Chapter 42: World Shocking Event.

Author: Arya

The pre-world city of Vatican.


The post-apocalyptic world’s HQ of the Holy Church.


The entire inner district of this famous beyond 10th grade city was now shrouded in gloom. One could see many construction sites busy in the repair and the development of a more superior defense system. The attack this time led to many new development policies being implemented by the Church.

Previously the defense systems only consisted of the automated cannons mounted on the walls along with the solid defensive barrier, but as seen from the previous attack, the opponents were able to blast a hole in the barrier above the HQ which was a fatal route.


The Council had decided to create another barrier above the inner district, along with many other defensive measures. 


The attack on the HQ had humiliated the Holy Church’s influence on a much larger scale. The Council tried to suppress the news of this attack to the outside world, but it was only a matter of time. 


Inside the Councils Chamber, Archbishop Dark was standing, his injuries were yet to be healed. This time the major loss of the Holy Church was the loss of the Dark Cardinals. This was a special force trained by Archbishop Dark to carry out his commands. Even the Council could not order them around. The Dark side of the Holy Church was totally under the sole command of Archbishop Dark, the Council was only responsible for providing resources to them. 


“How were our losses, this time?”, asked one of the Council members.


“I lost an elite squad of Dark Cardinals and it would take a week for me to select a new batch. On the front-line we did not lose any supers, though many were injured. All in all we suffered a great humiliation with minimal losses.” Archbishop Dark said.


The Dark Cardinals were a group of subordinates trained by Dark and he had a reserve force which could be replaced if needed.


“It seems we would need to delay our plan for a week. Inform Light about the plan and prepare the necessary steps. There cannot be any mistakes. You may leave now.” Spoke the Council member seated in the middle.


Archbishop Dark nodded and left.


After Dark left, the Council started their discussion.


“This time, the blow dealt to us was enormous. Although we did not suffer major loss, those other forces would look down on us too much.” A Council member spoke.


“Leave them, our main mission this time is to focus on the upcoming battle. If we are able to gain victory then those forces will no longer be our match and we can reach the apex once again.” The Council member in the middle seat spoke.


As he said that, the other Council members’ eyes shone with a hint of anticipation and eagerness. 


After the Reboot, the United Federation had lost all its power and authority from the pre-world period. It was because of the intel that they received from the Jackson’s that they could prepare for the apocalypse or else they would not be able to develop to their current point.




The ‘Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed’ also known as the Trinity Church during the pre-world times.


The Cathedral designed with the concept of bonfire in mind was now fully coated in a black layer which looked like black paint. Along with the cloudy atmosphere and cold environment, it gave a darker feeling.


This Cathedral served as the HQ of one of the major forces of the Rebooted world- The Dark Church.


Unlike its arch-enemy the Holy Church which comprised the selfish families and clans, the Dark Church was a force which was developed by the rebel nations of the pre-world United Federation with the aim of destroying the Holy Church and the power behind them.


Inside the highest floor of the Cathedral, sat an old man in a black tuxedo with a scepter in his hands. The scepter had a small black diamond as its head. 


The man was watching the cold view from the windows in the room. The room was a normal study room which gave off a scholarly aura.




A knock was heard and an elegant middle aged man stepped in the room. He had a surprised expression on his face.


“President, something major happened.” He reported.


The old man was the president of the Dark Church. The man who held great power and authority. This old man was also one of the top most powerful supers in the world. He was ranked 3rd in the world and was a Dark element and Space element user.


The middle aged man was the vice-president and the one responsible for the intel operations of the Church.


“Calm down, Murphy. Here, have some water.” The president said as a glass of water calmly emerged from the void in front of the middle aged man.


Murphy was not surprised by this action as he drank some water, cleared his throat and spoke.


“Sir president. According to the latest intel, the Holy Church HQ was attacked by an unknown force.” Murphy took a break and looked excitedly at the president.


“And?” The president answered.


“The attackers were able to fend off the special forces of the Holy Church and even blasted the barrier, destroying the Dome of the Cathedral.” He reported.


“Ohh, did you find out who they were and how much of their forces attacked?” The President asked.


“No sir, we were not able to find their identity. And there were only two people clad in an exosuit like armor along with an aircraft which they used to blast open the barrier.” Murphy said.


“Hmm, interesting. The forces of the eastern world would not interfere with the Holy Church unless provoked, whereas the other forces are not interested in the power struggle. If we look at the pre-world power structure. The only power capable of developing such powerful weapons and force would be the mysterious Jackson group. But until now, there has been no such report. Are they back?” The president mumbled in a low voice.


“What shall we do sir?” Asked Murphy.


“For now, this is the best opportunity for us to attack. Gather our forces we shall launch an attack in a month.” Ordered the President.


Murphy nodded and left. 


The President stood at the same place looking outside the window. There was a bright flicker of a spark in his eyes.



The Capitol Building in the western part of the world. 


This was the HQ of one of the main forces of the Rebooted world.


The league of Mercenaries.


This development of the league was based on the pre-world Guild system.


Different from the other powers, the league consisted of major mercenary teams who used to collaborate together to develop into a large force. The major power of the league was held in the hands of the ten powerful mercenary teams.


Inside of the rooms in the building sat a woman dressed elegantly reading a book. A group of five women all dressed in battle equipment barged inside. This group was the most powerful mercenary group of the league. They called themselves, The order of Rose. 


The mercenary team consisted of hundreds of women in its heyday during the pre-world period. Now after the Reboot. The team consisted of hardly 50 members. But the power of each 50 member was comparable to the small force. The group was considered dreadful because the top two powerhouses of the Rebooted world were the captain and vice-captain of the league.


The lady in the room was the 1st rank super. Rose. The captain of the Order of the Rose. The most powerful super in the known world. Also a formidable Thunder element super.


The other five women were led by a lady who wore specs and had a unique scholarly vibe unlike Rose who seemed silent like a prequel before the storm.


She was Julie, the vice-captain and also the 2nd most powerful person in the known world. Also a psychic.


Rose closed her book and looked at Julie.


“Captain, the Holy Church was attacked.” Julie spoke.


“Ohh!” Rose responded.


The league of mercenaries was far stronger than the Holy Church. If it weren’t for the different teams they would be dominating the world. But even then the Holy Church could not attack the league of mercenaries, as they knew these teams would group together in face of any external threat.


Julie sighed and gestured to the remaining members. After everyone left, she sat in front of Rose and handed her a tablet.


“Big sister, have a look at this.” 


Rose calmly took the tablet and looked at it. The tablet contained the picture of Sophie engaged in a battle with Dark. Although the picture was a little blurry, Rose could still see the resemblance of Sophie from it.


Her hand which held the tablet trembled for a second. 


Julie who saw this continued.


“She is back. It was taken by our intel operatives using a long range drone after we traced an abnormal energy signal.”


Rose, who was still looking at the picture finally smiled. 

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