Chapter 43: Future

Author: Arya

The Palm Islands.

This group of artificially created islands in the pre-world period was now considered as the world’s most safest and heavily guarded place. 

The islands were surrounded with thick and large concrete walls which blocked any interference from the oceans and the only route to the islands was guarded by the latest defense systems.

This place was the headquarters of another major force of the world, The League of Traders. 

The League of Traders, was an organization which had branches in all the level 7 and higher cities, apart from the HQ of other organizations. The League of Traders was established by the major businessmen, tycoons and princes of the pre-world middle eastern countries. It was now the richest organization in the world in terms of resources and also strong due to its scientific technology.

The League of Traders was jointly governed by the Board of Directors. Every Board of Director had heavy authority and power. 

In the conference room of the League of Traders, an emergency meeting had just been held by the Board of Directors. They discussed the latest development progress as well as about the recent attack on the Holy Church.

It wasn’t that they were interested in the Holy Church but more in the forces which attacked them. The technology they displayed was beyond the current level of the Rebooted world. The League of Traders was an organization which focused mainly on science and research using it to gain more power and resources. So, this technological gap was a huge threat to their dominance in the field of science.

In the central part of the Palm Islands was a large mansion.

Inside the mansion, sat a lady enjoying her tea.

The door of the room opened.

“Director, a message has arrived through the family channel.”

A butler reported.

The lady calmly kept her teacup back on the table and gestured. The butler took out a tablet and handed it to her. 

After a few minutes, there was a smile on her face. She looked at the butler and ordered in a queenly manner.

“Give me the latest intel on the Holy Church.”

The butler nodded and left.

After a few minutes he returned with the latest intel. The lady went through the data and frowned. 

“Inform the Board. I am enforcing my rights and calling for a meeting. The date and timing will be conveyed to the Board. You may leave now.”

The butler bowed in a formal manner and left.

After he left, the lady smiled and mumbled.

“After all this time, thankfully nothing happened to you.”


After the fight with Archbishop Dark and his Dark Cardinals, the sins safely reached the Island.

Sophie was transferred to the med bay and Percy began the detailed healing process. Meanwhile everyone else soon returned to their daily regime. 

The incident this time was a huge lesson for them. But the sins were able to understand the Rebooted world structure better. 

A day of rest and making sure that Sophie was doing fine, a meeting was held to discuss their future route.

 After a long period of discussion the sins were able to reach a generalized plan for their future development.

The cyber attack carried by Lucifer had enabled them to gain intelligence from the database of the Holy Church. With the data, the sins were able to gain a better perspective of the world. They understood the current power structure and situation of Humanity after the apocalypse. After the Reboot, the world was now divided into many powers. There was only a single law which existed everywhere: The Law of the Jungle. Due to the rise of such mutated beasts and the hidden potential of the genes, the one who was stronger was considered powerful.

Since the threat of the Deva Race was looming over Humanity’s head, the sins were planning far ahead. 

An entire race could not be defeated by merely relying on the supers. The Deva Race, a civilization able to travel freely in space was at a very high level as compared to the current Human Race. If we use the Kardashev Scale the Deva race would be bordering around the limits of Type II civilization. As for Humanity, even Type I was not possible.

The inheritance cube held a vast amount of data and knowledge which could provide a boost to a civilization’s level but the main problem was not this. 

A civilization needed to be united before it could move on to the next phase.

Lucifer, Percy and Jason were the only ones left in the conference room.

“Now that we have decided our current plan we should act as soon as possible. There is even less time.” Jason spoke.

“Hmm. Vice-Captain you must make sure to collaborate with the League as soon as possible. I authorize you to utilize every resource. Prepare a detailed plan and have the team deployed respectively.” Percy spoke.

“Alright captain, I will report to you with the plan as soon as it is finished.” Jason said and left the room.


Percy sighed deeply as he leaned on the chair. A minute later Lucifer spoke.

“Captain, I have a good news and bad one, which one would you prefer?” A hint of teasing could be felt from his voice.

“Tell me the bad one first.” Percy said as he straightened himself.

“Alright, I have verified the designs present in the database as per your request, the level of technology utilized is too high. I alone with the help of Aria cannot be of much use in this case. We require more brains. I won’t be going into much details since you won’t be able to understand. As for the good news, after sorting the data with Aria’s help I was able to get hold of a location deep in the pre-world Himalyan range. According to the record, the location is supposed to be a base of a secret organization which only focuses on the Knowledge of the Ancestors. It is expected that the base might have some of the smartest minds of the Rebooted world.” Saying so Lucifer pointed at a location on the projected map.

Taking a deep breath Percy spoke.

“So you suggest we collaborate with these people?”

“Yes, if the intel is correct, the people here only care for knowledge not power. So practically they will be able to help us a lot. After all we cannot fight an entire interstellar race by just ourselves. Even though the planet has been terraformed by the Reboot and we are able to do things we couldn’t before, we cannot fight them. The designs are the proof. The level of technology is advanced to the point where they won’t even need to land on the planet to destroy it. So, I will leave the task of getting help to you.” 

Lucifer spoke as he moved outside the room.

Percy sat alone in the room along with his thoughts. 

A few days later in the conference room.

“Thanks to Kevin we were able to secure a safe channel for communication with the League. A meeting has been set with the Board of Directors. Kevin and James along with me will be responsible for the meet. The rest of the details of the plan will be as discussed.” Jason reported.

Percy nodded and gestured to Lucifer.

“Meanwhile I will be moving ahead with the island’s defense systems. The detection systems need to be corrected. The current satellite systems are still not responding properly due to the heavy energy radiation. Aria has come up with an alternate way for communication but a significant amount of resources will be utilized for it. Should we move ahead with it?” Lucifer reported

“Let’s do it like this, right now there is no external threat. So for now focus more on the island’s defense systems. Mark the areas according to the decided threat patterns. Keep in mind the previous incident. Now next, the main agenda. Were we able to contact the mysterious organization?” Percy asked.

“About that, we still have no leads on that.” Jason spoke.

“Okay, let’s move ahead step by step. I will make the trip myself. Lucifer is responsible for the island and Jason, you and Kevin are responsible for the matter with the League. Time has become the most valuable asset now, after all the amount of resources mentioned in the report are astronomical. We have to play big if we want to survive.” Percy said with a heavy tone.

Before the meeting Lucifer had presented a report which mentioned the detailed analysis for the production and consumption of resources. The amount of truly huge. With the help of the converter engine some of the resources could be mass produced but upgrading the engine for heavy and bulky production of interstellar grade technology required large amounts of materials.

As long as the problem of resources was settled the production could speed up. The sins were planning for something big. The matter of the Holy Church was left at the back of their mind.

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