Chapter 44: Plan

Author: Arya

The Holy Church.

Inside the briefing room, Archbishop Light and Dark along with all the high level officers were having a virtual meeting. 

The Holy Church was based on the pre-world United Federation. 

Before the Reboot the United Federation was working on the construction of multiple bases which was centered in many of the countries. These bases were built on the pre-existing ones thus reducing the cost of resources. The Jackson group played a major part in providing the Federation with the resources. 

Just prior to the Reboot, the Federation HQ at Area 51 was transferred to the now Vatican City and was renamed as the Holy Church. The Holy Church was unable to contact the other bases due to increased threat from the mutated beasts and humanity. After multiple attempts to establish communication with the other bases, the Church was able to establish contact with almost 80 percent of them through means of wired communication giving them a new boost of power and resources. All these bases were Level 7 and above depending on the geography and threat. Such a development was a huge boon to the Church. 

Yet, in the brief period the bases had lost contact, they had developed an autonomous power structure. In short, maintaining command over these bases was as tough as uniting Humanity. The Council knew all these but turned blind eye to their conduct. After all the bases had to rely on the Church for their depleting resources, the Council did not stop the leaders of these bases from their conduct as long as they followed orders. 

But now things were different. The high level officers and the two Archbishops gathered in the briefing room were the top-most power level of the Church. These officers were leaders and represented the few of these autonomous bases, on the higher power level, meanwhile the Archbishops represented the will of the Council. 

There was a map being displayed on the screen, it depicted a certain location of the Asian Continent known as the Himalayan Ranges. A red circle was marked in the southern corner of the map. A person wearing a two star batch on the shoulder was speaking. He was the Leader of one of autonomous bases.

“As you can see gentlemen, the area marked in the map is our target zone. My men have been looking for the traces of the mysterious organization which the HQ told us about. So far the results have not been substantial. We have found traces of Humans in the zone, but nothing else. We tried using UAVs and other unmanned surveillance methods, but we lost signal due to huge flux radiation. Sending in a team is almost impossible. Due to the huge amount of Flux, the zone is a high risk zone with many high level mutated beasts, we even found traces of certain Divine class beasts.” 

Saying so the man took his seat.

“We get your point Commander, also we understand your incompetence. The Council is already satisfied with your intelligence. From now on, I and Archbishop Light will be taking command of this operation. The Council has decided to mobilize the SF(Special Force) Squadron for the mission. We will be departing to the FOB(Forward Operating Base) for further missions. This is the Council’s decision. We will be leaving tomorrow morning.”

Archbishop Dark spoke, the commander had a surprised look on his face. No matter how much he wanted to protest he couldn’t disobey the Council’s order. 

The rest of the Higher officers had a look of pity in their eyes for the Commander. The reason was very simple. Being a leader of a high level city, he enjoyed the life of a dictator in his territory, now someone else would lord over him in his territory which would destroy his image and reputation. This might destroy his authority in his territory. Despite his dilemma the commander could only force a smile and pray that there would be no major issue.


South-East Asia.

A convoy of Humvees and Kamaz Trucks were moving towards a location. The area was full of dense forests and a single road made of dirt was the only route available. The convoy was loaded with supplies which consisted of food and other necessities along with a body of a beast.

“All vehicles we are about to reach. Even though the area has been cleared we must stay alert.”

“Roger”, “Roger”.

The convoy slowly proceeded forward. They reached a slightly elevated section, as they moved ahead, the sight cleared.

A 30 meter high concrete wall was erected in the mountainous region. There were various patches of moss and algae along with blood of various unrecognizable creatures, might even be humans, on these walls. 

There was a single huge metal sliding gate for vehicles and a small gate for people to enter. The top of the walls were men dressed in military clothes fully armed. There were some people going in and out of the gate after being checked by the men stationed there. 

As the convoy neared the gate it halted. A bald man alighted from the front Humvee as he moved towards the gate. The men stationed for checking saluted as soon as they saw him.

“Captain,” said the man in charge of the gate security as he saluted.

“At ease.” The bald man said as he started filing a form.

“Captain, the commander has relayed his order for you to meet him as soon as you reach the base.” Another man reported as he saluted.

“Alright.” The bald captain replied with a cold tone.

Soon he was done with the procedures and the in charge moved his hands in a rotational manner in the air. 



The heavy metal gate soon started sliding inwards. The view behind the walls could faintly be seen as the gate slid.

The wall covered a radius of around a few kilometers, one could see them standing tall. It was the lifeline of those living here. There were multiple houses made up of mud and concrete. There was even an area full of shabby houses. Men dressed in military clothes were patrolling certain areas. There were people dressed in rags in one of the areas whereas there were people moving, dressed in comfortable clothes in another area. 

One could see people with every circumstance in this region. One could find people dying from hunger, people living with diseases, people fighting for lives outside the walls, people living in comfort, people eating luxurious food. The area inside the walls depicted Humanity as a whole. 

This was one of the bases of the pre-world Federation and now a level 9 city. Although it wasn’t guarded or equipped with advanced technology, the defenses were quite solid. There were watch towers at every fixed interval. The base was equipped with an anti-air defense system. Due to it being a Federation base, there was ample supply for weapons and ammunition to last for a few months. After the base was able to contact the HQ, there was a stable supply of resources to them.

The convoy moved ahead as they entered the city. The roads in the beginning were made of mud, but as they progressed they were replaced by concrete. The people in the beginning were dressed in rags and looked malnourished, but as they progressed one could even spot people dressed in comfortable clothes which looked healthy. Such was the scene, as the convoy headed towards another heavily fortified area. 

The roads were surrounded with high fences, the soldiers guarding the area were all elites with a cold look on their face. The road led the convoy to the edge of the city which was actually a tunnel in the mountain. The roar of the Kamaz trucks reverberated in the tunnels as the Humvees guarded them. 

As the tunnel ended a new sight was before them.

A wide open area, there were various different military transport vehicles along with crates of supplies. Sparks from repair works were flying in the air. 

The convoy stopped in a designated area. The men inside the vehicles moved outside as the bald captain spoke.

“Alright team good work. Take a nice rest in the city. Meanwhile inform the logistics and the mechanical department about the resources and the issues with the trucks. Dismissed.”

“Sir, yes sir!” The men shouted simultaneously as they saluted.

A lady wearing a military uniform could be seen moving towards the bald man.

“Captain, the commander has been expecting you.” She spoke.

“Lt. do you have any idea what it is this time?” The bald man spoke as he moved along with the lady towards another destination. 

They boarded a mechanical elevator, soon the gears started moving as they were brought to another location. 

The lady turned around and spoke.

“As far as I know, the matter this time is as serious as the previous S grade mission. You should be prepared.” 

The bald man nodded as he headed towards the door. Just as he was about to enter. The lady spoke again.

“Captain, it’s good to see you back.”

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