Chapter 45: The Hidden Organization

Author: Arya

The door opened with the bald man entering.

In front of him was the commander of the city. The man who had sole authority over the entire base. 

The room was big but it only had a study table along with a few chairs made of wood. The commander was seated in his chair, with his eyes closed and a smoking pipe in his mouth blowing off smoke. No one knew what the material he smoked was. 

The captain marched forward with heavy steps and firm back.





The sound of military boots stepping on the rocky ground reverberated in the room. Since the ventilation systems were a bit old, it was a little smoggy in the room. But the captain didn’t mind and moved steadily towards the destination, as if moving to accept his death.

The commander hearing the footsteps opens his eyes and says with a nod.



The captain nods his head in acknowledgement.

“Have a seat.”

The captain moved towards the chair and got seated.

“How was the last mission? I bet you were able to take down the beast. After all you are my best man.” The commander spoke letting out a long smoke.

“Yes, we did face some problem in tracing it due to the topography of the region. But it went fine.” The captain replied.

“That’s good. I just concluded my meeting with the HQ. A decision has been made. HQ will be sending their men for the future mission regarding that. Also they might need your assistance.” The tone of the commander was very heavy as he said the last sentence.


“I was hoping for this day to never arrive. The mission isn’t something we can accomplish. My team already suffered heavy losses and even I was barely able to survive. Can’t you do anything commander?” The captain said.

“You know very well what would happen if I do not cooperate with the HQ. I can’t let the people in the city suffer. And this time it might be different. The team being sent by the HQ consists of their elites and the two Archbishops themselves.” The commander said, with a tone that meant to console the captain.

“Even if they did send those two, it won’t be easy. Lot of our men would have to die, while we would be treated as cannon fodder by them.” The captain said, implying the loss in his words.

“You know very well how dangerous the location is! And that was only the external region, there might even be some formidable mythological or Divine grade beasts deeper.” The captain said in an irritated tone.

“We have no choice. The team will arrive. Prepare your team too. It will be my final order to you.” The commander ordered.

The captain stood up saluted and left.


Near the southern region of the Asian continent was a remote region devoid of any living being. There was only an abandoned airstrip in this region. 

With a heavy roar from its F117 turbofan engines a C-17 Globemaster descended on this airstrip bearing the cross of the Holy Church. 

The aircraft was a special model utilized by the Holy Church to send resources to its controlled cities and bases.

Due to the threat from the mutated beasts and other critical elements, various airstrips were built in remote locations, only to be utilized strictly for transport.

The aircraft cargo doors opened with a thud.

Archbishop Light and Dark dressed in the formal Holy Church attire of an unstained white robe and a dark hooded robe respectively, alighted from the aircraft. 

Behind them followed a special force team of around 20 people. Each person carried a military duffle bag with them donning a nano-carbon fiber armor. 

Soon specialized containers were unloaded from the aircraft by the special force team.

At a certain distance, the commander and the captain who were watching the scene moved closer towards them.

Archbishop Light ordered the SF soldiers and moved towards the commander along with Dark.

The SF personnel started moving the containers towards the CH-47 Chinook helicopters which were ready with their cargo doors open. 

The commander reached out for a handshake.

“Welcome, Archbishop Dark and Archbishop Light. This is the captain of the team responsible for the mission. Previously it was the captain and his team which risked their lives for the information.” The commander explained as he introduced the captain.

The captain saluted instead of greeting them.

Archbishop Light nodded with a cold face whereas the Archbishop Dark chuckled in disdain.

After the successful loading of the cargo. Everyone respectfully boarded the copters and moved towards the destination.

A mountain range could be seen from far. There was a city on the edges of the range surrounded by huge walls. In the innermost part of the city was an open space enough for few copters to land. 

The CH-47 Chinooks landed in the open space.

THe SF personnel unloaded the containers in Kamaz trucks as they boarded in another.  

Soon the group was transported to the mountain base along with their equipment. 

A day later inside the commander’s room. Archbishop Light and Archbishop Dark along with the captain and the commander were discussing the mission.

“As my team mentioned earlier. The location of the Mysterious organization that you mentioned has to be hidden in this region.” The captain said as he pointed at the circled location on the map.

“The area is rather dangerous. There are multiple high level mutated beasts there. My team had to suffer heavy losses too. According to the UAV surveillance aerial footage the flux radiation tends to get stronger as we proceed further deep. It is my assumption that there might be certain mythological grades or even Divine grade beasts deeper. So my team has decided to move more discreetly with lesser men as there is a hope of survival–”

Before he could finish, Archbishop Dark interrupted.

“So to say, you would waste more of our time.” 


“No need to further waste time. The SF team will handle the sweep, you just need to guide us. We will be taking over the mission. Just make sure your weak team doesn’t end up holding us back.” 

As Archbishop Dark spoke, the conteur of the captain’s face kept on twitching. 

“Commander, we shall leave the arrangements for you to handle. Make sure to prepare the necessary personnel.”

Archbishop Light spoke as he stood up.

“Then we shall take our leave.”

They both left.

Inside only the captain and the commander were left. 


The commander sighed and lighted his pipe and started to smoke.

“I hope you don’t mind, captain. The bunch from the HQ’s have always been arrogant. It is just your strength that makes them fear a bit, otherwise I don’t know what else they would do.”

“It’s alright. They have the necessary qualifications to be arrogant. I just worry….” The captain said with a sad tone.

“I have already contacted the logistics. Your men would be equipped with the latest weapons and gear available to us. That is the least I can do.” The commander consoled the captain.

“By the way, commander. For the HQ to be so adamant what is that organization?” The captain asked, after all his team had to even suffer heavy losses.

“Since you asked I will tell you, but make sure to keep it a secret. As far as I heard from the intelligence department. The location hides a mysterious organization. The organization has been there since before the Reboot and contains immense knowledge and power. As for the purpose of the mission and more detailed information, I am unaware.” 


A day later.

The SF personnel were heavily armed with black and white tactical vests made of special materials along with modern flux weapons and gears to fight in all terrain environments. The aura radiating from the SF team even frightened some of the workers on deck. 

Meanwhile Archbishop Light and Dark were dressed in their same uniform. 

On the other hand. The captain and his team were equipped with large caliber Rifles along with heavy weapons and a full set of modern combat equipment.

The total number of personnel for the mission was numbered around 50, excluding the captain and the two Archbishops.

The aim of the captain’s mission was to help the HQ team to reach the innermost region of the marked location and discover the hidden organization’s base. 

As for the HQ team, their hidden mission was something which no one knew.

The team boarded a fleet of JLTV vehicles with different capabilities ranging from weapons to utility.

The mechanical doors opened as the JLTV’s roared and moved towards the destination. 

The fleet of JLTV’s were transported by the HQ for the operation as it was difficult to handle many formidable beasts. The combat ability of the team was truly frightening, but despite such overwhelming force the captain was still unsure and could feel a hint of unease.

The team moved slowly towards the destination, but they were unaware that there was another party which had already accomplished what they were trying to do and had alerted their targets.

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