization centered around 10 Entities or beings which commanded the race. They were the beings with the most power and authority. Percy’s plan was simple, he planned to create an elite team of people to fight these 10 beings and thus defeat the devas. He planned to use the virus to create a battlefield which would create soldiers and he would train the generals. He had hand-picked a group of 6 people efficiently in their role and invited them for a test. He planned to create mercenary groups in the apocalypse to fight the oddities during that period and strengthen them.

His Upgrade System would also play a vital role. Using ancient Technology, he would upgrade the defense systems of the world and create weapons to destroy the deva fleet. He would enhance his mercenary group in a biological way, improving their strength and enhancing the powers they get through the virus. He had everything planned and thus started his plan to create the mercenary group-Seven Deadly Sins.

For the successful implementation he needed a few things beforehand. He needed his team to be well trained in all aspects, for that he had all the resources ready. As the richest man he never had to worry about monetary issues.

“Let’s see, Aria did the subjects respond?” asked Percy.

“Subject 1 responded positively as for the other subjects there may be some complications involved. I suggest handling the matter accordingly.”

“All right, so where should we start from.” replied Percy.

“Subject 2 and 3 have some complications”

“Ah…. Diane and Sophie. Hmm. Call Uncle James, will you Aria. Let him meet and invite them personally” commanded Percy.

“Acknowledged sir. ”

James was seated in his room going through the stack of documents needed for the resource allocation, when his intercom rang.

The source was Aria, as Percy’s only family he was aware of Aria and the upcoming threats. James was quickly informed of his mission and the targets.

“Interesting, young master has selected the lady from Oracle. Maybe it’s time for the young master to marry and for me to have a little master and a mistress. ” James in thought muttered.

He quickly accepted the mission and left for the preparations. Since the location was not safe this time Percy had arranged a fully automated V22-Osprey for the mission. The Osprey was controlled by Aria. He also arranged weapons and other small things he needed for the mission. The place he needed to go was an aircraft carrier named Oracle. It was the base of operations of the organization named Oracle, the topmost Intel organization there exists, after Jackson obviously. After an hour James was ready with his Butler uniform. Although he seemed harmless. But the truth was something different, the uniform was specially prepared with a carbon nano-fiber bulletproof material and had a capacity to absorb shocks and impulses up-to some extent. He walked out of the palace door with his intercom and a black colored beautiful V22-Osprey shiningly greeted him with the back door opened and ready to be boarded. As soon as James boarded the transport the Osprey took off roaring its engines towards the destination.


Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean was a huge CVN-21 class aircraft carrier. This aircraft carrier did not belong to any government and was the base of operations of one of the ten great organizations- Oracle. The Oracle was an Intelligence Organization. They were accepted as the best Intel provider by the World. No matter what Intel their customers needed, the Oracle always delivered, not all as there were few exceptions too. The Oracle used their own communication network and codes to send and gather Info and Intel. All its agents were spread over the world. It had a huge database of Intel gathered for that purpose. The database was large enough to occupy almost all of the carrier’s space. The leader of the organization Oracle was a lady named Diane. She and her sister Sophie managed the organization. Diane used to work for many Intelligence agencies in the world and thus one day she cut off from the world faking her and her sister’s death and started the establishment of Oracle.

As James went through her Info, he asked, “Young master, am I supposed to bring the young lady and her sister with me.”
“Uncle James, your primary mission is to meet her and contact me. I will be briefing her myself. The time to show my face has arrived. As for escorting her to the island. It’s her decision whether she accepts or not. Do not force her Uncle James.” responded Percy from the communication channel.

“As you wish, young master. ”

[Target located in the front] [A communication channel has been forcefully opened] [Brute forcing the network] [Network established] [Activating the protocol] [The controls have been transferred] [Beginning approach] [Ready for the Lockdown. Awaiting order]

A stream of mechanical commands began to run as soon as a network channel was brute forced. The Osprey approached the huge aircraft carrier situated in the ocean.


Meanwhile inside the carrier, in a seemingly large cabin. A woman was seated on a chair with another one beside her. The woman was wearing a black suit displaying her voluptuous figure, black hair and eyes with an elegant and cold face. She was the leader of Oracle, Diane. Beside her sat a lady wearing a military uniform, was her sister Sophie. Diane and Sophie sat inside the control room as early this morning they received an anonymous message from Jackson which stated that they were invited to join their team. At first both were confused, as an Intelligence organization they knew about the Jackson’s but they were shocked as the communication channel through which the message arrived was her personal network and no one in the world apart from her sister was aware of it.

“Big sister, what to do, should we accept the invitation? ” asked Sophie sitting beside Diane.

“No, we won’t no matter what it means we will not join any other organization. The Jackson’s sure deserve their reputation, to be able to track my network. No matter how much I backtrack there appears to be no sign of the sender on the communication channel. It seems as if the message was an illusion. We must be careful of those guys. Increase the defenses and inform our agents to keep an eye for any suspicious activity.” replied Diane. Her tone was as cold as ice. It seemed that there was a past which traumatized her, which led to the rejection of Percy’s invitation.

As Diane and Sophie were having a meeting, a knock was heard on the door and an officer stepped in. He saluted at first and said, ” Captain, an intruder aircraft has been detected approaching the base and they have transmitted a message.”

Listening to the officer’s report Diane and Sophie looked at each other and rapidly moved towards the control tower.
Inside the control tower the staff was tense as they detected an intruder moving rapidly towards the carrier. The location of the base was only privy to the organization’s top members no one knew about it.


Suddenly the cabin door slides open with a swish sound, Diane along with Sophie and the officer enter the room. The staff saluted the captain and resumed their work. The officer brought Diane and Sophie to a station and replayed the transmitted message.

“This is Jackson2, requesting to land at the Oracle base. Carrying a high priority package over. ”

The message was repeated two more times. Listening to the message Diane’s face turned pale. She ordered the officer to open the channel and proceed with some communication.

“This is Oracle, Jackson2 you are being transferred over to the captain. Until further command you are to stop your approach or else, we will take offensive measures, over.”

“Roger that Oracle, awaiting further transmission….”

Diane then took over the communication device and spoke, ” Jackson2 this is Captain speaking, you are not authorized to land and are requested to leave the airspace immediately. The answer to the message has been sent and will not be changed.”

“You leave me with no choice then, Madam.” replied James through the channel and ended the transmission. James took a deep breath and entered a string of commands on the screen.

[Activating lockdown] [The vessel is under control] [Lockdown initiated] [Weapon system disabled] [Approaching Oracle]



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