Chapter 41: Horror

Author: Arya

The power that Diane displayed was unfathomable to Archbishop Dark and his subordinates. They had never seen such strength. In their eyes their commander Archbishop Dark was the most powerful person to exist.

It was understandable after all. Diane was a rare space elemental. Although there existed some supers with space element affinity, they had side-tracked into a more passive domain of developing their powers. They were more prone to skills like teleporting objects and scouting. Diane instead had decided to move towards the combat oriented developmental aspect. 

With the help of Lucifer, Aria and Percy she was able to understand various spatial concepts and apply them in her combat style. The technique she displayed earlier was what she named Void Slasher. As the name suggested it allowed her to slash through the void and attack her enemy. Although the range of the attack could only be close to her body. This gave her a solid advantage over Archbishop Dark. The attack was based on various principles of spatial ability like spatial perception, spatial visualization, mental rotation, mental folding, etc. It took effort to understand such various physical concepts and apply them in real life. In fact not only her, every Sin including Percy had taken huge efforts to understand their part of powers and apply them using various theoretical knowledge.

The weapon used by Diane was another such marvel, which complemented her attack style. It was inscribed with various runes with the help of Percy which boosted her powers. It was the reason why they were considered as the main weapons by the Sins.

Archbishop Dark clutched his wound using the other arm. There was a crazy amount of killing intent gushing out from his eyes. He wished to kill the woman in front of her and torture her friends for the humiliation he suffered. He was so blinded by hatred that he forgot the huge difference in strength. 

“All of you attack! Kill that woman! I want her dead!” He roared with all his voice and ordered his subordinate Dark Cardinals. 

Although the cardinals were frightened at first, due to the numerical advantage they bolstered their courage and moved to attack.


Diane who completely crushed Dark suddenly knelt. She was panting heavily. The execution of such complicated moves not only caused a huge toll on her body but also on her mind. After all techniques such as perception and visualization were not to be underestimated much less many others included. 

Jason and other sins who watched this were not bothered about it. Jason looked at James and nodded, meanwhile Kevin moved forward to help Diane.

As James saw Vice-captain Jason’s nodding towards him, he understood. 

He disappeared from his initial position. No sin was shocked by this, as they all were aware in terms of speed no one could match their Uncle James. He was master of assassination and stealth.

Before the Dark Cardinals could reach Diane, James reached her. He stood before her as he watched the dozen or so black robed individuals rushing towards him. 

He unhurriedly clenched his hand into a fist. A brownish hue started glowing on his fist which was soon covered by a black miasma like substance. Then elemental energy gathered in his fist had reached a huge density which even affected the surrounding. There were small rocks which started floating towards the fist. Everyone could feel something bad was about to happen.

Even the dozen or so Dark Cardinals had stopped in their tracks and started to move slowly.

Archbishop Dark who was injured was watching this with cold eyes. Even he could feel the amount of energy being gathered in the fist. 

Suddenly James punched downwards lightly. Everything went quiet. The air was frozen still. The rocks which floated remained still in the air. It was just for a blink of an eye but that stillness created a deep terror in everyone’s heart. Even Lucifer who was working on his device was watching it with a deep interest.

Meanwhile as James punched downwards lightly, after a blink of eye. A shockwave erupted in a semicircular manner with James as the center. The shockwave was too bizarre, there was a thin black line which followed the semicircular wave and soon reached towards the location of the Dark Cardinals. 

As the Dark Cardinals were hit by the shockwave, they felt a huge amount of force impact their bodies. All of them were thrown backwards, few had some of their bones broken as well. The result of the attack was total defeat. The Dark Cardinals, a group that was feared everywhere in the world were defeated with just a single move. 

Archbishop Dark who watched this scene was scared. His eyes which were full of killing intent and murderous glint were now filled with fear. 

After all, the attack was very devastating indeed. It must be known that the Dark Cardinals each were supers who had enhanced bodies. It was not easy to injure them, especially all at once. But reality was cruel. Indeed, the move James used had such a devastating result. Since, James had the rare dual-element power he was determined to use them simultaneously. It required enormous focus and time to use that move. After all, combining two elements in such a manner was deadly. One wrong step and he would have died. He used the earth elemental power to create a sufficiently strong density energy ball, combining it with the dark elements’ domain to sweep them like a wave. The dense energy was converted into a semicircular thread of darkness energy which swept like a wave. Although it drastically reduced the overall effect but in exchange it also reduced the toll on one’s mind. 

After the attack James turned around and walked towards the Sins in an unhurried manner, but his situation was not any worse than Diane. He had completely used up his energy and was able to move relying on his willpower. 


The aircraft cargo door soon opened as Percy unboarded. He gestured to everyone to move inside. He did not even bother looking at the group of people lying on the ground in their black robes and cloak. 

Percy moved towards Jason. Kevin took Diane inside the aircraft where she laid down and chugged energy drinks, a similar situation happened with James. Since they were inside the people outside were not able to watch this scene.

“How is she?” Jason asked with a solemn tone.

“She is fine, I have helped her body to extract the sedative injected but will have to conduct certain tests in the base for any side effect that it may have left. It can be said negligence on our part this time. We must be careful.” As he said that he was clenching his fingers in an unusual manner, as if ascertaining something.

“Are you alright?” Jason asked as he saw Percy doing something unusual.

“It’s fine, let’s move now.” Percy spoke.

“What about them?” Jason asked.

The feud between them had already been established. Jason wished to cut the weed by its roots in order to prevent any future calamity.

“Let them be.” Percy said as he gestured to Lucifer.

Lucifer came towards him and asked.

“Is there anything wrong?” 

“Are you done?” Percy asked. Even Jason was curious what Percy had asked Jason to do.

“Yeah. I have gained access to the Holy Church internal database. We can use their intelligence anytime we want. But we cannot use that indiscriminately as they may notice, we can only use this method thrice. While we were rescuing Sophie, I was able to copy the data to my database so we must refrain from such tactic.” Lucifer responded while fidgeting with his device. He was least bothered with what was happening here, after the rescue mission.

Even Jason was surprised by Lucifer’s words. It seemed their captain had thought far ahead of them. It wasn’t just a rescue mission, but also used to gain intel.

“Alright let us move then.” Percy said as everyone boarded the aircraft.

The aircraft soon zoomed out in front of the injured Archbishop Dark and his subordinates.

Archbishop Dark watched them leave with dark eyes. He thought of many ways to take revenge for the humiliation he had suffered. 

He was just about to call the HQ for reinforcements when suddenly his face contorted. Fear crept in his eyes and he watched in horror.

The subordinates which were lying on the ground, groaning with injuries soon started to disappear slowly and unhurriedly. It was as if their existence was being wiped from reality. They soon turned into ashes and vanished from his sight. There was not even a trace of their existence left. And the most terrifying part was that the Dark Cardinals themselves were not aware of their plight. The surroundings turned into total silence. Dark stood there flabbergasted.

A fleeting voice soon reached his ears.

[Tell the Old Fossils to stay away from my island, or else I will make you and your entire organization disappear from the face of the earth……]



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