Chapter 40: Crushed

Author: Arya

As the Sins proceeded to rush towards the extraction point, they were unaware of the team of Dark Cardinals following them secretly along with Archbishop Dark.

Very soon they reached the extraction point. The extraction point was situated at a little distance from the city but due to the natural vegetation which had mutated recently it was hard for the radar to penetrate this deep. The route to the extraction point was complex and full of twists and turns, but the Sins were unaware that the Dark Cardinals were adept at tracing and tracking their opponents.

An open area of about 100 meter in radius was the location selected for meeting the rest of the team and departing. Everyone alighted from the JLTV, Sophie was still unconscious and her status was unknown. The only member with some medical expertise was the captain Percy who had decided to develop his powers in the field of healing. 

Sophie was laid down on the ground as others were waiting for the transport. An Osprey zoomed in from above as it landed on the open area. Percy and Jason moved towards the rest of the team. Percy moved Sophie inside the aircraft as it had the medical supplies loaded on the aircraft. He began his treatment and diagnosis. He used his ability of Blood manipulation to sense the abnormality, very soon he reached a conclusion.

“Is she alright?” Diane who was nearby saw Percy ease his frown, asked in a nervous manner.

“No need to worry, she has been injected with some kind of sedative thus she is unconscious, I will try to stimulate her blood cells into ejecting it out. Though it might take some time, I also need to take a sample of her blood for further examination once we reach the base.” Percy explained her as well as consoled her to not worry.

Percy soon focused on her healing, he made a small cut on her hand with a needle just enough for a small amount of blood to flow. He controlled his powers to stop the bleeding as it wasn’t the moment yet.

Lucifer who was moving outside the aircraft in a circular manner, frowned continuously. Jason who noticed this decided to ask him.

“Is there any issue, Lucifer?” 

“Umm, I don’t know how to say this, lately I have been configuring my device to find traces of cosmic energy signature in a much more concentrated manner. As you know since the supers all use this energy primarily we can get a trace of them. But, there seems to be some error as I found some hidden traces of this energy nearby, but when I scanned again there was nothing.” Lucifer explained his dilemma.

“That’s weird. Keep trying, maybe it is an error.” Jason said and left.

Lucifer got busy with his device, after a few more tweaks, he succeeded. As he looked at the results he was stunned. Hurriedly he looked for Jason.

“Vice-cap, there seems to be a problem.” He spoke.

Jason and the rest of the sins had gathered together and waited outside the aircraft in order to not create any disturbance. 

As Lucifer spoke, everyone’s attention soon turned towards him.

“What happened?” Jason asked.

“Our location has been compromised. There is an unusual amount of energy signatures approaching this location. ETA 2 minutes.” Lucifer said.

Everyone was shocked and nervous. The treatment was in a critical phase if they were disturbed now then it could be detrimental to Sophie’s health. The Sins could have left earlier but in order to prevent any side effect from the sedatives Percy suggested to perform the treatment as soon as possible.

It was all too sudden, they were unprepared. They were only carrying their main weapons. A battle of this caliber could hardly be determined by just their main weapons, which were customized cold weapons to be used in synchronization to their powers. Other ammunition and weapons were all kept inside the aircraft, there was hardly any time left.

The enemies could be seen approaching from distance. There were around 12 people dressed in black cloaks being led by a man covered in black hood. Even then an evilness could be seen from his face. As the enemies approached closer, the nervous Sins relaxed. 

It seemed in order to prevent them from escaping the enemies were not equipped with firearms or any weapons as such.

James who was scanning their targets smiled as he spoke.

“I know these guys, they are the dirty hands of the pre-world Federation. You can consider them to be the scums of the world. All drenched in the blood of many innocents. And here I thought they were some mysterious people. These are all trash. I would have killed them long ago if not for their skills in hiding. Since they are here, let me just kill them.” He explained and moved forward.

Diane who was just aside grabbed his shoulder and said.

“Uncle James, I have been wanting to vent out my anger for a long time. Don’t take it from me.” There was an unseen aura of rage and killing intent emanating from her. 

The Sins understood her rage. After all her only sister had been captured by these people and even sedated to unknown status, if not for the timely rescue who knew what would have happened to her. One could see her love for her sister. As the pre-world Oracle was governed mainly by her sister and she had the same authority as her.

As they talked the enemy had reached near.

Archbishop Dark didn’t seem to notice James as he looked at the aircraft in front of him. He did not even bother to gaze at the sins as he felt no energy radiation from them.

After the Reboot, the supers could sense certain energy being radiated from their fellow supers, which helped them determine the threat possessed to their lives.

The Sins used the Mysterious Manual for training so they had total control on their energy level. It was hard for any energy to leak from their body. Thus it was understandable for Dark to not sense any radiation.

Archbishop Dark noticed a woman walking towards the group with a cold expression, he was surprised but then his gaze lingered on her body shamelessly. He licked his lips and spoke in a threatening manner with his hoarse voice.

“It was very daring for you guys to attack the Holy Church. It is too late if you want to crawl beneath my feet and beg for mercy. Maybe I can consider giving your friends a quick death if you satisfy me, how about it?” 

The more he spoke the more dumbfounded Diane turned, instead of anger there was guilt and shame on her face.

Suddenly she turned around and asked James.

“Hey, has this guy turned retard or something? But I did not even act, now I feel guilty for taking action.” 

Although her voice was not high, being a super Archbishop Dark could hear it very clearly. His expression switched to shock then shame then anger.

“You… Alright, I will torture you and your friends for a long time.” 

As Archbishop Dark spoke he used his powers. The surrounding area turned dark all of a sudden. It was already turning dark by the time they reached the extraction point, but now using his dark elemental powers it turned into a horrifying level of darkness.

Even then the panicked expression which Archbishop Dark expected to see on Diane’s face was absent. She was still standing with a cold and murderous face. 

Archbishop Dark soundlessly appeared behind Diane with a small kunai knife in his hand, ready to attack her throat and injure her seriously.

But reality played a huge joke on him. 

As soon as Dark made a move, Diane had unsheathed her sword from her back. It was a black katana. The main weapon of her choice. As Dark got behind her back she stabbed forward, as she stabbed the katana started to resonate at a very low frequency with the surrounding space and disappeared as if it had sublimated in a blink of an eye. Unknowingly the disappeared part of the katana appeared in front of Archbishop Dark. 

In front of his horrified eyes, Dark saw as the katana blade appear in front of him and expanding. His body suddenly went cold and he felt a terrible chill, as if he was situated in a void. If he moved any step further than the katana would definitely pierce his heart and take his life in just a moment. 

He was stunned, but did not lose his bearing. He alternated his move and this time charged from another direction. But the same thing happened again, just that it was not a stab but a slash. The katana did not sublimate but the attack reached his location in a moment, pity though it missed from a bit. 

There was a huge wound on the arm of Archbishop Dark which poured out a huge amount of blood. The dark domain vanished, Archbishop Dark was standing in front of his team of Dark Cardinals who looked at the situation with huge shock and surprise.



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